By Moriah on May 31st, 2010

Memorial Day here is notorious for being rainy.   (Why?  It’s Memorial Day and it’s raining.)  I wanted to share these photos (from last week when it was sunny! and not raining!) of when Andy took the girls to the zoo.  He took the old point & shoot camera but did a pretty decent job! Most of the good ones were from the petting zoo area.



adelaide goat



pony madeline

Madeline was in HEAVEN.


By Moriah on May 28th, 2010

Two big things happened today. The first is Drew finished Kindergarten, but unfortunately I have no photos of that (yet).  My girls and I went to the Closing Exercises and then went with the other K parents to his classroom.  They recited more memory work just as a class and we picked up his years’ (best) work.   Then we met everyone at a playground for a picnic, which got rained out.  The kids got to play for at least an hour first and I managed to sneak them some lunch.

Andy couldn’t be there because today was also the day his friend could help remove the tree from our yard. (It totally pays to know people.) THE TREE IS GONE!  Here are the photos he took (it’s completely crazy, I know):





And, finally clean:


Our backyard and trampoline are bruised and battered, but salvageable.  And it wasn’t lightning afterall – it was carpenter ants.


Teeth, Water, Date

By Moriah on May 26th, 2010

Today was a total whirlwind.  Andy and I took the kids to their very first dental visit ever.  They LOVED it.  (I think it was the parrot.)  As far as pediatric offices go, it was perfect. When they climbed in the van, the kids were already asking when they could go again.  Also, no cavities!  Andy’s comments to that were along the lines of let’s thank the tooth-brushing nazi. (That would be me.)

We got home, threw suits on, and went to a friends’ for lunch and swimming.  (Their pool is heated, in case you’re wondering.)  This one is SO Adelaide:


Another of my favorites (Drew’s face!):


Madeline splash

The baby slept in a closet, which was another first time ever. But before that, I got to try out the solarveil sling I bought for use this summer. It was great! (She was a little unsure about all the sibling splashing though.)

Meanwhile, Andy finished the flooring project in the attic. WOOT! So nice. I put the kids down for a nap, crashed on the couch for 45 minutes, and then got up and got ready for our long-awaited big anniversary/birthday date at the restaurant. I even left Arianna with our babysitter. SUCH a nice dinner, yum. And now I’m going to crash into bed because we have a similarly full day tomorrow. Ciao!

Every mother should read this book

By Moriah on May 25th, 2010

My cousin Vangie gave me a copy of this book when she returned my itty-bitty girl baby clothes a couple of months ago. I just this past weekend had a chance to pick it up and have been devouring it (pun totally intended) ever since.


It’s an easy read in that she’s a good author and it flows well. It’s logical and fascinating.  Coincidentally, I’ve been following Jo-Lynne’s similar journey and it just so happened that one of the first books she read was Nina Planck’s first book, Real Food. (All that to say, I was already sensitized to it before Vange ever gave me a copy.)  Also, as a Christian, Planck’s principles just follow the created order of things, which I appreciate.

Anyway, I just can’t say enough good things about it.

We went on an adventure

By Moriah on May 24th, 2010

Andy works the dinner hours most evenings, and nearly always on Fridays and Saturdays. So last Friday I found myself cleaning up after yet another meal, not exactly looking forward to again being the sole adult around before bedtime. I thought about popping in a movie for the kids and crashing my tired self on the couch. Or, I realized, I could suck it up and we could make a memory.  It was gorgeous out.

Somehow, I chose the adventure.

We just went on a simple walk, on the other side of town. The kids, like most little kids, didn’t notice we weren’t doing anything elaborate — they just knew they weren’t at home on the couch. We were outside, exploring somewhere different. Changing the scenery.




The kids took turns pushing Arianna.  (A prized honor, apparently.)


Which I’m sure was a wild ride.



But she’s no worse for wear. :)



(You like Madeline’s Christmas headband?  It’s her favorite.)

We ran around the park and Drew had a baseball with him.



We stopped for ice cream on the way home, but my camera battery died long before that.

Madeline BEGGED me to let her be the one to tell Daddy all about where we went.  I said yes and

kept my promise.

(If you’re local and know where we were, please don’t mention any specifics in the comments.)

So, remember the bathroom?

By Moriah on May 22nd, 2010

We went from this:


To this:






(I usually have white yarn bath mats but they get dirty-looking so easily. I finally got some darker ones at BB&B.)

The new tub:


The crumbled wall I showed you at the top of this post (looks a little different now):




That’s right! I finally got my lazy rear into gear and painted the trim in the bathroom. It’s not a perfect paint job (still some problem areas from the silicone caulk) but hey, it’s DONE.

Clothing Upcycle

By Moriah on May 21st, 2010

I had this top I found at Tar-jay a few years ago, and although cute, the square neckline was always too awkward with straps (ahem). And wearing a tank under it just looked awkward.

original top

I nearly tossed it onto my giveaway pile but then realized I could make a cute top out of if for my girls. It fits both Madeline and Adelaide and probably would fit the baby as a dress.

recycled top

I basically cut off the bodice, sewed a casing (with a ruffle!) and fed elastic through it, and then tacked in some ribbons. It probably took a half an hour. Now I’m finding myself looking around for other things to upcycle!

What I’ve been up to (don’t look so bored)

By Moriah on May 19th, 2010

[I’m gonna try not to be all mopey-ho-hum-I’m-not-feeling-good.  Never easy, but I’m gonna try. (Name that movie.)]

The past few days are a little bit of a blur.  I do remember meeting friends for kids’ night at CFA last night and that was a sanity saver.  Sometimes you just got to leave the house, you know?

Also, Andy finished half the new flooring in the attic last weekend and doubled the space up there.  I got cranky about the storage tubs being crammed in Drew’s room (brought down to create room for the project) and carried all of them back up to the attic myself.  (Well, all except my sisters’ monster tubs that only Hercules could lift.)

And surprise surprise, I hurt my back.  (I can hear my mom dialing my phone right about now.)  It’s much better today.  Yes, I should have known.  But even so, I would have done it again.

It’s sooooo nice having all that extra storage space.  He also fixed the ladder.  It’s great being able to just toss stuff up there that feels in my way.  (Like the huge stuffed Tigger and Eyeore, for instance.)  Storage really is key in a too-small house.

Along that vein, I obviously don’t have space for a craft or sewing room here.  I usually haul my sewing machine to the dining room table to work.  Which is fine for when I’m actually sitting there bending over something, but annoying if it’s mealtime and there’s nowhere to put either the machine or the fabric or anything else. Except for maybe on the floor or in a corner somewhere. Still annoying.

So, I bought myself a cabinet with sliding doors and it’s the perfect size.  And the kids know it’s OFF LIMITS.  Meet my new “sewing room”:

sewing cabinet

It looks a little like a fun-house picture, I know. It’s at the end of the hallway and I was crammed right next to it trying to take a photo. If the baby wasn’t asleep in my room, I could have gotten a more true-to-life pic by standing in my room with the lights on. So you’ll just have to use your imagination. (The bottom shelf fits my machine easily, even though it looks really short in the photo.)

Welp, my computer time is up and I have a sink-full o’ dishes. I’ll catch y’all in the morning.

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