A Day of All Sorts

By Moriah on February 29th, 2008

My kids woke up early again today (of which I am not a fan). We spent the morning with a stack of books and the Play-doh. And lots of coffee for me, naturally.

Later I decided I couldn’t put off the trip to Wal-mart any longer so we loaded up and headed out. And going to Wal-mart with three toddlers in tow is about as fun as listening to fingernails scratching a chalkboard for a couple of hours. You get a little edgy.

And, oh my, was it ever cold.

Once we were back and the kids were all down for a nap, I was going to do a quick clean-up swipe of the van. You know, remove the thousands of fruit snacks wrappers and other miscellaneous trash, wipe out the cupholders, maybe a quick shake of the mats. However, it quickly turned into an all-out deep-cleaning session (and very much needed, I might add. Kids can sure do a number on the inside of a car. *shudder*) and an hour later I was still vacuuming.

But it was worth it. A clean car is always, well, luxurious.

And then tonight we dropped the kids at the in-laws and took the train into the city to meet some friends for pizza (now a tradition) before the next in our concert series that the guys purchased for us back in December. [For our musical friends who might be interested, it was Stravinsky’s Concerto in E-flat major – “Dumbarton Oaks” I, II, and III; Stravinsky’s Capriccio, for piano and orchestra – I, II, and III; Mozart’s Rondo in D major, K. 382 for piano and orchestra; and Rachmaninoff’s Symphony No. 1 in D minor, Op. 13 (I thru IV).]

I could get used to that.

Anyway, today was certainly a day for variety. Which, as you know, is the Spice of Life.

Eating Applesauce

By Moriah on February 28th, 2008

Less messy that way.

And also, anyone else’s kids running around with pants 2 inches too short? Madeline looks like she’s sure of an imminent flood…

That time o’ year, I suppose.

Need. More. Sleep.

By Moriah on February 27th, 2008

Andy’s first real seminary paper was due today. Which means I was up formatting footnotes at 2 a.m. last night. I knew I had good reason to hang on to that Turabian!

(Inside Covenant joke, sorry. Ahem.)

Anyway, it was nearly impossible to get out of bed this morning, even though I knew Drew and Madeline were out and about. And not even a crazy mess to report on, believe it or not. When I did finally get up and moving, I decided I had a bit of cabin fever and so we had lunch at Chick-fil-A.

Oh, dear Chick-fil-A, how I’ve missed you.

On the way home I had to run into the grocery store for a few necessary items such as Pull-ups and eggs. And then I rounded out my very productive afternoon with

…a nap.


By Moriah on February 26th, 2008

A couple of mornings ago we spent a ridiculous amount of time searching the house for Drew’s backpack full of his beloved cars. I knew he had hung the bag on the back of his chair at dinner the night before, and I knew he hadn’t played outside after that. So they had to be in the house.

At one point he started to get a little frantic and said, referring to his gray and favorite car, “but the red car is its friend!!”

The cars are friends.

And they, collectively, are his friends.

Aha! Got it.

Now I understand the mild possessive obsession with his matchbox cars (and ‘mild obsession’ may be a bit of an understatement).

And it’s no wonder he views the cars en persona, what with the obscene number of times he’s seen Disney/Pixar’s Cars and all.

Revisiting "Only Madeline"

By Moriah on February 25th, 2008

Speaking of ingenuity…

See the end of that protractor? I found Madeline sitting at the kitchen table using it like a spoon, dipping into the icing like there was no tomorrow. She turned around and gushed, “I’m eating the sugah!”

Like I said, only Madeline.

A quick word to clarify

By Moriah on February 25th, 2008

I feel a slight need to explain some things, for whatever it’s worth. My kids do not have free reign in our house, even though it might appear that way due to my freely reporting on their crazy messes here. (I also don’t think this is an appropriate place for any sort of discipline log.)

They’ve always been overly curious. And a wee bit daring. But it’s more than that. Many of my friends have told me that their own kids wouldn’t even think about doing some of the things my kids do. As in, it wouldn’t even occur to them that you can dump out an entire box of Cheerios and eat them right there off the floor.

Or that it’s a lot of fun to squeeze toothpaste out of the tube. Or unroll an entire roll of toilet paper and attempt to flush it down the toilet all at once (okay, thankfully that last part hasn’t happened… yet). Or eat chapstick by the tube.

But my kids? All in a day’s work. And they’re very quick about it, too.

So here’s hoping all this ingenuity will someday pay off.

As if I didn’t have anything better to do

By Moriah on February 25th, 2008

Today was the first Sunday since we’ve been here that we had company over for lunch after church. It’s good to be back in the groove.

While us adults were blissfully wine and dining downstairs, the kids were upstairs looking at pictures. (And as you can see, ‘looking’ is a completely relative term.)

The one about the playgroup

By Moriah on February 23rd, 2008

I love having people around. It energizes me. Don’t get me wrong; I like peace and quiet and alone time just as much as the next frazzled mother. But if I had a choice between quietly staying home with a book or going out to dinner with friends, I’d probably choose the friends.

So when I moved here I knew I’d better find me some o’ those friends, and fast, or I just might be liable to pack myself up and head back to Ch@ttanooga, lickety split.

After a few weeks of thumb-twiddling, I did a Google search for “[omitting location] playgroup” and, wala! I found one. That playgroup ended up not really working out for us and truth be told, it could have provided far more blog fodder than I actually made use of. (In the off chance one of those members stumbled across this here blog, I’ve stayed far, far away.)


But I did meet a couple of fantastic ladies and we sort of made up our own playgroup of our own perfect size and which perfectly fits our needs. I already mentioned we got together yesterday despite the snow (‘cept Alissa, chicken!), but I also wanted to record some playdate highlights. For posterity. Or something.

Such as the kids swarming over this bowl of blueberries. You would have thought it was a bowl of chocolate covered marshmallows sprinkled with cotton candy and a side of gummy bears.

Blueberries, the kids love ‘em.

Or Julia’s toy laptop. One of my kids’ favorites.

They come by it honestly.

And, lastly, after the kids had mostly finished up eating lunch, I glanced over to see Adelaide swiping hot dog pieces off another child’s plate and stuffing them into her mouth as fast as she could.

Baby oatmeal with applesauce puree or hot dogs?

She’ll have the hot dogs.

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