I did it!!

By Moriah on November 29th, 2008

This Thanksgiving was the first time Andy and I were not with either set of parents and therefore were forced to roast our own turkey.

Pretty good for being married six and a half years.

We tag-teamed it and the meal turned out pretty darn good (if I do say so myself). It was downright convenient having my sisters around to help and all the prep work went so fast. If I had had to cook everything by myself, we would have eaten at least two hours later.

(And we ate two hours late as it was.)

Other than eating exorbitant amounts of food, we played games and watched movies. A good holiday, I’d say.

Yesterday, yes, I went shopping. I’m a bargain-hunter, what else can I say? Really I only went to pick up what I’d put on hold at Gymboree on Wednesday morning (via phone). Yes, I realize that’s cheating. No, I do not care.

(I very rarely shop there because it’s so expensive (and let’s face it, kids have a habit of ruining clothes), but these two holiday dresses were already marked down in addition to the Black Friday discount and besides that, they were calling my name.)

We also had to make a stop at the Hairbow Man’s stand. I’m talking about the essentials here.

Last night the girls graciously put my kids to bed so Andy and I could go have a coffee date. I finally got to try Starbucks’ Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate and it’s as good as they say. Very unusual, but in a good way.

I stayed up very late last night cleaning up the holiday aftermath and putting my house back together. (Tell me, how does a place get so completely dirty in less than 48-hours?!)

Now I’m off to enjoy the rest of my mostly-quiet Saturday. Y’all have a great weekend!

Going red for the holidays

By Moriah on November 28th, 2008

As you can see, I’ve changed my template to a very festive holiday red. A major shout out to Jo-Lynne for taking her virtual markers to my header and saving me the headache.

It will be perfect all the way ’till Valentine’s Day, don’t you think?!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Toddler Set

By Moriah on November 27th, 2008

Alternate title: Another reason I love preschool

Because they do fun crafts I’d never think of:

Madeline, modeling Drew’s turkey hat:

Drew wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about showing it off:

Even Adelaide had to get in on the action:

Happy Thanksgiving!!

T-Day Prep

By Moriah on November 27th, 2008

(Yes, I’m totally cheating and time-stamping this post for Wednesday. Because Wednesday was just too crammed to blog. I’ll have a real Thanksgiving post up later today tomorrow. Ahem.)

I’m liking this six-hands thing. I made three piecrusts while my sisters made all the fillings. They chose pumpkin, pecan, and apple.

That’s technically ¾ of an entire pie for each adult. You might say we have way too much food.

That bridesmaid’s dress? Remember? In a week and two days?

Yeah. Woe is me.

And then we also made these, an old family recipe:

They’re for breakfast. So we can start the day out right.

Possibly the most random thing ever

By Moriah on November 25th, 2008

It rained here yesterday. Which means that all the extra energy coming from the toddler population here is harder to get burned off. (Unless I take them to an indoor track or gym or something equally as boring.)

Adelaide was acting cranky so I put her down for a nap and took the big kids to the museum. It was perfect. They do have a place to climb and play, but it’s also the mental energy they expend there doing art and music and make-believe.

And for me, simply getting out of the house for a bit somehow gives me a fresh perspective.

I often struggle with that “witching hour” after the kids get up from their naps. It’s hard for me to stay home and bear the crankiness. We go to the playground sometimes, or make a quick run to the store. Or Papa John’s, if it’s Tuesday.

But yesterday evening I made myself stay home and push through. I had some projects I really wanted to get done, and it was still rainy and cold. Who wants to deal with carseat buckles in the rainy and cold?

Although, when Adelaide dumped the entire bowl of popcorn all over the living room floor, I was sorta wishing we had gone somewhere after all.

And speaking of that, the most random and painful thing happened to me while I was vacuuming up the mess. I was using the hose (attached to the front of my upright vacuum) and had craned my head down to look under the couch for the bits that had spilled under there.

All of the sudden I was jerked back by my hair, and my head was completely stuck to the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. A lock of my hair had come too close to it and got sucked into the vortex. It ripped my hair right out.

A bit dazed, I walked over to a mirror hanging on the dining room wall and checked the damage. Several inches, but it blends in to the rest of my hair fairly well so it’s not too noticeable. I can still feel a little scalp burn this morning, though.

Which totally reminds me of another story, (which is not technically mine to tell but I doubt she’d ever blog about it so I will)… My friend Nicky once was making a cake and her then-long hair got caught in the wisks of the hand mixer.

She said the batter got spattered all over her mom’s kitchen, and the wisks were stuck right next to her head, hair all tangled up and dripping with cake batter.

So now I know how she felt. Except my mom didn’t take one look at me and run for the camera.

Oh, and there was no cake batter in sight.

But other than that.

And then the second most random thing that happened to me last night: I was organizing my closet and finally getting around to unloading the box of my winter shoes that has been sitting forlornly in the hallway for weeks and driving me crazy, when I reached up to put something on the closet shelf and something rattled a little.

Whatever it was, it was making it so I couldn’t put the box flat on the shelf. I gingerly pulled the offending object down off the shelf and stared at it in horror.

It was a bone.




(*shuddering now even thinking about it*)

I have no idea where it came from or why it was there (or how long), but I made Andy pick it up from where I dropped it and put it in the trash.

And I decided I had done enough poking around for one night and went to bed.

A quick weekend/party review

By Moriah on November 24th, 2008

So clearly it was time to fix our bookshelf, and since we had to pull the couch out to do it, Andy and I went ahead and – finally – organized all the books while we were at it. The kids wanted to help.

You can imagine how that went.

I spent the bulk of Saturday cleaning and baking a cheesecake because I hosted a surprise personal shower for my dear and soon-to-be-married college friend later that night.

My sisters took my kids out for a night o’ fun (otherwise known as The Only Sure Way To Keep A House Clean) while I went out to dinner with the bride and her girls:

The Flirtini:

And then we came here for dessert and gifts:

We had SUCH a fun time.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that. ;)

For Grandmommy

By Moriah on November 24th, 2008

Recently discovered:

Heart, soul, mind from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

Preschool. All you ever need to know.

How we spent our Friday Night

By Moriah on November 22nd, 2008

I had the kids all bundled up to go pick up a pizza when I realized Andy *accidentally* took my keys to work. So I called and changed it to delivery because, let’s be honest, there wasn’t going to be any cooking going on.

Yeah. That was supposed to be pineapple.

Drew and Madeline playing “chess”:

And then later the three of them were apparently playing hide-and-seek behind the couch. Unfortunately (for me) they also pulled one of the shelves down:

Yes, it still looks like that this morning.

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