A Very Merry Christmas… to the Car

By Moriah on November 29th, 2007

Apparently our van needed a Christmas present this year; it was feeling rather left out. A present in the form of a shiny new transmission and shiny new front brakes, among other shiny new, smaller things (like engine mounts and a brake light).

Don’t you hate spending money on your car? Especially three and a half weeks before Christmas? Yeah, me too.

Although, there is a silver lining. There had been a warranty extension on Odyssey transmissions at some point in time. We unknowingly missed that cut-off date by two months. However, Honda is still going to pay 75% of the cost of the transmission.

So, it could have been much worse.

Little Mommy in the Making

By Moriah on November 28th, 2007

Just in the last few months Madeline has started play-acting with her baby dolls. Before she barely gave them a glance over her shoulder as she tripped over them while running by.

But lately, she’s had them all wrapped up in a blanket, toting them around with her wherever she goes. I wish I had a real video camera so I could upload a clip – it’s some of the funniest Madeline stuff yet. Of course she sounds remarkably similar to me talking to Adelaide; in which case I won’t recreate the dialogue for you here.

She’s not extremely compassionate. She’ll round a corner, whacking the doll’s head on the wall or whathaveyou. Then she’ll ask something along the lines of, “oh, did you bonk your head?” as if she were merely asking if the sky is blue. Ah well, I’m sure compassion comes with age and maturity.

Also, yesterday I found her using up several wipes, ‘changing’ her baby’s diaper. It was SO hard not to laugh when she yelled “OH YUCK! YUCK, BABY!” And then later, “Peeyoo, Baby! Oh! Sick!”

I’m sure I’ve never said any of those things while changing a diaper.

Can’t Sleep

By Moriah on November 24th, 2007

It may have something to do with the Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks I had late this afternoon.

Oh well, we only live once. And it was worth it.

So, Thanksgiving.

Andy’s friend/best-man-in-our-wedding, Josiah, and his wife are here visiting, staying with Andy’s folks. We had Thanksgiving Dinner over there, which was nice. I didn’t even have to clean! And I still have yet to roast a turkey. Although I did bring the pies, rolls, and the sweet potatoes.

Which, bytheway, convinced Andy’s dad that he really doesn’t hate sweet potatoes after all.

(Covered in brown sugar, butter, pecans, and coconut, almost anything would taste fairly delicious.)

Today I thought it might be fun to take the kids to the playground down the road and let them stretch their legs and run off some of that toddler energy. Except we adults nearly froze watching them run and play. I believe it’s now time to pull out the winter coats. And hats and mittens and scarves.

At naptime Liz (J’s wife) and I hightailed it out of here to that shopping extravaganza I stumbled upon the other day.

(It being the biggest shopping day of the year and all, you know.)

It was late enough we didn’t have to fight any crowds and also we had no problem finding parking spaces. It was just so much fun and, oh! the sales!

Because what could possibly be better than an afternoon with Starbucks and sale shopping without kids?!

[Also, Andy didn’t even call once to ask when I was coming home. So, clearly, it was a relaxed and enjoyable afternoon.]

Tonight everyone came over here for pizza. And so far my plan to get to bed early hasn’t happened. But I’ll say g’night for now, anyway.

Thanksgiving Eve

By Moriah on November 22nd, 2007

Okay, I take it back. There is a Homegoods here, I found it today when I was lost driving around.

We had such a great morning, Andy didn’t have to work today. I was in my pj’s till noon. (You can just go ahead and pretend like that is unusual for me.) Then later kids wanted to go out, so I decided to take them with me on a few errands and left the baby with Andy.

It’s pretty bad when two kids feels like a vacation. Anyway.

So, we got lost drove around, looking for Walmart. I finally found it, after I found where all the good stores have been hiding (including, but not limited to, White House/Black Market, Restoration Hardware, Williams Sonoma, J. Crew, Starbucks, and a host of others. WE HAVE NOW ENTERED DANGEROUS TERRITORY, OH YES MA’AM).

I also feel the need to tell you that the only reason I was even looking for a Walmart was to hopefully procure a new pair of black Sunday shoes for Drew, since his ones from last year are woefully small.

Can you believe they had one single pair left, in Drew’s exact size? The Lord saved them for me, obviously. He knew the frustrations (in the form of driving directions) I would encounter trying to find them. And then we (of course) stopped at Target on the way home.

(I realize I haven’t mentioned Target in a while. Don’t let that deceive you. We still go there daily occasionally.

You would have gone there today, too, if you’d forgotten to hand over the 10% off coupon to the cashier last time. Oh, and while I was waiting in line at customer service for my refund, Drew took it upon himself to show his new matchbox shovel truck to the lady in front of us and preface it with, “I go poop on the potty so I got a new shovel truck!”

She was thankfully understanding and good-naturedly enthusiastic.

Tonight we went to the Thanksgiving service at church and came home to leftovers for supper. I’ve also been busy today with these:

(My contributions for tomorrow’s feast.)

On the Move

By Moriah on November 21st, 2007

Look what happened today!

Evening Out and also, Wartbread

By Moriah on November 18th, 2007

On Friday night we switched babysitting with some friends (thank you, N and B!) and went to a fundraising dinner event for the school that is our landlord.

(Which, bytheway, that is a such a great idea. Every parent loves a free babysitter; you switch off with another mom/couple a few times a month, and you can easily make those trips out alone or get to have a few dates without the extra expense of paying a babysitter. Plus, the nights or days when you watch the other kids – often they enjoy having friends over and will entertain themselves collectively as a group. It works out great for everybody.)

Anyway, back to the dinner. It was held at a local country club and Andy did a wine tasting during the cocktail hour and then he also had to sing during the program. Which is really fine because it meant his ticket was free. The speaker was Cal Thomas and he was fabulous. Wise, funny, highly entertaining, thoughtful and thought-provoking. Easily the highlight of the evening.

Yesterday was mostly unproductive but that’s okay for now and then. Although, Andy did take it upon himself to make dinner – a homemade chicken soup that turned out exceptionally tasty. The funny part was the bread he made to go along with the soup.

I used to bake a fair amount of homemade bread, (meaning I dump the ingredients into my bread machine and press ‘start.’ I usually use the dough cycle, though, and shape and bake the bread or rolls in the oven.) but haven’t in a while because the oven in this house has been broken since we moved in. It was finally serviced last week. (I know! Just in time for Thanksgiving!)

So Andy claimed the prestigious title of First to Bake Bread in our new house. And oh how I wish I had taken a picture. The rolls (blobs, really) turned out a little flat and really bumpy. I told him the bread looked like it had warts.

I am so not kidding.

I took one look and bust out laughing. Later he told me the dough had been really sticky and he couldn’t get them to roll into balls (I told him to add more flour next time) and so the parts that stuck to his hands got baked all rough and pimply like that.

But OH MY WORD IT WAS SO GOOD. I was even wishing I had more wartbread to go with my leftover soup at lunch today.

[And, Andy said I could tell you about his wartbread, but only if I was sure to tell you how delicious it was. So now that I’ve done my duty, I’m off to take a nap.]

I Defied the Rain Today

By Moriah on November 16th, 2007

We had a slow morning and I was unusually tired. (Not pregnant, I assure you.) Adelaide has started waking up again during the night, hungry. I need to be better about offering her baby cereal during the day. She’s almost 8 months old, for pete’s sake! But she’s terrible at the whole spoon thing and I’m terrible at the whole patience thing.

Anyway, after my multiple cups of coffee and we were all dressed, I decided we might run out to the library and maybe grab some lunch. We needed a slight change of scenery and the kids needed a distraction from their morning crankiness. Plus I had finished this last night and needed a few new books to read.

All shoes and jackets were finally on and we were ready to march outside to the car when I opened the front door and was surprised to be greeted by rain. (The blinds were still closed, otherwise I might have already noticed the weather.) I told the kids we couldn’t go anywhere because look! it’s raining!

That was met with general displeasure.

So, I ran up and grabbed all the raincoats, mine included. Then I drove the van right up to the front door and loaded everybody in, one at a time. I was feeling rather adventurous. Or foolish. Whichever.

At any rate, I am happy to tell you that all four of us made it into the mall completely dry. It wasn’t that pouring kind of rain, just the drizzly kind that sometimes isn’t more than a sprinkle. And I have a gigantic umbrella. I had thrown out the library idea when I saw the rain; we would only be making one stop today and it better have something to do with food.

So Chick-fil-A it was, and quite a fun lunch we had. There is even a pet store in our mall (technically a “towne center,” whatever that is), so afterwards we went up and visited the puppies, fish, mice, and birds.

I call it free entertainment.

And I did make it to the library. I went after dinner when Andy was here to watch the kids. As I was looking up call numbers on the online catalog, I heard Madeline say she had to go potty. So I grabbed my purse and keys and bolted for the door, mischievously laughing and shouting a “bye!” over my shoulder.

I heard Andy laugh, too, a mixture of surprise and disbelief.

I’m glad I have a hubby with a sense of humor.

How does one resist?

By Moriah on November 15th, 2007

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