By Moriah on June 30th, 2008

I stayed home from church today. Drew woke up during the night with a nasty-sounding cough. Which throws a wrench into some of our plans – such as Sesame Street for him and Madeline tomorrow. I guess we’ll wait and see what he sounds like when he wakes up in the morning.

We’re crazy into boxes ’round these parts and it is such a mess! But surprisingly, I’m not all that stressed. When we left Ch@ttanooga before, we were also cramming in parties, dinners, and last-minute get-togethers. We don’t have nearly as much of that here. So it’s been a pretty relaxed packing experience.

We did have one last playgroup day at the park last week. I’m so thankful for those two women and their friendships over the last year. And then I did get to go to Jeannette’s baby shower and say goodbye to her and Em. And finally, last night we had dinner with the Livingstons and said goodbye to their crew.

Tonight we had Ezra and Alissa over for a last pizza-night and tomorrow we’re loading the truck. It’s sure to be a long day. Bring us some sweet tea, will ya?

Jo-Lynn, my new BFF

By Moriah on June 29th, 2008

So I got tired of waiting elsewhere and had Jo-Lynne design my new header. (If you read my blog in a reader, you must click over and see!) And just in time for my first blogiversary on Tuesday, too.

Thanks, Jo-Lynne! I love it!

My Child Will Never Do That

By Moriah on June 27th, 2008

Alternate title: In the Bath You Go

Alternate alternate title: Good Thing I Just Cleaned


By Moriah on June 26th, 2008

What do you think, should I cut it?

I blog my life here

By Moriah on June 25th, 2008

and last night I drove up to Erin Liv’s for Jeannette’s (known to some as Diber) baby shower. An evening out, oh yes.

Drew asked me if I was going with him, Daddy and the girls to the playground and I said that no, I was going to a little party.

“Are you going dancing?”

Um. No.

I’m sure it was because the last time we used the word “party,” to him it was for Robbie’s wedding and there was a little dancing involved.

Jeannette and baby Marlowe:

Aren’t babies yummy? (Except, I have to admit, I was glad I could hold and give back. I mean, I still have my own newborn.)

What’s that? You want to see my gift? Well, okay, if you twist my arm:

Aren’t they the cutest things ever? I LOVE the girl version of these (from Target, where else?). We’ve gone through six pairs of them in various sizes and colors with Adelaide. Actually, two of them are to grow into. They are some of my favorite baby shoes.

It was so fun to see some college friends (two housemates, even. Hi, Em!) and catch up a little before we head back down South. And there was decaf mocha punch. The only thing better than that would have been decaf mocha punch that doesn’t stick to the hips.

On the way home I pulled an Andy, totally missed my exit, and took a 15 mile detour. It cost me a whole hour of extra driving.

Apparently I was a little absorbed in my music.

But there were no kids in the back. Can you blame me?

7 days and counting

By Moriah on June 24th, 2008

VBS could not have come at a better time this year. Andy dropped Drew and Madeline off yesterday morning and picked them up again at noon. And it will continue all week.

Too bad I can’t spend my time at Starbucks instead of taping up boxes.

When they got home yesterday I asked Drew what he learned. He made the sign for “love” and threw his head back. I have no idea what that meant.

And then this morning, I told him we needed to get him ready so he could go to Bible School again and he immediately went, “I ALREADY WENT!” Apparently he wasn’t so excited about going back.

Just wait ’til he gets to Friday.

In moving news, I didn’t do a darn thing yesterday. I fought the guilt and melancholy over it all day and then realized my tired body was recovering from a long and busy weekend. I did clean my kitchen, did some laundry, vacuumed the downstairs, and then sat on the couch and finished my book. I mean, you gotta keep living! Even when there are boxes to pack.

But just because I was unproductive, doesn’t mean Andy didn’t get anything done. He finished his entire study/office, and even took down the wall full of bookshelves. He finished work last Friday, so it will be very fun and convenient to have him around all week. He also booked the rental truck. So we’re making progress but we still have a long way to go.

Sunday afternoon update

By Moriah on June 22nd, 2008

I’m a wee bit tired. We didn’t pull into our drive until 2 a.m. But the play was a lot of fun, even if I had some serious trouble staying awake at the end (it was a little over 3 hours). I don’t think I need to remind you we woke up yesterday before 6 in the morning. I haven’t done that since, well, high school.

For dinner Vangie made an Eggplant Parmesan that was unbelievably good. (I had no idea I even liked eggplant.) I’ll have to get the recipe from her and I may even share it on ye olde food blog. It did have cheese, though, which is fine because we’re flexitarians.

John and Vange drove back with us and had planned on meeting some other friends for church down here (which didn’t happen due to a train stoppage for testing). Andy went and picked up the kids the first thing this morning; we had been way too tired to stop and get them last night. Drew walked in the door and said, accusingly, “you didn’t get us!”

And then I heard all about the taste of our lives the grandparents got last night – let’s just say I’m pretty sure they’re napping soundly right now.

Which actually sounds like a very good idea.

At least the waiting paid off

By Moriah on June 21st, 2008

So V and J dragged us out of the apartment at 6:15 this morning to go sit in line at Central Park for tickets to tonight’s Hamlet at Shakespeare in the Park. Coffee, anyone?

We had no idea if we were waiting in vain, either. They started passing out tickets at 1 p.m and we managed to get our six (each person can take two), so we’ll be going back after dinner for the play, with even more cousins.


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