Shameless [friend] promotion

By Moriah on April 30th, 2008

I was first introduced to baby slings (specifically the pouch-style) when Madeline was about 15 months old. I was newly pregnant with Adelaide but hadn’t told anyone, save Dolly, yet.

The first two I purchased were Hotslings. Loved ’em. I could keep Madeline on my hip, have my coffee in one hand, and the other hand clamped down tightly on Drew’s wrist.

And if you know anything about a 2 1/2-year-old Drew, you know he liked to run.

Away from me.

At full speed.

Which is slightly problematic when one is standing behind a loaded cart in Wal-mart.

So anyway, I truly appreciated the hands-free benefit the sling provided.

When Adelaide was born, my love for them multiplied exponentially. Madeline followed in her brother’s loving-to-run footsteps and usually would bolt in the opposite direction he had. So the hands-free thing was even more important with three small (two of which outrageously energetic) kids.

A newborn Adelaide would fall asleep immediately upon being placed in a sling. She was just so warm and cozy in there.

It’s also how I currently shop; Drew and Madeline buckled in the double stroller, Adelaide in a sling on my hip. It’s the only way I’ll venture into Target alone with my kids.

A visual, if you will:

I like the pouch style best because it’s custom fit to the mom’s body; no adjusting, no extra fabric, no awkward rings, clips, or weird tying maneuvers. It’s simple and straightforward, easy to pop on and is comfortable for everyone.  There are three ways to wear them that grow with your baby from newborn to toddler. Plus they are super cute!

And I’m always on the lookout for a cute accessory.

So, back when I received my first one in the mail, after looking at it closely, I just knew I could make them.  And since then I’ve made myself…well, a few.

Which is why I was so excited when WonderGirl decided to open up her shop and even asked me to help with the extra sewing.  This little post is simply a shout-out; you really should pop on over and see her Etsy store and drool over all the cuteness.

She has a wide selection of darling fabrics and also an option for customizing using a fabric of your own choice (that no one else has!).  I also should mention that hers are more cost-effective than Hotslings, for those of you frugal at heart.

So to go check it out, click here!  And for pete’s sake, tell us what you think!  (Depending on the number of comments, I may even be able to weasel a giveaway out of her.  Not that I’ve asked her yet, but, you know, minor details.)


By Moriah on April 29th, 2008

Dear Adelaide,

Six poopy diapers in a nine hour period is more than enough.

Kindly remember tomorrow.

– your loving Mama

Home again, home again, jiggety jig

By Moriah on April 29th, 2008

Thank you, Lord, that Andy was home to take Drew to the ER. He got three staples — okay let’s not talk about that anymore.

It was pretty cute when they got home, Drew practically banged the door down exclaiming “I’m home!” And then proceeded to tell me how the doctor made his head all better. Andy even took him to Target on the way home for a new shiny car and also a pack of Skittles. So I’m sure he’s quite recovered now. He even shared happily with Madeline.

And speaking of Madeline, the entire time the boys were gone, she marched around with her monkey, baby doll, and purse gravely proclaiming she was taking her baby to the hospital to get its head fixed.

I wonder how many more days I’m going to have to listen to this.

Little bit o’ drama

By Moriah on April 28th, 2008

I had a post planned for tonight, but Andy just took Drew to the ER for possible stitches on the back of his head. I wasn’t in the room to see it but, as far as I can tell, Drew and Madeline were horsing around (as usual) and he must have knocked his head on the corner of the coffee chest. I knew immediately from his cry that he truly was hurt; he’s made of rubber and typically doesn’t cry much.

Unless he has to get off his bike and go to bed. Which is understandable.

And I’ll save you the rest of the details. But it sort of sucked the life out of me and any post I might have had right along with it.

Hopefully I’ll have an update later saying he’s home and it turned out to not be a big deal.

It’s my birthday, I get to pick

By Moriah on April 27th, 2008

First we went to dinner at the Olive Garden.

(What’s that? I think I can hear Steve Lewin and his French taste buds, laughing at me all the way from Ch@ttanooga.)

(I don’t think I need to tell you that he eats Ramen.)

(We all have our vices.)

(Mine is just sometimes in the form of chain Italian food. And shoe stores.)

Now where was I? Oh yes…I’ve been feeling a need for toasted ravioli and fresh Italian salad. And a breadstick or twenty never hurt anyone.

(Well, unless you’re allergic.)

And then we went to this fancy schmancy movie theater (with a coffee shop in the lobby, even) and saw “21.” While sipping mochas. Alone without kids.

The movie (based on a true story, you know) had a lot of similarities to the Ocean movies. (Minus the George Clooney and Brad Pitt parts, however.) We had a fun time. If you liked the Ocean movies, you’ll probably like 21.

And when we got back to Andy’s parents’ house to pick up the kids, Adelaide was walking around their living room.

Wonders, they never cease.

Getting clumsy in my old age.

By Moriah on April 26th, 2008



By Moriah on April 25th, 2008

I mentioned that we got new tags on the cars – well, sort of. But unfortunately when Andy went to get the horn fixed on his car, the dealer declared the car unsafe to drive because the engine mounts were all broken, as was the engine cap and some other, smaller things.

Doesn’t that just make your day?

We’re debating the wisdom in pouring money into an “old” car; it’s risky because even then it might fail inspection. So for the time being, it’s been sitting in our driveway, collecting pollen.

Which means, lucky me, Andy’s been driving MY DEAR SWEET AND NOW TOTALLY OVERWORKED AND UNDERAPPRECIATED Odyssey. Oh, how we do miss each other. I’m pining after our old day trips to the park or Target or to meet up with friends for spur-of-the-moment adventures.

And, until we decide on some things, I might be without wheels for quite some time. I’m sure you feel my pain.

(Oh, my birthday? Spent at home, stranded of course. And to top it off, Andy had a wine dinner for work that night. But I’m not bitter. I am, however, looking forward to Saturday, when we have Andy’s mom to watch the kids and we can go out and have us a little fun.)

A friend had even invited us down to the beach yesterday with her and her kids but since it’s not within walking distance, I had to decline. I’m sure it’s the beginning of many rain checks for us – oh sad, sad day.

For now, though, we’ll try to keep distracted with a steady stream of friends coming here. Boring posts are sure to come.

But at least now I have plenty of housecleaning tips.

Quick Question

By Moriah on April 24th, 2008

Does anyone have a weekly house cleaning schedule that, you know, actually works?

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