How Bad Can It Be?

By Moriah on September 30th, 2008

Today Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee is hosting

which basically is a way for bloggy friends to “meet” each other and “see” the face behind the blog.

And since it’s been well documented that I will do almost anything for blog fodder, including blogging my naked face, here’s my little cameo:

I See What You’re Saying! from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

(Anything longer and I would have required cue cards.)

To “meet” more faces, head on over to I See What You’re Saying!

Unusual Monday. Meaning, I actually did something(s).

By Moriah on September 30th, 2008

This morning I managed to get up off my rear and go on a long walk/jog.

No, my husband’s running a marathon this week did not inspire me. I’ve been meaning to start exercising for a long time. (And then I’d remember after I’d already taken a shower.)

(Clearly, I lacked motivation.)

I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow but the energy boost was nice for today.

After I had showered and ‘put my face on,’ I baked a quick batch of scones and invited myself over to Nicky’s for a little mid-morning tea party with her and her mom.

(And to get away from Andy practicing voice in our living room. I mean, I can only handle so much.)

We had ourselves a nice little time. (“Sit down, Nicky. Do not pick him up. Let me get that. No, for heaven’s sake, sit down!”) You can tell she’s been stuck on a couch for 4 days.

Tonight I decided to load everyone up and take my kids to the free play area in our mall. I’ve just spent the last several nights at home by myself with the kids; I needed to change things up a bit.

And it just so happened it was Kids’ Night at the Chick-Fil-A there and so we got a free kids’ meal, which is handy. They could have done a craft, but I graciously opted out of that.

(I might have reconsidered for free candy.)

Andy got home from work just as we were pulling in the drive. Monday nights are really hit-or-miss at the restaurant, but you take the good with the bad.

And I for one am glad to have him home early.

Deep & Wide

By Moriah on September 29th, 2008

This just cracks me up.

Madeline’s rendition:

Deep & Wide from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

Marathon stats

By Moriah on September 29th, 2008

Old Man Andy is currently hobbling around the house and it’s quite the sight to behold. But he and Ezra finished in the top 20% out of about 1,200 runners, so I guess he earned it.

They even received a cool medal:

Funny story. A spectator yelled out to him “ARE YOU SINGLE? IF YOU ARE I WANT YOUR NUMBER AFTER THE RACE!!! …I’M SERIOUS!!!”

Single? Uh, no.

(And who hits on red-faced, sweaty men in the middle of a race?! Who does that?!)

A Week, in Review

By Moriah on September 28th, 2008

Two Fridays ago now, Dolly called to see if we were doing anything that Saturday, since Ethan had to work here in town. She caught a ride with him and she and the kids played with us all day.

We went ahead and renewed our membership at the children’s museum then. Having her in town was a good excuse. (Like I needed one.)

My angel sisters watched ALL the kids that night, so we could go out to dinner (Andy’s restaurant, of course). Heaven.

And then early in the week, I made myself finish up the work on the house, including getting rid of that pesky box sitting next to my china cabinet all this time. I got the rest of the pictures hung in the hallway, and the extras carted up to the attic.

I love, love, love finishing major projects. It’s cathartic.

Some other, smaller projects I checked off my to-do list were letting out the hems in several of the girls’ dresses (now ironed and ready for a few Sundays), converted a lot of Madeline’s old hairbows from alligator clips to French barrettes, (I love me a glue gun) and organized the laundry basket full of random fall-ish clothes that’s been sitting in the hallway for the last forever.

We met Sarah and her girls twice at the museum this week – the first time on one of Drew’s school days and it was nice to have just all the girls. Calmer, shall we say. I love my Drew, but he can wear a mama right out.

I picked him up from preschool on Thursday only to have the teacher tell me he had had some trouble listening and obeying in class. Honestly, I’m surprised it hasn’t already happened. He’s obviously getting comfortable in his surroundings there. (A little too…)

So, we’re working on THAT.

And that brings us to Friday, which you already read way too much about. Today the kids and I had an uneventful breakfast, got a few groceries at Walmart, played outside, took a nap, ate a cookie, went to the playground, ate pizza outside on the patio table (less mess to clean up), and played some more.

I usually bathe my kids Saturday nights, and as you can see, tonight they were in dire need of a scrub-down. I’ve managed to get all three in bed and now my sisters are here doing their laundry and we’re about to pop in a DVD.

Oh! I almost forgot – the marathon!! Andy said they finished a little under 5 hours. They ran the full 26 miles and he said around mile 17 he thought he was going to die. He thought there was no way he could run a whole other hour and a half! But they did.

In “pouring down, torrential rain,” no less. Even got a medal for it.

He comes home tomorrow afternoon and I don’t know who will be more relieved.

The Never-ending Day

By Moriah on September 27th, 2008

[I had a wonderful bloggy break, thank you! And after taking a whole week off, I feel refreshed and ready to blog now in earnest. In case you’re wondering, THIS is the promised new post, really, since technically I’ve had the Before & After: Girls Room post (below, in case you missed it…for some reason feedreaders didn’t pick it up) finished since July. And after not hearing from me for a week, I’ll expect comments from every last one of you. Fair is fair.]

Today was one of the craziest mornings I’ve ever had, which is really saying something considering I have a separate category for ‘Morning Mishaps.’

I mentioned before that Andy is running a marathon in New York, and it happened to be this weekend. He had signed up (and paid) before we moved and we were able to find a really cheap flight. So, in the end, he was able to keep his commitment with a friend.

However, since our city is about two hours from any major airport (although several to choose from), he was scheduled to take a shuttle today in the wee hours of the morning so that I didn’t have to drive him to the airport.

And for some unknown reason, he set the alarm for 4:10. He was supposed to board the shuttle at 4:30. It takes around 10-15 minutes to get there.

We woke up at 4:40.


In a groggy panic, we surveyed our options – none of which were even remotely appealing. We do have two cars; Andy’s service engine light is on, however, and he wasn’t comfortable driving it that far. I couldn’t even think straight enough to come up with a plan; I just knew I did NOT want to load the kids and drive Andy two hours away to the airport.

Especially at 4:40 in the morning.

A fleeting thought suddenly crossed my mind – he’d been dropped off from that same shuttle service on our side of town before after returning from an out-of-town trip… maybe they’d be willing to stop and pick him up?

I frantically grabbed the phone book, looked up their number (cursing my tired brain that would not churn out my ABC’s) and finally got a hold of the operator. He was pretty sure that the driver had already passed us on the highway.

I asked him if he could please check, just to be sure. Turns out the driver WAS willing to pull off and pick up Andy, and hadn’t passed us quite yet. I practically threw Andy his cell phone on his way out the door and then waited on pins and needles by my own phone to hear if he had made it.

I talked to him right as he was pulling into the gas station; no shuttle in sight. We figured out he was one exit down from where the driver was waiting, at another BP. He hopped on the interstate, sped over to the right place, and got on the shuttle.

[Cue the Hallelujah Chorus in all of its splendor.]

We could not have orchestrated it any better. It was totally and completely a God-thing. I laid in my bed afterward, my mind still racing and not wanting to think about what would have been necessary if Andy hadn’t made that shuttle; my eyes tearing up at the Lord’s mercy and silently repeating “thank you, Jesus,” over and over.

Even when I woke up a few hours later, my head was still spinning from that close of a call.

But the morning, it had only just begun.

First, Adelaide dumped her million pumpkin bread crumbs all down herself, her chair, and the floor – I saw her lift up her plate and felt myself switch into slow-motion as I moved across the room to try and stop her. It was too late.

Moist bread chunks and crumbs are not exactly easy to sweep up, turns out. I took the whole chair, booster seat and all, out to the back deck and turned it upside down.

(I let her out first, in case you are wondering.)

Then, after breakfast, Madeline came up and handed me several locks of hair – her own – asking me if I could put them back. I knew there would be a day where she tried to cut her own hair; I just didn’t expect it to be so soon.

I explained that it doesn’t work that way, that I can’t just fix her hair and put it back the way it was. She cried. Thankfully, they were mostly small cuts, and none of them right next to her head. She’s got a head full of layers, so it blends in fairly well.

Several times throughout the morning she said “I’m so sorry for my hair, Mama,” and would cry a little. It was such a delicate balance in responding because I wanted her to know that it’s just hair, after all; it will grow back. But I also don’t want her thinking she can just go chop off her hair whenever she happens to spot a pair of scissors.

Meanwhile, we’d tentatively planned to go to the children’s museum and all morning I had been trying to move in the direction of getting everyone out the door. So far I had only managed to change Adelaide out of her pajamas and into a clean diaper before Madeline’s hair cutting spree.

Next thing I know, I’m looking down at Adelaide, still wearing only a diaper, sitting in a dirt pile in the backyard with a shovel in her hand. And she was filthy.

She needed a bath, no way around it.

As I was getting myself dressed after that, I came out to the living room where Madeline had spilled the sugar bowl all over the place. It was a grainy, sticky, dusty mess. And then my head, it suddenly exploded into tiny little pieces.

Kind of like the sugar.

After THAT mess was taken care of, what do I do but go outside, and Adelaide is BACK in the dirt! This time only her hands needed washing, and boy, it’s a darn good thing.

[Also, all of this mayhem caused me to completely space that it was trash day, and I totally forgot to get our can out to the street. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but forgetting is one of my pet peeves. Now we have to wait another whole week and it was already almost full.]

Sarah and I did spend a couple of hours this afternoon at the children’s museum and although really fun, it totally wiped me out. (I got up at 4:40am, remember?) I had the kids nap for an hour when we got home, gave them an interesting collection of foods and called it dinner, and then attempted to get them all down for bed before I suffered a nervous breakdown.

Once in bed, Drew wanted a children’s Tylenol because he said his head hurt. Whatever, fine. A few minutes later, I hear him wailing because he squished it and the tablet broke all over his sheets.

I’m so glad I have a trusty vacuum cleaner and I’m so glad that I can go to bed now.

Before and After: Girls’ Room

By Moriah on September 26th, 2008

Welcome to my edition of


I’m using my girls’ room for today’s carnival simply because it is the only room that has actual ‘before’ shots.

(Which is convenient for a ‘Before and After’ display.)

A little background info in case this is your first visit here; we just moved back into our house after being away for a year and a month. Adelaide was a newborn when we left and still sleeping in the cradle (which was placed strategically in the guest room next to ours).

My son and daughter were 3 1/2 and 2 at the time, and shared the third room. Drew now has his own room and the girls are together.

You ready? Good!



The full decal swirly thingy:

Madeline’s bed sort of reminds me of Baby Bear’s bed from Goldilocks:

Notice the rug:

This next shot is to give you a closeup of the trim. Our renters ripped out the carpeting in two of the bedrooms (don’t ask) and so I had to nail down quarter round to fill in the space between the baseboards and the floor. (Also why we even had to purchase that rug pictured above.):

(Sidenote: Target and Homegoods should pay me for this post. Nearly everything decorative and all of the bedding were purchased at one of those two stores.)

A few closeup shots of some of the fun little things:

And I just love these whimsical fairies:

…and this butterfly:

The windows at the last house were shorter, so I added the pink fabric to make them longer:

And, just for fun, presenting the Inmates:

(Madeline above, Adelaide below.)

Thanks for stopping by! For more Before and After fun, head on over to Boomama’s!

When All You Can Do Is Laugh

By Moriah on September 25th, 2008

Or cry.

I usually choose to laugh.

Last night I was trying to get Adelaide quickly to bed, but, after playing outside several times during the day, she really needed a bath. Madeline loves baths, and thinks that every time Adelaide gets a bath, she’s entitled to one, too.

And Drew’s never one to turn down a party.

So, I shrugged, said “fine!” and let them all get in. I went downstairs for something and a little while later heard “Mom! There’s poop!”

Perfect timing, Adelaide, as always. (Think she plans it?)

I somehow managed to get her squirmy, slippery self clean and rinsed, meanwhile Drew was playing with the faucet and succeeded in spraying the entire bathroom. I looked down and realized I was kneeling in an inch of water. My poor jeans.

I grabbed Adelaide (who felt rather like a greased piglet), stuffed her into a towel, threw her diaper on, and left her in the girls’ room so I could finish refereeing the bath party.

Oh, and the poop cleanup. Let’s not forget about that.

The three of us finally made it out of the bathroom, mostly unharmed and relatively dry, and I began trying to wriggle pajamas onto two jumpy kids (otherwise known as A Mother’s Nighttime Workout). Madeline insisted on dressing herself, which inevitably I had to help her turn her shirt around, but then I just left her pants backwards.

I mean, I can only take so much.

I ran down again to get Adelaide’s bottle, but while I was waiting for the microwave I heard the upstairs bathroom faucet turn on.

(Not a good sound when your bathroom is already sitting under an inch of water.)

It turned out they were just brushing their teeth, but unfortunately Adelaide had crawled in after them, which meant she was soaked. I changed her into fresh pj pants and dry socks, and put her to bed.

I immediately went back into the bathroom, perhaps a little nervous at the tooth-brushing chaos I was about to witness. They had all three selections of toothpastes out, each one opened and generously sampled.

Needless to say, there were blue spots all over the counter and the white bath mats on the floor.

Since it was obvious their teeth were sufficiently brushed, I made them wrap it up and shooed them out. However, as I was stepping back to let them pass, I stepped on an opened tube of Tow Mater toothpaste:


Like I said, all I could do was laugh.

Originally published May 2008.

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