Changing Scenery

By Moriah on April 30th, 2009

No time to blog this morning because the kids and I are packing up and heading down to Dolly’s.  Let the fun begin!

Bedhead: Morning No. 1,942

By Moriah on April 29th, 2009





Or not

By Moriah on April 28th, 2009

Madeline got sick a couple of times in the middle of Sunday night so yesterday we pretty much laid low, waiting for the other kids to show signs of it and for her to recover. (And when one is in relaxation mode, one doesn’t do the laundry.)

I’m thinking it was something she ate because today she’s completely back to her normal self. We had met our fellowship group (and two others) for a picnic Sunday afternoon at a park and maybe she ate something that didn’t agree with her there. Or she just ran around too much.

Anyway, I’m just thankful that it appears to be over and no one else was affected. We haven’t been sick in a very long time, either, so there’s that.

Late in the evening yesterday she was feeling fine so we ran over to Wal-Mart to get a few things for Drew’s school lunch and to finally pick up some BUBBLES! The only problem was, I went to pay and realized my wallet was still at home on the counter. Doh.

Two trips later we had everything we needed. Except Madeline left her monkey in the store, so we had to run in a third time. Of course I was still wearing my pajamas and had assumed we’d only be running in quickly ONE TIME. Live and learn. (At least I had some makeup on.)

We did bubbles outside for a few minutes before I started Adelaide’s bath. Then Drew walked in the bathroom with his open bubble bottle and leaned over to blow bubbles into her bath, but unfortunately the bottle leaned with him and half the bottle dumped out onto his feet and all over the floor. Clearly it was past time for everyone to be in bed.

Okay, OKAY. I’m off to fold my five loads of laundry from last week. (I know, I live a glamorous life.)

I might catch up by Monday

By Moriah on April 25th, 2009

We’ve been so busy this week my house has totally slipped down the priority list. Well, more like fell off. We’re also having highs in the upper 80’s so all the summer clothes got pulled out of the attic out of sheer necessity and are currently still strewn about the hallway, waiting for drawer space.

(Sidenote: while I was up there, the kids got curious and opened the hall door, which pushed the attic ladder and door up. I thought I was going to be trapped up there since Andy was already at work. But Drew was able to pull it down enough so I could step on his doorknob and jump. Nothing like a little bit of mid-afternoon drama.)

My birthday finale was last night. I’ve mentioned several times that I have a group of girlfriends who go out together for each other’s birthdays. (Self-organized. If you ask me to come to your birthday dinner, I’ll try my hardest to come… that is, you don’t have to twist my arm very hard for a girls night out.)

Anyway, we went to Andy’s new restaurant and drooled over our food. I am still kicking myself that I didn’t even get one photo. But I will show you a photo of the apron Nicky made me:


(It pays to have friends that are creative.)

So that was last night. Then this morning, our church youth ministry sponsored a free parenting conference, “Parenting on Purpose” and did all the childcare and served us lunch. It was fabulous. Our pastor and Sunday school teacher were speakers so I knew it would be. I’ll share a little of it this week when I get a minute to go over my notes, etc.

It ended around 2 and I made a beeline for home so Adelaide could get a decent nap (which she didn’t), and then one of my sisters came over so I could run to the store while they were all asleep. It was a lifesaver because our fellowship group meets tomorrow after church and we’re supposed to bring cookies (Oreo’s, anyone?) and also, I had planned on meeting Sarah for a picnic supper tonight at the park and needed something to actually, you know, feed my kids.

We had a great time; the weather was perfect and it wasn’t too crowded.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got Sunday clothes to get ready, winter clothes to throw up to the attic, banana bread to bake, a bathroom to clean, and the eternal laundry to fold.

The Ballet

By Moriah on April 24th, 2009

My sisters had their birthday over a month ago but they were home on spring break and I never did anything for them. But then a few weeks ago I saw an ad for our local ballet company’s spring production, and asked if they wanted to go with me to that. (And Madeline, too, of course.)

So last night we went to the Ballet.


Madeline was HILARIOUS. She’s already asked me at least thirty times if she can be a ballerina when she “gets bigger.” She also put her hands above her head and twirled in the aisle the whole intermission, bumping into chairs and even a few innocent passersby.


And when I took her to the bathroom immediately before intermission (she absolutely could not wait), the first thing out of her mouth was, “IS THIS SO FUN AT THE BALLET?!!!”

Really, it exceeded my expectations. It was stunning. And the perfect length for a little girl to sit through, (which is helpful).

And yeah, I wasn’t kidding about the week-long birthday thing!

Spending my b-day

By Moriah on April 23rd, 2009

Yesterday morning I gave myself a present. Andy took the kids to the park and I dumped out every single one of our toy boxes and bins and put back in only what my kids actually play with and what I won’t mind picking up again. (Which included moving all the furniture because you know half our toys eventually end up under there.)

Two full bags of plastic junk. I told Dolly afterwards I felt like I was walking on air! Usually when I clean out their stuff, I dig around and pull out odds and ends. This turned out to be a much more thorough method. I even decided to comb the van because I was scared they’d bring some of the junk piled up in there back into the house. (And we just really can’t have that.)

As per my ambitious goal, I did not cook. Andy made me cheese eggs for breakfast, can’t remember what I ate for lunch, and my sisters and I took the kids (mom’s treat) to Chick-Fil-A for dinner and then to Walmart for that blasted toilet paper. Except I walked out with a very full cart (how did that happen?).

Oh! I had at least two people ask what we ate for dinner the other night, so if you’re interested in such things:

Me: [name deleted] Farms’ Organic Lettuces (with roasted pears, pistachios & balsamic-molasses vinaigrette); Rabbit & Ramp Stew (with porcini mushrooms & crème fraiche) I did not order this but Andy did and the chef sent one out for me also; Hand Made Ricotta Raviolis (with spring vegetables & white truffle oil) another chef-sent course; [ranch name deleted] Pork Tenderloin (with root vegetable purees, apples & brown butter); and Carrot Cake Souffle (with Cream Cheese Anglaise).

Andy: Warm Asparagus Salad (with peekytoe crab, spring potatoes & aioli); same two middle courses I had; Sautéed Alaskan Halibut (he ordered a different set so I’m not sure what came with his entrée); and he had the strawberry tasting for dessert.

I told you, WAY too much food.

And I finally did find my camera. It was in Madeline’s mini backpack. I should have known.

Roll me home, Jeeves.

By Moriah on April 22nd, 2009

(That’s how I felt after dinner last night.)

We’re in the middle of what I like to call My Birthday Week. I mean really, why squeeze all the fun into just one day when you can stretch it out for an entire week? That’s my Birthday Motto.

Andy’s day off is Tuesday, so even though my real birthday is today (AHEM), we went out last night. Hired a real babysitter, even. (My sisters had class.)

We had the best meal and the best time. Ate WAY too much food, but who’s counting? (Definitely not me. Although, I will tell you that we had 5 full courses.) It really was one of the best birthday dinners ever.

There’s nothing really on the schedule for today; the only real goal I have is to not cook anything.

I know, I’m ambitious.

Not your average day

By Moriah on April 20th, 2009

Today was anything but normal. I had to be at the pediatrician’s office at 9 a.m. sharp for Drew’s 5-year-old checkup and kindergarten shots. They also did a hemoglobin finger prick, which happened first, and he wasn’t watching the nurse when she did it and immediately yelled, “OUCH! SOMEONE HURT ME!” (As if it had been a ghost.)

She and I had a little laugh over that. Then came all 5 of his shots, poor guy. He didn’t cry much but certainly made a loud squirming ruckus. You try holding down a strong little boy when someone’s poking and prodding him – it isn’t easy!!

We pulled into the drive thru at McD’s after and got two small chocolate shakes, ignoring the fact that it was 10:40 a.m. Doesn’t everyone love shakes that early in the morning? (Although Starbucks would have been a better choice for me.)

The whole way home he would randomly say, “Mama? I don’t like shots.”

You and everyone else, kid.

Brite came over for a glass of sweet tea this afternoon, and we had us a little chat. Adelaide was already napping but the other two were running around, inside and out. Right before she left I held her baby so she could use the bathroom, and when we walked out the door together a few minutes later, both of my kids were down in the ditch, stripped down to their underwear.

Only me.

She even got photographic evidence (I still can’t find my camera). They had been playing in the rainwater that had collected in the ditch in front of our house and had obviously gotten pretty wet. I guess they thought that it’d be better to be naked than hampered down with soggy clothes. I’m just glad they still had on their skivvies. (You really never know with those two.)

(Being so close in age, well, my theory is that they come up with things together that they would never think of on their own. I.e. the sum is naughtier than its parts.)

So into the bath they went (and don’t tell them, but at that point I was actually very glad I wasn’t the one who had to peel off wet dirty clothes). We all got naps today, which I was very thankful for, especially after being out so early this morning.

The kids talked me into heading to the park after dinner tonight, and I’m glad we went because they really needed to expend some of that energy. Yesterday was rainy and this morning was still pretty wet, so they’ve been cooped up a lot the past few days. I even had them run on the bike track.

The last thing we did today was a quick run to get gas in my car and diapers at Walmart. The rest of this week is going to be pretty crazy and I didn’t want to have to stop for those things. Unfortunately, I forgot the toilet paper. And we’re totally out.

I’m helping in Drew’s classroom during lunch tomorrow for Teacher Appreciation Day. So I’m sure I’ll have a story or two from THAT.

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