I may have forgotten how to cook

By Moriah on August 31st, 2009

I haven’t mentioned it but my mom has actually been here all week. The first few days she spent helping my sisters get their dorm room set up and staying at my brother/SIL’s house. She’s been staying here since Friday, and you can bet my kids are having fun.

It was a busy week! I was able to go out with some girlfriends to dinner and to see Julie & Julia. (Have you seen it? I know Meryl Streep was speaking the way Julia Child did but I have to say it drove me up the wall.) All my friends left saying it made them want to go cook. It made me want to run from the kitchen.

It could just be the pregnancy.

My mom, sisters, and I took the kids to Andy’s restaurant one night and then we also went back, sans kids, over the weekend with some friends. It turned out to be the week for eating out – we also made a stop for lunch at the tea room on Saturday and out for Chinese that same night. Andy and I even had a dinner date this week at Chili’s.

All that to say, I guess I can’t complain about having to cook this week since I’ve clearly been spoiled with all my un-cooking lately. (To top it off, my mom had made a big Sunday meal for us yesterday for my siblings and a cousin. I didn’t even heat up the rolls.)

Total change of subject… Saturday night we had to get the groceries for Sunday lunch and stopped in Walmart (I also needed more 2T girls’ underwear… can’t imagine why) and my sister and I turned around to see Drew with his hands cupped around something.

It was a handful of cigarette butts he had pilfered from the ashtray by the front door.


In all fairness, I don’t think he knows anyone who smokes and hasn’t really been exposed to the concept. I doubt he knew what they were. And I think we probably embarrassed him by our shocked cries of disgust. But still, ew. (His hands got a quick Purell bath, needless to say.)

And here he thought he had found himself a little treasure. Ha.

Jumping Bean

By Moriah on August 27th, 2009

Somehow two other friends and I (and our collective not-in-school children) managed to be at the pool this morning for the hour and a half it didn’t actually rain. How often does THAT happen?!

I finally remembered to throw my Flip Video in my purse and got a few videos of Adelaide jumping off the board.

I’m just gonna post them both since I can’t decide and the first one might be better but the second one is kind of funny. And also, she doesn’t really do her butterfly stroke except for maybe once or twice.

Maybe I’ll have better luck next time.

Adelaide jumps – part 1 from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

Adelaide jumps – part 2 from Please Pass the Salt on Vimeo.

If you know me IRL, you won’t be surprised

By Moriah on August 27th, 2009

by today’s Chic Critique post.  Head on over!

Madeline’s First Day of PreK

By Moriah on August 25th, 2009

Alternate title: One Very Excited Little Girl

PhotobucketI am not an overly sentimental person, I tend to take things in stride and I rarely cry.

I know there’s been a certain amount of sniffling around the blogosphere about the first day of school, but I have to be honest and admit I don’t feel sad at all.

Madeline has hardly been able to contain her excitement.

She’s been talking about preschool for an entire year, ever since the day Drew started.

Every day she would snatch his bag as he walked in the door and rifle through his folder of crafts and papers, dreaming of her day. ‘Four’ was the magic number, “when I turn four I get to go to school!”

That kind of excitement is infectious.


(And I also have to admit, it was really fun dressing her this morning.)

And so it begins

By Moriah on August 24th, 2009

Drew started his first soccer clinics on Saturday. He loooooooved it. Andy said he was running around patting all his former preschool friends on the back and whooping it up like the Mr. Extrovert that he is.





He also said Drew did really well. Which is not surprising since he comes by it honestly — my dad played soccer for the Air Force Academy, my brother played his whole life and for Covenant, and Andy played through high school and intramurals in college.

It’s like a family requirement.

Just call them Max or Challi, either will work.

By Moriah on August 21st, 2009

The kids have started pretending they’re dogs. It is utterly funny. They take turns being the master – named Andy, appropriately enough.

And, I probably should also mention that the two who play as dogs are just as obedient* as Max.

(*rolling eyes)

Madeline makes the best one… she just crawls around with her tongue out, panting, and won’t say a word. Drew, on the other hand, tries to keep organizing things from his perch on the floor. We constantly have to remind him that dogs don’t talk.

The ‘kennel’ is Drew’s closet. They even knocked down a folded-up Pack N’ Play to use as the gate. It’s most funny when Adelaide is the master and she’s ordered the big dogs into the kennel with her bossy little two-year-old voice. And then she slams the door.

(And I may or may not encourage them to play in the kennel for hours on end. It’s a little quieter around here when they do.)

Just for fun

By Moriah on August 20th, 2009

See? Told you.


(And it was like 90 degrees out.)

He survived

By Moriah on August 19th, 2009

Well, Andy had quite the day yesterday. First he and a buddy started painting the color on our house, and they started at 7:30 a.m. (Which, for someone who works restaurant hours, is the middle of the night. Sort of.)

They got one coat of one whole side finished. We’re going from a whitish-gray to a grayish blue. Shutters were gray and now they’ll be white. I doubt I’ll post a picture, sorry. Maybe of the color, I’ll think about it.

Okay, here:


I got home this afternoon from running errands to him mowing our front lawn. He has spent all his time priming the house lately, he hasn’t had any time to cut the grass. We even had someone stop and ask if we needed them to cut it. (For a fee, of course.) I politely declined.

Anyway, about halfway through, he must have mowed over a yellow jacket’s nest. He only got stung twice (thank goodness for having worn jeans!). Our neighbor called and asked if we knew our lawn mower was sitting in a huge swarm of bees. Yeah, we noticed.

So the destruction of their nest took the rest of the evening. I watched (and may or may not have laughed my head off) from the comfort of the girls’ bedroom window.

(You would have laughed too if you saw the number of layers he put on and what he looked like with a hoodie cinched around his face with a pair of safety goggles. I’m just saying.)

And then lastly, he had his re-audition for our city’s professional choir. I know he did well; he made me listen to the recording. The only bummer about that whole situation is they have rehearsal on one of his days off. Which, okay, is not really that big of a deal.


Besides running errands (alone), I can’t really remember what I did yesterday. I did actually make dinner (rare) and last night managed to give all three kids haircuts.


Not that you can tell from Drew’s morning bed hair.

(Which never fails to amuse me.)

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