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By Moriah on April 29th, 2010

I also posted at Chic Critique today: Stripes!

Six Months!

By Moriah on April 29th, 2010

I know, I can’t believe it either.




A ruffle or twenty

By Moriah on April 28th, 2010

I spent naptime yesterday making some ruffle pants to go with a shirt I bought for Adelaide months and months ago.




I hadn’t made anything in a while and it was so fun to bust out the machine again.

Back to life, back to reality

By Moriah on April 27th, 2010

I took my mom to the airport today (snuffle).  I didn’t mention, however, that she got a $300 voucher for giving up her seat on the way here.  (More trips to come!)


Last night I went out with a few friends for my birthday.  Nothing like stretching a birthday out for a week!  I had a great time and I hope they all did, too.  Forgot to take photos though, unfortunately.

The house we stayed in at the beach had three bedrooms, and my middle girls slept in the one with the double bed.  My end goal has always been to get them to sleep in the big bed here together so that I could move the baby into Adelaide’s crib.  Since M and A were now used to sleeping together from our week at the beach, I decided there was no better time to just do the transition immediately when we got back.

Adelaide tends to sleep sideways.  But overall, it’s going fine.  Most importantly, the baby has done FABULOUSLY.  Slept both nights, ALL NIGHT, which is a first for her, with no crying (thank you, paci).  I was pretty sure she’d sleep all night if I moved her out of my room (all my other babies did that), but I was nervous about doing that transition while also transitioning the other girls.  I was nervous they’d wake each other up and then wake the baby up.  (Also, our sound machines are coming in REALLY handy right about now.)

This morning I heard Arianna crying around 6 and I ran in and popped the paci back in, just to see what happened.  She immediately fell back asleep and slept till like 9.  You have NO IDEA how thrilling this is.  :)  (Well, maybe you do.)

Also while we were gone, I got my consignment sale check in the mail.  In case you were wondering if all my sweat, blood, and tears hard work had been worth it, the check was for $287.  So yeah, WORTH IT.

And, just for kicks:


(Trying out my new lens. Unfortunately the flash fired before I caught it and she moved a little out of focus. But her expression just makes me smile.)

Don’t you wonder what they’re thinking sometimes?

Even good things must come to an end

By Moriah on April 26th, 2010

I’m back home, sitting again at my dining room table, thinking about our last two days of vacation.  (And trying not to be weepy.)

Saturday was overcast and rained a bit on and off all day, so we took the kids to the cove instead of to the beach.  They ended up jumping in the bay, IN THEIR CLOTHES.  (I knew it was coming the minute they rolled their pants up and pretended to wade in with just their feet.)

We probably should have just saved ourselves the trouble and gone, in suits, straight to the beach.  I had to go back to the house for a stack of towels and they all had to get an extra bath.  And, obviously, there was lots of extra dirty laundry.  But, they LOVED it.  (And I get Fun Mom of the Year.)

Once the kids were down for a nap, Andy and I realized we hadn’t had any lunch.  We left for an early dinner (to make up for my birthday dinner; when all else fails, go to Chili’s).  When we got back the kids were awake and had been fed, so we loaded everyone up and went out for gelato.  It was a perfect last-night outing.

We took the kids back to the beach for an hour in the morning before we had to check out of the house.  I brought my camera and got few last shots of the beach, some with the kids riding their boards.  As you can see, the waves were still really choppy from the weekend storms.




Practicing her ice skating landings (except that she’s 3 and has no idea what ice skating even is):




Notice the band-aids.  She fell on the way to the beach and suffered quite a bit of sidewalk sand-rash.  Poor girl.

Andy going out for his last run:



SUCH a great trip.  But glad to be home.  (I think.)


By Moriah on April 24th, 2010

So, as you can see, I did get a new design.  (Feedreaders and email subscribers will have to click through to see.) A few of you snuck a peek before it was finished and actually, it’s still only at about 95%.  But, even so, I’m very happy with it!  (Thanks, Jo-Lynne!)

I left my camera here at the house yesterday and just enjoyed being in the moment with my kids and frying myself laying in the sun.  Drew was a crazy maniac on the boogie board; Andy was a little shocked at how enthusiastically he got into it.  Fun to watch.  The storms were blowing in so the waves were higher but the sandbar was really shallow.

In the afternoon Andy took Madeline to this little beach memory shop and let her pick out one thing.  She’s been begging ALL WEEK to go buy a shell there.  She ended up picking a stuffed dolphin instead.  (I shouldn’t have been surprised.)

We didn’t get dinner in the oven on time so we ended up getting a couple of pizzas. Some friends were supposed to come spend the weekend with us and decided it was too much; so we ended up with more of a down night.

I’m off to enjoy our last full day of vacation! (And my coffee!)


By Moriah on April 22nd, 2010

I didn’t post earlier today because I was too busy turning 30.  When I tucked Adelaide in tonight, she asked “you twenty-nine, Mama?”  And I said no… then she said “you got cakes and now you’re firty??”  It just struck my funny bone and I died laughing.  (I love age 3.)

My mom made us cheesy eggs for breakfast, and we all sat out on the screened porch and there were even presents!  My kids sang to me (Adelaide has sung to me several times today, all different versions of ‘Happy Birthday’), and then a little later Andy and I went outlet shopping.  (Speaking my love language.)  We also grabbed lunch at a little cafe.  It was gooooood.  Pesto!

The afternoon was spent here with a teary Arianna, while my mom took the other three back to the beach, “buggie” boards in tow.  I took a nap.

Andy and I hit up another localish restaurant for dinner and it was… an experience.  Won’t say that we’ll ever go back!  But it was good for a story or two, and the food wasn’t, um, horrible.  (Ha.)  We thought about going out to a movie after cake (carrot) but we were both a little too tired and opted instead for snuggle time on the couch with the kids and The Sound of Music.  It was a great day.

Yesterday and today we’ve had perfect weather and no clouds.  (Sorry to bore you with more beach pictures.)




Her own personal baby pool:



Proof that I got in the water:



We just can’t get over how clear the water is!




Oh, and Madeline found another crab.

I stepped on a crab

By Moriah on April 21st, 2010

Last night we took the kids to walk the beach after dark. We had flashlights and Drew wore Andy’s hat with his green head-lamp-thingy attached to the front. (So funny.)

Andy and the kids ran up ahead and I was walking with my mom (with my baby in the sling) and stepped on something. Turned around to see a crab skitter off and tried not to freak. (I was very glad it hadn’t chomped my foot.) The kids got to see another one, only it was about half the size of the one I stepped on. (Still shuddering.)

My favorite shots of the day:

















(And if you think that was a lot, each one probably represents 5-10 others. Sheesh.)

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