Just say no

By Moriah on May 30th, 2009

…to mullets.

We had the best day of the week so far yesterday and even had Chick-Fil-A for dinner (which Madeline promptly ratted me out to Andy).  Adelaide’s hair has been driving me nuts and so last night I finally handed her a popsicle and plopped her in the tub and trimmed her up.

The only recent before picture I have you can’t actually see much:


(Except that clearly it was bothering her too, trying to cover it up with a hat like that.)

Her hair grows very fast in the back, while the sides and top stay wispy and thin. I’m also trying to grow her bangs out, which means we’re just going to keep trimming the back for now. (Plus I think she looks cute in a bob.)



(And yes, she’s drinking milk out of a bottle. Don’t judge me.)

This one you can kind of see better how it’s stacked in the back and a little longer in front:


Much, much better. And hey, it was free!

And, as always, the hair is still far from being equal:


I’ll let you guess whose hair came from what side.

I survived

By Moriah on May 28th, 2009

…day two of Operation Drew Can’t Get Dirty.

Yesterday was much better than Tuesday. We even managed to get out in the morning for a few errands; the bank drive-thru and the grocery store (Drew sat in the stroller with his leg propped up). Of course it would rain when we were walking out, so I had him cover his leg with a plastic sack.

I know, I’m so industrious.

Other than that, it was much of the same. Movies, books, coloring… and lots and lots of pain killers.


“I’m coloring the eggs green because I couldn’t find white.” – Madeline, age 3 1/2.

Cabin Fever

By Moriah on May 27th, 2009

Because of Drew’s injury and stitches, he’s not supposed to take baths; the laceration can’t get wet. So that means, by extension, he can’t get too dirty. Yeah, easier said than done.

And you know what? It is nearly impossible to keep a five-year-old who is used to spending more than half his day outside content while being cooped up indoors for an entire day. At least the off-and-on rain gave me a legitimate (to him) excuse. He really could care less about getting dirty.

(You know those really careful and clean kids? I’ve yet to have one.)

So here’s how we spent the Day that Dragged Onward:


It’s hilarious to me how different they play with Play-doh. Drew uses one color and actually plays with it; Madeline smashes every color into a jumbled mess and stacks the empty cups:


And when you’re suffering from cabin fever, what better way to pass the time than to draw on your legs with markers?


They lounged and watched Signing Time in the afternoon:


And watched a movie (with popcorn!) at night:


(Rinse and repeat for today.)

Memorial Day 2009 – One for the history books

By Moriah on May 26th, 2009

I had a mental lapse yesterday morning and agreed to go hiking with Andy and the kids.  It ended up being the hike from, well, you know where.

For one thing, everything was wet; wet leaves, wet dirt, wet rocks.  Which meant that everything was slick.  And there are parts that if you were to slip off the side of the trail, you’d fall about 40 feet.  (We made the kids hold our hands during those lengths, obviously.)  So I was a little on edge to begin with.

We all did mostly fine getting up to the falls, and when it got kind of rocky, I started carrying Adelaide.  We were at a fairly level spot of just big rocks to step on or around, when I slipped on one and fell.  Cut my elbow and scraped/bruised a patch on each leg.  (Adelaide was fine since she landed cradled in my elbow.)

After that we decided to call it a day and head back down.  The kids got distracted by another family splashing in this little water pool we passed and we had a hard time getting them to focus on being careful with their steps downward.  And our puppy was just altogether a nuisance.

Both girls cried pretty much the whole way back to the car.  Madeline wanted to ride Andy’s shoulders but her jeans were sopping and muddy and Adelaide wouldn’t let me put her down even though my arm felt like it was going to fall off.  I was also bleeding and my legs were sore – I SO just wanted to snap my fingers and be home!

We had a very low-key afternoon consisting of lunch and naps.  We put the kids down early because we needed to leave in enough time to pick up fruit and chips and get to some friends’ house for a Memorial Day cook-out with several other families (mostly from church).

(Side note: of course it would start pouring the very minute I was getting out of the van to run into the store.  Goodbye, smooth hair.)

We managed to make it through the meal and ice cream treats without incident…unless you count Adelaide covering herself head-to-toe in fudgesicle:


And then Drew came in with a scraped and bloody knee.  We cleaned it up and applied a band-aid and he ran back outside to play.

It wasn’t three minutes later one of the kids said Drew had fallen.  There was a little confusion because at first we thought they were referring to the first time.  But then one of the guys carried him in, blood streaming down his leg.  I’ll spare you the details but he basically split his knee open and Andy ended up taking him to the ER.  The girls and I stayed for a while and then got a ride home.

He said it was an entirely miserable experience.  First Andy was directed to clean the wound, (something about kids taking pain from parents better?  Don’t ask me) and then he and two nurses had to hold Drew down for the numbing Novocain shots.   The little guy got so worked up he couldn’t breathe (he sounded a little wheezy yesterday for some reason) so they also gave him two steroid shots in the rear to get the swelling in his neck down.

The doctor had a very poor bedside manner and Andy said for that reason alone he was glad I wasn’t there.  (Hmph.)  Drew got 9 stitches and almost as many stickers (which are now stuck to my living room wall).  They had given him Tylenol with Codeine for the pain and so of course Andy had to tell him to stop running in the parking lot.


And also?  The ER ain’t cheap.

So I think for today we’ll be staying inside, trying to avoid further catastrophe.

I think she has ESP

By Moriah on May 22nd, 2009

On Tuesday night (Andy’s day off), he told the kids to get a stack of books and they’d read together before bed. Madeline brought him this:


We took it as a sign and told them about THEIR new baby. You would have thought we told them Christmas was in the morning.

Drew was very helpful with name suggestions. The first was “if it’s a boy, let’s name him Andrew!”

Me: “We already have two Andrews.”

Drew: “NO! We have Andy and Drew, and then Andrew!” (That wouldn’t be confusing or anything.)

Next, he suggested ‘Baby Sebastian,’ but “NOT like Nicky’s Baby Sebastian, this would be OUR Baby Sebastian.”

And then the next morning, “How about Baby Olivia?”

Thank you sweetie, but I think we’ll come up with something a little more original than the recent baby names of all our friends.

And I definitely have to put my foot down against any suggestions of ‘Baby Max.’

It’s that time again

By Moriah on May 21st, 2009

I’m at Chic Critique today, talking about maternity fashion. It’s worth a click even if you aren’t currently pregnant – these clothes are CUTE!

In the fast lane

By Moriah on May 20th, 2009

Drew usually provides me with a running commentary whenever we’re in the car.  Most often it’s “MOMMY, YOU’RE BEATING ALL THE CARS!!”


Admittedly, I tend to stick to the left lane.  (Probably because I’m perpetually late.)

(At least I come by it honestly.  Hi, Mom!)

Anyway, I’ve heard several variations of that this week because we went to the last mom’s fellowship at church on Tuesday morning and then today we met up with some friends at a park and then had lunch at her house.

I don’t know why it is that something almost always happens that keeps us from walking out the door on time.  You think I would just plan on leaving fifteen minutes early but apparently some lessons are never learned.

Which is also why I was glad Andy was home this morning to take Drew to his kindergarten assessment.  And yes, they made it on time.

He did great!  In typical Drew fashion, he managed to surprise his daddy – that kid definitely knows more than he lets on.

Weekend Recap (because I know you’re dying to know)

By Moriah on May 18th, 2009

A friend called on Friday asking if Madeline wanted to come over to play with her daughter so her son could have his birthday party that evening in peace.  OH YES, MA’AM!  She loved it.  The report was they changed outfits at least 20 times.  Why am I so not surprised?

I took Adelaide and Drew with me to Walmart and Sonic.  Because nothing says “Friday Night” quite like greasy drive-in food.

When my mom was here last week she managed to get to the bottom of all my laundry bins.  So I’ve been attempting to not let it get piled up again.  (We all know it’s easier to maintain than start over.)  Which meant I did some laundry on Saturday (I’m starting to get my energy back, thanks for asking!) and then realized we had a baby shower on Sunday that I still needed a few things for and also hadn’t planned food for Sunday lunch.  (I know, I go to Walmart waaaaaaaay too often.)

(I actually planned on Target but the interstate was at a stand-still and it was storming so we pulled off and went with Plan B.  Which was Walmart.  And it wasn’t raining as hard there, go figure.)

Sunday was very nice.  We came home to food in the oven, naps all around, and then I went out again in the afternoon for the shower.  Sadly, the guest of honor was in the hospital trying to not have the baby yet, so her hubby became the guest of honor and opened all the gifts.

Now THAT was something.  Having the dad-to-be open the baby gifts???  Genius.  It was hilarious.  (Thankfully not a nursing pad in sight.  Phew.)

We ate the requisite pizza for supper and then I promptly fell asleep on the couch.  The kids did get tucked in bed, however.  Not that I remember much of it.

Today is GORGEOUS here.  I wish every day was like this.  I decided we needed to have a little fun and the kids and I headed over to the museum for an hour.  Unfortunately Adelaide dove into the bubble solution and let me just tell you, it smells like stinky feet.  I had to strip her down in the parking lot and give her a bath the second we got home.

Because a two-year-old baby girl should NOT smell like her daddy’s gym bag.

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