An open letter to Dirt Devil

By Moriah on February 26th, 2010

Dear Dirt Devil:

It’s not that I’m ungrateful for the new vacuum you recently bestowed upon us, especially since we had only filed a warranty claim on our old hose. I appreciate the gesture, really.

But here’s the thing: I would never in a million years have bought this piece of crap new model. Why, you ask?

The reasons I bought the original Cyclonic Upright: THE PUSH BUTTON-RETRACTABLE CORD. This is worth its weight in gold. I despise the manual cord-winding on the new model.

The hose right on the front with a touch-button release and brush bristles built in, no attachments necessary. The hose even pulled out seven or so feet. (The new model? Came with about 4 separate attachments. They don’t even really store well on board. And the new hose falls out of the machine randomly and so you think you’re vacuuming but you’re really not. Frustrating and annoying.)

The old one lays almost flat; I could almost vacuum under my bed. This new model barely goes past a right angle before the front lifts off the floor. The whole thing is much more cheaply made (and also? is over a $100 less than the one I paid for. Yeah.), and the wheels are plastic and look like they’ll break easily. The old model was sturdier.

And the little details…the old model had an on/off button right on the main handle. The new on switch is on the bottom and tucked in very inconveniently, which causes me irritation right from the start.

The old model had automatic height adjustment for carpet pile height and hard floors; this one you have to stop and turn a dial when moving from carpet to hardwood (which I will have to do constantly in this house of hardwoods and rugs). Also, the old one you just step on the front anywhere and the handle is released; this one you have to step on an actual button. Generally inconvenient.

So, all that to say, I’m very very very disappointed you discontinued such a great vacuum and replaced it with such junk. Bad move, Dirt Devil, bad move.

For now we’re vacuuming with our old beloved Cyclone, spit-shined and fixed up with electrical tape. You can have your piece of junk warranty model back.

-Moriah, an unsatisfied homekeeper


By Moriah on February 24th, 2010










Train ’em early

By Moriah on February 23rd, 2010

(Not really.)

Madeline has been BEGGING me to allow her to hold Arianna while walking around. I always say no.

Here’s the thing, Madeline is c-l-u-m-s-y. And still too little herself. Her arms aren’t strong or long enough for Arianna’s bulk and weight.

But I did agree she could try to hold the baby in my sling and that actually proved to be a good solution. It looked funny though, I just HAD to snap a few photos:




Alternate title: Sisterwearing!

Hello, Monday, I was not ready for you

By Moriah on February 22nd, 2010

We had a REALLY great weekend. Two days of gorgeous spring weather and we went to the park twice. Andy has taken the kids a couple of times recently (in between the rainy days we’ve had way too many of) but this was the first time Arianna and I had ventured out in a while. No surprise she slept the whole time.

And also? The park was packed. Spring fever, anyone?

On Saturday I hit up Walmart with my Mer-inspired meal plan list and stocked up. We’ve been coasting on little (and therefore frequent) grocery store trips since well before Arianna was born. It was high time to get some sort of routine and meal planning done, if only for my sanity (and okay, my checkbook… I tend to spend way less this way).

My sister needed to pick up her phone, so it worked great to take her to the sprint store and then she played with the kids in the car while I did my shopping alone. (Which is always a treat, you know.)

Last night she babysat and Andy and I (+baby) went to his co-worker/friend’s birthday dinner out at a very scenic restaurant. It was a pretty big group of friends from work and it was fun for me to spend a little time with people I usually only see in passing or as they’re bringing me a glass of iced tea.

Plus it’s always fun to wear fancy shoes and be out with Andy.

(And not cook dinner.)

I mean really

By Moriah on February 19th, 2010

This is why I have a blog. So I can show you what I stay up half the night making!

Like this dress… which will actually be paired with a long-sleeved tee and black leggings (and not, you know, jammies):




It occurred to me only very recently to dress my girls differently ON PURPOSE. Their personalities are so different, so why not dress them to fit each girl’s personality? (Madeline’s hand-me-downs haven’t really worked for Adelaide, anyway.)

And since Adelaide is quite the quirky kid (more on that in a later post; it’s still simmering), I’ve had a lot of fun making her a bunch of unique dresses. I loved the 1950’s dresses on this fabric. (Sidenote to Brite, this one I lined.)


Drew’s at school and Andy has the girls helping him do yard work outside this morning, so I actually have time to sit here and blog! He (meaning Drew) got his first G.I. Joe yesterday. He calls it his “big boy toy.”

It dawned on me last week that he still mostly just has his toddler toys and was very obviously getting bored (and therefore naughty). Any other “big boy toy” recommendations you have for me?

(You know, that don’t have small pieces that I would inevitably step on in the middle of the night…)

Dry Skin?

By Moriah on February 18th, 2010

I’m blogging today over at Chic Critique about my favorite winter skin remedy.

But that’s okay because now I have a Red Hot Obedience Pot sitting on my windowsill

By Moriah on February 17th, 2010

Yesterday morning our mother’s fellowship group had a guest speaker (who is a shirt-tail relative of mine, i.e. my cousin’s sister-in-law) do a little workshop on her Behavior Boosters – a line of simple and easy ideas to motivate positive behavior in children. It was excellent.

(Although, here’s the honest truth, Gretchen and I looked at each other afterwards and decided we felt like the lamest mothers ever.)

From her website: “Behavior Boosters is a book series designed to encourage anyone involved with children to motivate positive behavior using fun and simple ideas.

As a teacher and mother of four, I intentionally designed these books to be easy to use with minimal reading or work involved. If you’re like me, you have the best intentions of reading and applying child-training advice books, but can’t seem to ever get past the first three chapters because of confusion, boredom, or lack of time.

So whether you’re here out of desperation, curiosity, or just looking for something fun and different, your kids will thank you for using Behavior Boosters and beg for more. They might even create their own!”

–Ashley Goertemiller, Author & Speaker

It’s a great resource, be sure to check it out!

Milk and Tea

By Moriah on February 15th, 2010


Our Valentine’s weekend started out with a BANG: Adelaide spilled an entire carton of milk all over our couch and carpet. Yeah. Lakes of milk. (And I hadn’t had my coffee yet.)

Madeline had gotten it out to put a little in her oatmeal and I’m not sure how it happened, but probably Adelaide just bumped it. Anyway, I was very glad it was almond milk and not cow’s. Our living room now smells a little vanilla-y.

(And yes, I do allow them to eat at the coffee table. Bringing a whole carton of milk in there? Not so much.)

I must admit it wasn’t my proudest moment discovering my living room doused in milk. Drew and Madeline were crying but Adelaide (this is SO Adelaide) huffed and goes, “why you not bein’ my best friend?!” I bust out laughing. Leave it to her to provide the comic relief.

I was also very glad Andy was willing to finish cleaning it up. We were trying to get ready to make it to a tea party.


Which was very fun and very girl-y.

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