Yeah, it’s been a while

By Moriah on July 30th, 2009

The last time it was my turn to post at Chic Critique, we were at my folk’s house and so I opted not to. Which means it’s been a month since I last posted there. But I have a new post up: Making Changes (to clothing). Click over and check it out!

A Day to Recoop

By Moriah on July 29th, 2009

Andy had yesterday off so I ran my errands like a crazy person. In the rain.

It hasn’t rained here in a while so the parking lots were all slick and I slipped three different times. Small cut on my knee, larger one on my toe, and ripped part of my toenail off. Stupid flip-flops.

Yesterday was a really unusual day, though – first one of our friends was in a motorcycle accident on the interstate and is lucky (what are we Calvinists supposed to say?) to be alive. Miraculously all that happened is he broke his shoulder and is pretty banged up. My toe? Is nothing.

And then poor Adelaide threw up her entire dinner all over her bed. She was such a sport, sat herself up and waited patiently for me to first hear her crying and then come and clean her up. She had a fever also so I’m really hoping the rest of us manage to stay well.

At any rate, we’re not going anywhere today (even though this morning she’s fever-free and acting normal).

Hope y’all have a good Wednesday!

And summer marches on…

By Moriah on July 27th, 2009

Talk about jumping right back into the busy summer life! Since we got back Tuesday night, we’ve gone swimming twice and met two different sets of friends at the park for two different picnic lunch dates. It’s hard to believe Madeline starts preschool in less than a month! (Drew doesn’t start K until Sept. 10. I’m not sure how I feel about that.)

Yesterday we met with our shepherding group at church for lunch and then enjoyed a really quiet, relaxing afternoon here with everyone napping until 6 pm. I love lazy Sunday afternoons. Andy watched the kids and put them to bed for me so I could go catch up with some girlfriends. I SO needed that. Nicky and I ended up hanging out at our friend Jenny’s place until well after midnight.

Sleep is overrated anyway.

Fashionably late to the party

By Moriah on July 24th, 2009

I haven’t done a link-up post in forever but I feel almost obligated to write this one since I know both Jo-Lynne and Robin in person and it would be all kinds of rude to ignore these lovely ladies and their fun bloggy party. (And Robin just lives down the proverbial street.)

(More or less.)

So… I’m Moriah, I’ve been blogging for a couple of years now and am a happy wife and mother of 3.5 kids (I’m due in the fall). My oldest will be going to half-day kindergarten this year and I’m very excited for him learning to read since it’s one of my favorite things.

(I also love shoes, shopping, blogging, meeting friends, hanging out with my hubby, watching movies, good coffee, and traveling.)

(And parentheses, apparently.)

I grew up moving all over the place with a military-career dad but have lived in the South for last ten-ish years (minus a one-year fling outside of Philly). I stay at home with my kids and occasionally even do the laundry. I contribute bi-monthly to Jo-Lynne’s fashion and beauty blog, Chic Critique.

We are Reformed Christians and are as involved in our church as much as having three little people will allow. (Let’s just say I’m fond of the Wednesday-night nursery.)

I like to stay busy and take my kids to do fun things. (I also spend way too much time on the computer.) I blog about my life as a mother of almost-four, my fun sewing projects, food occasionally, and my love of hairbows.

Hope you’ll stick around, I love new bloggy friends!

The rest of vacation. The end.

By Moriah on July 22nd, 2009

I’m going to try to wrap up the rest of our trip in one post, using The Handy Bullet Format.

  • On Friday morning Andy and I met my cousin Bryonie and her husband Josh for coffee and bagels at Einstein’s. (It was the first time being with them in person since they lost their precious babies in the spring.) The Lord really blessed our time together and we all had a great time of fellowship and fun. They came with us to pick up Drew and Madeline from VBS and then we went back to my parents’ house. Visits are rarely long enough, but at least we got to spend half the day with them.
  • My mom had wanted to take my kids to the North Pole/Santa’s Workshop, since we used to go there as kids. We stopped there Friday afternoon on our way up to the cabin, and then when the cashier rang up the admission price of $85 for all of us for the mere two hours we’d be there, we turned around and left. I mean, really. So we stopped for ice cream instead and then drove straight to the cabin.



  • My mom roasted marshmallows for the kids that night in the fireplace. I think Madeline ate about eleven.




  • After the kids were tucked away in their beds, we played a rousing game of Taboo. The twins are never allowed on the same team. I mean, fair is fair.
  • I had a very hard time breathing at 9,000 feet and woke up twice during the night in a near-panic. I’m sure it didn’t help being pregnant.
  • Saturday my dad took Andy, my sisters, and their friend Patrick 4-wheeling. Drew was supposed to go but chickened out at the last minute. I was so not surprised. I think it was because he wasn’t going to be buckled in a proper car seat and the boy loves following the rules. He also didn’t like that they were driving on grass.


  • When they got back we took a walk to see the horses.





  • Andy and dad fished a lot of Saturday. I took a nice long nap.
  • Bry and Josh got back up to the cabin in the afternoon, so we had tea together. My grandparents and Aunt Becki also came up to have dinner with us so it turned out to be a good-sized crowd.


  • We played Taboo again after dessert and every last adult played. (Why is “wonderbra” on one of the cards?)


  • My dad, sisters, and Patrick stayed up there Saturday night but my mom and our little family drove back to their house and didn’t get home until midnight. Fortunately my parents’ church service starts a little later and we made it there (mostly) on time.
  • My grandparents had all of us over to their house for lunch, including my Uncle Miles and his family. Drew found a new buddy in my cousin Julia (he didn’t seem to notice she’s about 15 years older.) We had our dessert out on the deck and Madeline pretty much just ate whipped cream. She licked it off the cake and strawberries and then kept asking for more. Aunt Becki came to the rescue with a spatula and scraped the bowl for her.


  • Our drive home Monday was uneventful, save for our DVD player breaking late that afternoon. Adelaide probably pushed too many buttons with her toe and the thing decided it had had enough.
  • We stopped in St. Louis and stayed with my cousin Courtney and her hubby. Too short a visit, but glad to see them anyway.
  • Got home late afternoon yesterday and went straight to pick up Andy’s car from the shuttle service. I went immediately after to Walmart for a fridge/pantry re-stock and I’m so glad I did because that meant I didn’t have to go anywhere today. We had also cleaned out the car (Drew vacuumed, one of his favorite things) and got almost everything unpacked. It’s nice to start mostly from scratch the day after a long trip.

Madeline and the Fish

By Moriah on July 20th, 2009

I’ll blog more about our weekend at the cabin later, probably when we’re back home. This will have to do for now since we’re leaving this morning.

Madeline and the Fish from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

One of my sisters took these pictures after she got someone to release the poor fish from its hook:



And then one of them dared her to kiss it:


But she didn’t.

(I may or may not have had any influence on that decision.)


(Right after that picture was taken it started flailing around; Madeline jumped a mile and tossed it.)

Wherein Drew is spoiled rotten

By Moriah on July 17th, 2009

Drew had his big day-o-golfing with Daddy and Papa yesterday. Andy and Dad golfed for real while he was at VBS and then my mom and I dropped him off after a quick bite to eat. (Chick-Fil-A of course.)

They did a 3-par course, which was perfect for the little guy. I wish I had thought to drop off my camera as well.

(Because I’m sure we would have all loved to see pictures of him chasing the geese…an impulse he apparently inherited from his father.)

They stopped for chocolate shakes at Sonic on their way home, so needless to say, Drew was riding high on life yesterday. He only had a mild fit when we told him he couldn’t finish the entire thing before naptime.

(And what do you think was the very first thing out of his mouth upon waking up?)

I enjoyed a quiet afternoon here, which I needed after running around like crazy the last few days. When my sisters got home from work, my mom, Cassandra and I went over to my grandma’s house for a little impromptu tea party. Which, you know, are really the best.

Andy, Cassandra, and I took Drew and Madeline to see “Earth” last night at the $1.50 theater. We got there a little late and were forced to sit down near the front, and then as soon as we had sat down, Madeline looked up and exclaimed “TURTLE!!”

Five minutes later, “FOX!!!” And then after two beautiful scenes of flowers, “it looks like the ‘Secret Garden’!!” Our shushing her clearly wasn’t meaning much. (There were other kids there so it wasn’t a big deal.)

But then she and Drew started begging for water (what do you know, salty popcorn makes one thirsty) and we had a few up-and-downs for that. I’m just thankful the entire tub of popcorn didn’t spill or something equally as embarrassing.

On the way home Drew started asking about the rest of his shake again, and we told him it would be nice of him to share some with Madeline. She piped up with “I’m only going to eat a teeny, tiny bite because you got your special shake from McDonalds.” (Sonic.)

Drew, a touch condescendingly: “Madeline, that’s exactly right.”

And the grown-ups died laughing.

Another busy day-o-vacay-fun

By Moriah on July 16th, 2009

Vacations usually slip by too fast, and this week is no exception. Andy and I were able to go out to lunch alone yesterday, to one of my favorite little French cafes. I remember going there with my mom and grandmother when I was little. Yu-mmy.

Afterwards we met the kids and my mom, grandma, and aunt at the playground where they were having a picnic. We stayed too long there because the SECOND we got to the pool, they closed it due to thunder. Drew had a total meltdown, which is actually really unlike him.

His day was redeemed later since we ate dinner over at my uncle’s house and they have a hot tub:




And now it’s Thursday already. Sniff.

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