Moving: Tomorrow

By Moriah on September 29th, 2007

Pray for us. We’re gonna need it.

This is really too good not to share

By Moriah on September 27th, 2007

Thank you, Nicky Lewin, for providing me with excellent blog fodder.

First, the context.

When Andy and I first got married my sweet aunt and uncle gave us their old living room furniture. It was basically a navy and white scheme with stripes and flowers (many of you will remember it well). Then, a couple of years ago we used our tax return to buy updated living room furniture (i.e. some without stripes or flowers). I was planning on selling the old stuff but that turned out to be a dead-end road.

So we gave it to our church. It has lived ever since in the Lower Pod (otherwise known as the perfect place to spend a Wednesday morning). Every once in a while Nicky and I would find ourselves sitting in Women’s Bible Study happily perched on our old sofa or loveseat. And she would occasionally dig around in the cushions and find stuff that we had long lost and forgotten. I myself would never so much as stick a pinkie down in such a disgusting abyss.

Her findings provided endless Bible study entertainment as well as a chance to get really good at not laughing out loud while the pastor was teaching on, say, Ecclesiastes.

After we moved I pretty much forgot all about our old couches until the mail came today. In it was a package and a letter from Nicky:

“…so I was sitting on your old floral couch in Bible study, thinking how Bible study just isn’t the same without you. Then, for old times sake, I stuck my hand down in the side and lo and behold I struck gold! I even found an unopened SoftLips to replace the one Drew ate the other day!”

The package included the aforementioned SoftLips, a tiny blue piece of the Settlers game, an old cassette tape, and one of Andy’s German notecards:

You cannot even imagine the level of laughter around mailtime here today. A big thank you to Nicky, that package was just about priceless. I may even need to go hunt up the ‘Maintenance Chart’ now to go with it.

Oh, and I’ll include an ‘after’ picture. This is what Madeline has been up to while I’ve been typing:

No Rhyme or Reason (…or Point)

By Moriah on September 27th, 2007

I might be suffering from a bit of blogger’s block and, needless to say, men singing loudly while dressed in tights is doing nothing for my concentration. (Andy is watching an opera and meanwhile my brain is in a fog.) But, lack of clarity has never stopped me from posting before. Pressing on.

Dolly asked what we’ve all been up to. A grand ole heap-o-nothing. Monday we met friends at the playground and NOT the one Drew wanted to go to. (He got over it.) Yesterday another friend was kind enough to have us over to play and jump on her neighbor’s trampoline and even fed us lunch. Today was a house-bound day to resurface from underneath the laundry pile.

And the following is an actual conversation I had with Drew this morning: “Mommy, I don’t want to watch Red Toy Movie. I need you to help me put the toys in the toy box and you need to bacuum my room!”

Yes, I am raising Angel Child.

[Disclaimer: I will only ‘bacuum’ their room when there are no toys on the floor. And they love for me to ‘bacuum’ their room because to them it’s this huge game where they run, scream, and jump on Drew’s bed and pretend to be brave as they cautiously poke a toenail down to the carpet below while the vacuum cleaner is actually running – even if it’s still five feet away. And the nearer I get to the bed the louder the screams, squeals, and giggles get. It’s all very entertaining, really. Plus the result is a clean room so, really, who am I to complain?]

I took them to a closer park tonight after Andy called and said he would be home late. No sense in all of us going mad from being cooped up inside. And they might as well run off some post-nap steam and get dirty enough to make bathtime worth my while.

Madeline, (otherwise known as a mini daredevil in disguise) gave me a few of her usual climbing scares. It was cute, though, when she was hanging from the bar above the slide she looked over and said, “I strong!”

Yeah. No doubt.

My New Theme-Song

By Moriah on September 26th, 2007

(Andy wanted to be sure you knew this is all in good fun and not really my new life motto.)

Weeding Out

By Moriah on September 23rd, 2007

I spent the morning weeding out my kids’ drawers. A huge job. But a job despretely needing to be done. I mean, there were still socks in Drew’s drawer sized 18 months. It was frustrating anytime he wanted to wear his ‘sneakers’ when I would grab a 18 mo. sock by mistake. I mean, it might have covered his big toe.

Clearly it was time. Also, we might start the move next weekend so, it was sort of now or never. But after several hours of work the drawers are all updated and ready for fall. The attic, on the other hand, is still a huge messy pit. That’s really okay though because I can’t see it. And the door will remain tightly shut. (Until we move, that is.)

The inner princess has emerged.

By Moriah on September 22nd, 2007

Madeline wanted to play outside so I told her she had to get her shoes on. She insisted on wearing her “sneakers.” (Which, by the way, I refer to as ‘tennis shoes.’ Andy calls them ‘sneakers,’ so the kids do too. However unfortunately.) I was fishing out some socks for her and grabbed a pair of white ones.

No, she wanted the pink ones. So I got out some pink ones. But they were light pink.

No, she wanted the hot pink ones. Get it right, Mom.

How can a two-year-old be so particular??

Another Day

By Moriah on September 21st, 2007

Andy worked in NYC again today so it was another of my single-parent days, (otherwise known as days that feel eternal). But, thankfully, the summer heat is nearly gone and so we spent a lot of time outside.

I was sitting in the yard watching Drew play with his cars when Madeline walked over and held out her hand, “look, Mom!” She was holding a spider on the tip of her thumb. I probably jumped at least ten feet.

Then later Drew came in and was complaining about ‘the bees outside.’ (One had pestered us earlier but I had sprayed it dead with my trusty Raid Wasp & Hornet spray.) I walked out to the deck to find a swarm of flies (Drew had thought they were bees) hovering over a chicken breast bone that was once, apparently, someone’s dinner. The neighbor cat has brought over a variety of unwanted gifts; I’m sure this was also from that cat. I brought out my OSHA suit for the cleanup, don’t worry.

Surprisingly, we didn’t go anywhere today. I mean we didn’t drive anywhere. My kids did drag me on two different walks around the neighborhood (during one of which the top part of my flip flop kept breaking out of the sole. I’m sure it was a very attractive scene).

I hit that stir-crazy time in between nap and dinner (say 5:00 ish) where I just thought my head was going to explode if we didn’t go somewhere, anywhere, and spend some money. Even if it was just a pack of gum at the gas station.

Somehow I averted temptation and we stayed put. I even managed to make it all the way to bedtime in one complete piece. I will say though, I’m looking forward to the weekend when there will be other people in the house older than, well, four.

Keeping Busy

By Moriah on September 20th, 2007

Today was one of those days where I wish we could afford a live-in nanny/babysitter/maid. I haven’t caught up on laundry in oh, about forever, so this morning I set about folding the twenty-six mounds that had been wrinkling away in various baskets.

Here’s what Drew and Madeline did in the meantime:

Drew ate my new stick of Softlips chapstick. (I don’t know why they think it is fit for human consumption but suffice it to say, this was not the first time.) Madeline spit out her purple hunk of bubble gum and left it for me to step in (which I did). Then I found Drew had scribbled pencil all over the wall going up the stairs (which reminds me, I still need to erase it). And Madeline broke one of Grandmom’s wine goblets out of the glass cabinet. Later she also broke the monogrammed plate off of her bracelet when she was trying to take it off herself.

That was all before lunch.

So. Know of any good maids that will work for, say, cookies and milk?

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