It Could Have Been Worse

By Moriah on October 27th, 2007

This week has been rather trying. Andy has been a little under the weather and has still had to work a lot of hours. He even had to deliver some wine last night and then broke down three times an hour away and in the pouring rain. I was sorta glad I was home and dry. But I felt so bad for him because I know he felt awful.

We also attempted to get our dvd player in the van serviced this week. Turns out it’s an off-brand and so they can’t get any parts to fix it and so it’s just plum dead. To replace the whole unit would be $950. So, obviously, we aren’t going to do that. We could do a cheaper ($350) repair version since the monitor does still work, but we aren’t going to do that, either. All that to say, we’ve been without the van for a while, which is a small logistical nightmare. But thank goodness for in-laws with an extra one.

Madeline fell Thursday and a small side table toppled over on top of her and somehow she bit a small chunk out of her bottom lip. Slightly bloody, slightly traumatic. Then later she had two accidents in her pants (I think on purpose). After that I’d had more than enough and told her no more underwear, only diapers. Mommy can only be potty trained for so long. Except that same night Andy didn’t know I’d had enough and put underwear back on her and she peed – again – all over the floor and her favorite snuggle monkey. Sigh. Of course she didn’t want to go to bed without it.

And, poor little Adelaide has been running a low-grade fever and teething. She’s been fairly miserable. Which tends to make Mommy a little miserable as well. She refused to fall asleep last night and then when she finally did, she woke up a few times during the night (which she hasn’t done in months). Poor baby. But she’s much better today. I, on the other hand, feel a little like I haven’t slept in a week. Third cup of coffee, coming right up.

Also this week (Wednesday, I believe) I had friends over for a playdate and of course the painters would choose to show up right then to paint that hideous pole. It’s technically the wrong color (it was supposed to match the walls but we’re apparently out of that color), but the pole is still a far cry better from what it was:

And, unfortunately, we had to bow out of an afternoon invitation for chili and pumpkin painting today – what with a sick husband, a teething cranky baby, car repairs, and all. The kids are now happily perched at the kitchen table playing with Play-doh and I’m happily looking forward to their naptime.

Miss Spider

By Moriah on October 27th, 2007

Miss Spider’s Tea Party is a great read-aloud children’s book. It was given to us as a gift at some point although I’m not sure who it was from (bless that dear soul).

It’s such a great little book. Very, very clever and fun poetry. I actually enjoy reading it to my kids, which really is saying something.

Brown is for Boys, Apparently

By Moriah on October 26th, 2007

This morning Drew was going around the breakfast table listing family members and telling us that “Daddy is a boy, Mommy is a gwirl, Drew is a boy, and Madeline is a gwirl.” (Adelaide wasn’t mentioned, but she was asleep. Outta sight, outta mind.)

Andy said, “Yep, that’s right. Do you know why?”

Me (thinking): “Bah! Oh no! Here we go…”

Drew: “Yeah, Daddy has brown eyes and Drew has brown eyes.”

Well that makes sense – Daddy and Drew are the ones with brown eyes so that must make them boys. Perfect logic.

So I asked, “Adelaide has brown eyes, what is she?” (Trick question *wink*)

Drew: “Adelaide’s a boy.”

Me: “No, Silly! Adelaide is a girl!”

Well, at least he’s consistent…

Home Box Office

By Moriah on October 25th, 2007

Next time wait until they’re in the car before you tell them where you’re going.

By Moriah on October 23rd, 2007

I sort of made the mistake of telling my kids about our upcoming trip a little too soon. They demanded all day yesterday to know where Grandmommy was. I said “you have to go to sleep and wake up ___ times and she’ll be here.”

I doubt they understood what I meant. It was slightly frustrating.

Anyway, this morning they were, again, listing all the people they’re going to see. And go to Lily’s house. And then Drew said a name I had no idea who he could possibly be talking about.

“And Kapurple!”

Me: “uh… who?”

Drew: “Kapurple!”

Me: “WHO?”

Drew (quizzical look, trying to sound out a name): “Kirp!”

Me: “Oh! Kirk, yes, the new baby Kirk!”

Drew: “No.” And then, “Kirper.”


Drew: “Yeah! Cooper!” (Looking proud.)

Oh, yes, we’ll see Cooper, too.

(And I’m sure Brite is the only one who will find this post entertaining.)

Free Stuff and Finished House

By Moriah on October 23rd, 2007

A friend from church invited me to go with her to this children’s clothing exchange that was held tonight at her in-law’s church. There was a whole lot more than just clothes, oh yes ma’am. Anyway, we walked in to this huge fellowship hall overflowing with people, tables upon tables piled high with clothes, gear, shoes, toys, and every kind of kid item you can well imagine.

Best of all, it’s all free.

FREE. Did you get that? FREE.

So I jumped in to the madness and started grabbing and bagging. A lot of the older sizes were not worth much but a lot of the newborn to 6 month stuff was new or gently used. Since I don’t have a baby in that category (although I did pick up a bag full for Adelaide and several random things for Madeline) I just started bagging things for a local friend that just had a baby girl. She can just throw out what she doesn’t like because hey! it was free!

And I’ll be doing the same after I go through what I got for us because I really wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention beyond hey! it’s all free! Just grab and sack! I mean, who really knows what ended up in those bags.

I also picked up an exersaucer for Adelaide – because it was free – and because we didn’t have one. I borrowed one for both Drew and Madeline but never thought it was worth actually spending money on. So now we have one for the two months Adelaide will use it.

And, on a totally different subject, I’m happy to report that the curtains I found at a warehouse on Saturday (for $8!!!) match our living room perfectly. I could not be more thrilled. About curtains, at least. A few more finishing touches and the house will be finished.

I thought I’d never see the day.

Y’all come over now, ya hear?

A Parade of Updated Pictures

By Moriah on October 21st, 2007

For my friends far, far away.

How does one come by such hair?


By Moriah on October 19th, 2007

I had this great post about how Madeline’s decided she is potty trained. She’s hasn’t worn a diaper for two days (her choice) except for naps/bed and even told me she had to go during prayer meeting Wednesday night. (I thought it was a ploy to get up and play but then she really did have to go.)

And then last night she had quite the accident – although she was in the bathroom at the time, playing with the soapy water in the sink. She probably went in and saw the gleaming soap bubbles and got sidetracked. At any rate, it was an ACCIDENT. No details necessary.

Well and the other reason I didn’t post last night was because I fell asleep on the couch, watching Pride & Prejudice on dvd. Sigh.

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