A Good Day All Around

By Moriah on August 31st, 2007

Today was quite full of good news. Apparently one of the other wine reps just upped and quit and the bosses dropped her accounts into Andy’s lap.

Let’s all say a prayer of thanksgiving. This family will continue to eat.

Andy came home a little earlier this afternoon and since I’m terribly concerned with his emotional well-being, I dropped everything and left him to babysit.

Because the second he walked in the door I realized I could potentially use him being home for the much-anticipated and all-important matter of getting my hair cut. So I flipped through the yellow pages, picked out the best-looking ad, called to see if they had someone that could cut my hair RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE and grabbed my keys. All in about, oh, 4 minutes.

A new haircut. It does a mama good.

And then I took advantage of being out alone and ran in the mall to exchange some jeans I had bought for Madeline (because I’m pretending fall is right around the corner). And as I neared the store I read “25% Off Entire Store!” Well, this must just be my lucky day. They even let me have the sale price off of my receipt even though I didn’t have all the items there with me. The difference was exactly -$3.61. But it made me feel better. I mean, that’s a whole half a pair of socks or something.

Oh, and today was my mom-in-law’s birthday. And I’ve been prepared ALL MONTH LONG! I might have mentioned it before. Anyway, so she just opened her present and as far as I can tell is really excited about making rice the modern way.

And I’m excited about my hair. A good day all around.

(Very) Random Tidbits

By Moriah on August 30th, 2007

I wore a flower in my hair today. Just thought you might want to know that. Andy liked it.

And then proceeded to tell me about how it reminded him of the Top 50 Celebrity Fashion Faux Pas something or other that he saw on TV. Something about a mostly-beautiful green dress but that it had a bow on the shoulder that was nearly the size of an elephant.

Apparently he did not think my flower was dainty or petite. But he liked it nonetheless. Men.

I also should mention that his orientation was today at the seminary. He starts class on Monday. Here we go! Last chance to take a peek around before the rollercoaster heads toward a looming drop-off.

So since Andy was busy with school stuff and most likely going to be gone all day, I decided to use the last free kids’ meal coupon for Chick-Fil-A that we got sometime during VBS week. (Since it clearly does no one any good once it expires.) And if you think three small children by myself at a fast food joint sounds like volunteered torture, you’re probably right.

It really wasn’t as bad as all that. I let Drew sit in a real chair and kept the girls buckled snugly into the double stroller. That stroller is an old, trusty friend. The worst part was after lunch when Drew ran around unrestrained while I was trying to get the baby back into the sling and then I had to catch him to put him back into the stroller. I could feel the eyes watching me then. I’ve gotten used to the eyes. And the “wow, you have your hands full!” comment I know is coming as soon as anyone looks at me with their mouth open.

You know, sometimes I want to ask the old ladies huddled over in the corner eating their chicken sandwiches if they knew they were coming to the restaurant for food and entertainment. Because my kids are committed to providing them with only the best.

Oh! I finished picking out paint and carpet. So now I’ll just continue to hold my breath until I actually see it. The phrase, “nervous anticipation” comes to mind.

And lastly, as we were driving home from church tonight we smelled a skunk. And then I heard, “Mommy, my nose hurts!” Well put, Drew, well put.

Diapers and Tricks. Oh, and House.

By Moriah on August 29th, 2007

Guess where we went today. No really, guess!

Target! (I’m sure you’re shocked.) But nothing exciting, I was just mostly out of diapers and toothpaste. (And, I might as well just say, I’m a very loyal Pampers mom. But Luvs were significantly cheaper, so we’ll try ’em out. I’ll let ya know.)

While I was there browsing through the handbags (because really, who can resist those?) Andy called to say that we weren’t approved to rent the house. That was followed by a pause and then, “just kidding!”

What a booger.

Apparently we have really fabulous credit. Who knew?!

So I think we’re set to move October 1. If all goes well with the renovations, that is. I’m supposed to have carpet and paint all picked out by, um, TOMORROW.

Y’all, the pressure.

I told Andy’s mom about him trying to trick me on the phone. When Andy came home from work she came out and said that our friend had called – didn’t we hear? and the message said there was a fire at the rental house.

I’ll be honest and say that I almost peed in my pants. Or had a heart attack. Or both.

But really she was just trying to get him back for the above “just kidding” trick. Except she totally got me, too. UNFAIR, SO UNFAIR! It seriously took thirty seconds for my heart to stop beating so fast.

I’m still deciding if I should try to get her back for getting me while getting Andy back.

You know, spice things up a bit.

I’ll let ya know.

Princess Leia Hair

By Moriah on August 29th, 2007

Or something like that.

I got a bunch of remarks from the last post about my hair being so long. Which, by the way, I’m chomping at the bit to get it cut. So, talking about long hair – I thought I’d also post these:

5 Months

By Moriah on August 26th, 2007

It hardly seems possible that much time has passed.

She’s a breeze baby, she is.

Breath of (Very) Fresh Air

By Moriah on August 26th, 2007

Today was a much-needed break of a day. Last week was just plain rough. I’m not even going to talk about it because I’d rather just forget the whole thing ever happened.

So! My mom-in-law had planned for us to go out to tea with one of her friends from the church. Andy was duly warned, oh about three weeks ago, and was buttered up good for his solo day with the kids. We weren’t even set to leave until after 1, but he took it upon himself to play with them all morning so I could take care of the baby and, also, get ready.

Which meant he was ready for a break right when we were ready to walk out the door. I think his words were, “now I know how you feel.”

Oh, buddy. You ain’t got a clue.

But! On the bright side, it was naptime. So he put them down for a nap and as far as I knew, went on his merry way.

[Now may I just interject here? One of his ideas was to take the kids (All! Three! Kids!) to the church pool party, also going on today. I’m not really sure what drug he was hallucinating on, but I talked him out of that idea right quick.)

Y’all. A couple of towns over is a shopping/dining extravaganza I never even knew existed! (And we only walked past the entrance to the tearoom three times before we finally realized where it was. It looked more like a flowery home-decor shop.) I don’t even need to tell you that I enjoyed every sip and every bite. Oh, and, without children.

And then the three of us walked around in the “feels like 104” heat and window shopped. That’s the kind of ‘shopping’ that makes you break the Tenth Commandment even if you are trying really hard not to.

I didn’t spend a penny.

Not that I didn’t want to at times, mind you. And then we drove home. Sigh.

I walked in the house to find that instead of their usual three-hour nap, the kids had only slept about an hour. I kind of felt sorry for Andy but then I remembered this was a measly taste of the battering I get daily. So I put that thought right out of my little head. And, besides, he seemed in quite good spirits when I got home.

After dinner, we put the kids in their jammies and left them with the in-laws and went to see “The Bourne Ultimatum.”

I don’t even remember the last time I went out, alone, with Andy. So it was high time for a real date. And this time, since we’d just finished dinner, we actually refrained from the popcorn drowned in fake butter. I know, a true battle of self-control.

Oh, the movie. Well, you’ll just have to go see it.

A Talkin’ Girl

By Moriah on August 24th, 2007

These are funny to me because they were totally unexpected at the time. A friend who also has a first boy and then a daughter said I would be amazed at how fast Madeline would catch up to Drew. With words, anyway. Maybe not quite that yet, but she’s coming along.

Me: “Madeline do you want some ice cream?” Her (nodding head): “in a bowl!”

“She all wet. She ano’er shirt.” (Adelaide sucks on her clothes.)

“Watch the bus?” (meaning the “Wheels on the Bus” song on dvd.)

“Where my pu-ple banket?” (purple blanket)

“I wanna see Pidge.” (The dog’s name is really Pudge.)

“I wanna take a nap.” Yes, she really said that. And yes, she really took one then.

“I’m not stinky. I just wet.” Think she’s ready to be trained? Now if only my mental stamina would catch up, I might actually try it.

Maybe in my next life.

Back In Business

By Moriah on August 24th, 2007

After some minor connection problems (such as Andy slamming on the breaks and launching the laptop off the passenger seat and breaking the wireless card) we are finally back up and running. All I can say is thank goodness for insurance.

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