By Moriah on January 30th, 2010

I promise not to laugh at southern snow days again.

Photos from yesterday:


I mentioned Carrissa was going to come over while Andy was at the men’s retreat.  It ended up being canceled due to the weather.  She was already here, so she slept on the couch and just hung out with us anyway.  (More on that in a minute.)


Yes, that is a dress under Adelaide’s coat. Because no snow outfit is complete without a dress.  (SO Adelaide.)

Drew sliding down the driveway on a garbage can lid:


Andy trying to kill himself by surfing down:



Poor kid doesn’t own snow pants.  (Not worth it here for what, two days?)


Andy and I were dying laughing in bed this morning imagining Carrissa thinking to herself “GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!” First, he and the kids had picked her up in the middle of the storm, so she had to walk (hike, really) to the opposite end of campus (in the freezing snow) because it was too risky to drive back to where her dorm is.

(Oh, and since it was Max’s birthday, he let him go along for the ride. So she probably had to dodge a few doggie kisses on the way down.  Ew.)  Several roads were closed and it was an adventure just driving home.

And then last night he and I ended up hanging out on the couch and chatting with her for a while… Andy had joked at the time she was probably thinking “when are these people going to bed so I can get some sleep?!

And then, the KICKER. Our electricity went out sometime in the morning, so all the sound machines went off and the kids woke up. I went in to tuck Drew back in and noticed he was sleeping on towels, was in changed pajamas, and all his bedding was in a pile on the floor.

Naturally, I asked him whatever had happened?! He said he was wet so Carrissa had helped him change everything.  I was like “WHAT?!”  Andy and I hadn’t heard a thing. (That had probably happened around 2 a.m.)  My poor, poor sister.

The kids were up another 15 times early this morning and I’m sure she could hear it all.  (Even though she said she slept well.  I still felt badly.)

And then she had to deal with the drywallers here working in the kitchen and dining room all morning. Not exactly, um, relaxing.

Donuts and bacon as a peace offering?  You bet!

Glad I stopped at the store when I drove her back to campus; it’s suppose to freeze tonight and church is canceled for the morning.  Can’t go a morning without half n’ half!

Three Months!

By Moriah on January 29th, 2010

Arianna is three months old today, can you believe it?!


A couple of quick updates… our bathroom is about 95% finished. I just have to paint the trim (it’s primed) and touch up the walls in a few spots. I’m thinking about painting the ceiling though, while I’m at it. (It could really use a fresh coat, especially since they fixed a crack and it’s an obvious color difference.) I also have to re-hang the curtain.

This morning we had the drywall man come and look at the kitchen and they’ll be here this afternoon! It should only take a couple of days since it’s really not that much. He’s going to have the cracks in our dining room filled in also. (Which means I’ll be swimming in paint next week.)

I’ve also been doing a lot of sewing and just generally trying to keep up with my kids and the laundry. Andy’s going to the church men’s retreat tonight so my sister is coming over and we’re going to have us a little sleepover. The kids are EXCITED. Should be fun.

Have a great weekend!

Product review: Sweet Pea Ring Slings

By Moriah on January 28th, 2010

I don’t often blog about things I buy (because hello, awkward) but this gem I definitely want to highlight because I looooove it. And there may be another mama out there looking for a good ring sling.


Anyway, Andy got me a silk sling for Christmas, per my wish list. Mine is a little greener of a blue than the one pictured but the cream is the same. It’s from Sweet Pea Ring Slings and the owner, Christie, is fabulous to work with. I highly, highly recommend.

A couple of particular things I love about this sling… It has a light padding on the ring shoulder that is hidden within the fabric — it is amazingly comfortable. I also love her “Eclipse” shoulder with the vertical stitching (not horizontal across the fabric above the rings). It’s visually pleasing and yet very sturdy.

The tail isn’t too long but long enough. I wore Arianna napping in my black one (also from SPRS) at the park one day last week, and the tail was the perfect length to have over her head, shielding her from the wind and sunlight. It’s also a great nursing cover.

Happy babywearing!

(Disclosure: this is not a sponsored post.  We bought the sling ourselves and nothing was given in return for this post; I simply want to share the love.)

Chic Critique, Redesigned (and my makeup bag)

By Moriah on January 26th, 2010

Chic Critique got a new look! And with it, we are reintroducing ourselves and blogging about what’s in our makeup bags. My post is up! Everything you ever wanted to know about the insides of my makeup bag.


(This IS a carnival. We’d love to have you blog about your own makeup bag and link up on Jo-Lynne’s original post!)

This n’ that

By Moriah on January 23rd, 2010

So last night the aforementioned Sarah, Jenny, and I had ourselves a girls’ (and babies) night and had dinner at one of our favorite spots. (I’ll restrain myself from going on and on about friendship; suffice it to say, friendships: you need them.)

I also realized something about me last night through our stream of conversation, but I’ll have to think about it more and blog the discovery later.

For now, I wanted to share these photos I took last Sunday. I put them on my facebook but I thought it’d be fun to also put them here.

Arianna in the first one cracks. me. up.  (“Hey, guys?”)



It rained. I sewed.

By Moriah on January 22nd, 2010

I don’t typically shop for dresses while I’m nursing because, well, they just don’t (usually) work. I’ve been wearing a lot of pants to church, with the occasional skirt thrown in for good measure. (But mostly pants.)

Which makes me a little sad because I LURVE a good dress.

So I was thrilled to find this dress from Target because it is a button-down “shirt dress.”  (Great minds think alike, my fellow-nursing friend Sarah also bought one!)

(We don’t go to the same church, otherwise we might have to plan out a wearing schedule.)

Anyway, I ordered it from Target’s website and held my breath that it would fit.  It came two days ago and fit great except the length.  It was that weird in-between knee and tea-length that does nothing for me.  So I spent all afternoon yesterday hemming it to the knee.

Unfortunately as I was finishing up tacking down the lining, a fold of the dress fabric got caught up under the needle of my sewing machine and when I ripped that mistake out, there was a tiny (but gaping) hole.

(Congratulations, you just cost yourself two more hours!)


(And yeah, I lost my waistline with Arianna. Sniff.)

(I know you love the jeans.)

The other thing I did was add some elastic to the sleeves, so they are gathered and a little capped, instead of sticking out a little bit like they were:


(Yes my mirror is dirty.)

The best part is, as Sarah mentioned, the dress will go right through spring and summer. AND it was less than $40.


I love a good dress.

The verdict is IN

By Moriah on January 21st, 2010

Arianna’s eyes are turning brown.

Andy 4.

Moriah 0.

(So. Not. Fair.)

Phase 1, Complete

By Moriah on January 20th, 2010

I had a post all ready to go yesterday and then realized I couldn’t publish it because I was going to review a product that’s over $40. (BlogHer ads contract; can’t review anything over $40 on a page where the ads are shown.) So I didn’t post it. I may try to figure something else out for the review, we’ll see.

And then I spent yesterday pulling wallpaper down, taking my kids to Kids Night at Chick-Fil-A, running a few errands, picking up a Starbucks for me, pulling more wallpaper down, and going to bed. (Late.)

I was right back up on my ladder after the kids’ morning Bible-time and breakfast today and I JUST NOW FINISHED!


Oh, happy day.

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