9 months

By Moriah on July 31st, 2010

I forgot to mention that Arianna was 9 months last Thursday. Longer out than in!

9 months

[I know, I can’t believe it either.]

Fun Mom Friday

By Moriah on July 30th, 2010

So I um <hanging head in shame> failed to get any photos of the fun things we did this week.  Today just sort of snuck up on me and here we are.  I may try and get something up later but I know y’all will want the linky up.  (And clearly I’m depending on you for Fun Mom ideas this week!)

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By Moriah on July 29th, 2010

So I’ve been saving this little tidbit until after I saw my friend Sarah in real life. We went out last night but the only decent photo I got was of this (SOOC):


Mmmmmmmmm. Yes, it was that good.

Anyway. Yes! I got totally new hair on Saturday. I showed my mom and Dolly on Skype but I know at least Mer will want to see… knowing the supreme importance of hairapy and all. ;)

And by the way, do you know how hilarious it is to have one’s 6-year-old take photos of oneself? So funny. Okay, here goes…


From the side (sorta):


With some ear tuckage:


And lastly, from the back (I won’t tell you how long it took me to figure out how to angle the camera and bathroom mirrors to get this):


(All SOOC.)

I’m still loving it. So now I just need to choose a new profile photo, yes?


By Moriah on July 29th, 2010


I woke up yesterday morning to the kids quietly playing with the dollhouse. I took this photo half asleep. (I thought there’d be kids in it but they had gone to check something outside.)


It made smile because of the car crashed over in the master bedroom. What’s that all about? And, notice the dining buffet up in the nursery.


Ooh, I also have another favorite playtime photo from this week, of Adelaide getting into my jewelry. It’s wasn’t the best lit time of day and turned out a bit grainy but, you get the picture.

princess pearl

(She was chanting her “I’m the princess” song she made up.)

And lastly, Madeline babydollwearing, also from yesterday:


Such a good mommy.

You Capture: Play

Plans, they change

By Moriah on July 28th, 2010

At the very last minute yesterday I decided to attempt the girls’ night out that quite a few ladies at church were going to.  Andy obviously was no help since he was already at work, but my babysitter was available and so I threw it together.  (Meaning I ran around and got the dirty clothes up off the floor and the dishes done.  I’m certain I’d be the kind of person that would clean before the maid came over.)  Oh, and I threw a dress and earrings on.

It’s a little bit not my story to tell, but I got a text from her saying she’d been in a wreck and would come when she could.  I texted her back asking her if she was okay and saying not to worry about coming.  It was getting late, anyway, and the restaurant was at least 20 minutes away.  In the end, she still came over but I stayed and we hung out with the kids and ate ice cream.  She needed a distraction and my house is clearly a perfect place to find one.

(If you know her, she really is fine.  It was a fender bender that took the fender straight off her car.  Drew declared it “totally ugly” which made for a good laugh.  I told her she should look for a new bumper on eBay, and she said maybe even a pink one.)

And never fear, I have another night out set for tonight, planned ahead this time.  I’m just meeting two friends for dinner, but it’s been two months since we went out last and so IT’S ABOUT TIME.  Andy will be home with the kids, which means there will be all manner of forts constructed on the bunk beds.  (Also their favorite place to read bedtime stories.)

Now if the laundry would just fold itself, I’d be all set.

Recovery Day

By Moriah on July 27th, 2010

Anyone else have those?

It was stormy and gray here yesterday which means we were cooped up inside, trampling all over each other’s toes.  I find it hard to get anything done on days like that — the weather makes me beyond sleepy — and maintaining a positive attitude is an uphill battle.  And, let’s be honest, there were times I miserably failed.

On a happier note, Andy’s phone finally (FINALLY!) came so we took a little trip to deliver it to him at work.  He brought me some coffee and I ended the day on the couch with a book.  So there’s that.

Today, however, the sun is shining and there are dishes and laundry calling my name.  (And sorry about this being quite possibly THE most boring post ever.)

And here it is Monday. Again.

By Moriah on July 26th, 2010

We met with our shepherding group last night (the last Sunday of every month).  A family in our group had invited us up to their house for swimming and pulled pork bbq.  The funny thing was, when we left our house it was POURING.

I had managed to get all our stuff, food, and the kids in the car before the rain started.  But, of course, the second I wanted to go out to the car, it was coming down hard and fast.  I wasn’t planning on swimming and didn’t even take my suit, which meant I would prefer my hair to be dry.  So I ran out with a grocery sack over my head.  Naturally.

(You know I’m never gonna live that one down – my kids are certain that if you put a plastic bag over your head YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!! But drastic times and all that.  I don’t mess around when it comes to matters of such grave importance as my hair.)

We had a great time even though the heat, it was out to kill me.  (I was kicking myself for not bringing my suit.  Stupidest call ever.)  The rain had passed quickly and the kids got to enjoy lots of time in the pool and water games and good food and friends.

Sigh.  If only Monday wasn’t such a rude awakening.

We’re probably on some crazy story list somewhere

By Moriah on July 23rd, 2010

I am having SUCH a blah day. I mean, here it is 7:17 p.m. and I’m still in my pajamas. Yeah. (Although I did make a good dinner and colored with Madeline earlier.) We’re about to start picking up the tornado that is Drew’s room. (And maybe toss some of the excess up in the attic. Heh.)

But I popped in here first to jot down this little… situation… that happened here yesterday. We all went to swim day, which was so nice because it was so hot. SO HOT. Andy drove separately and left early to help a handicapped friend (like, to help clean the guy’s apartment), so it was just the kids and I on the drive home.

We walked up to open the front door and I grabbed out my house key, only to find it bent completely in half.


I stuck it in as far as it would go and then carefully tried to bend it back, crossing my fingers it would still unlock the door. Instead, it snapped in half. I fished it out with my teeth.

Just kidding. I really used my fingernail. I just thought that would be a funny mental picture. (Mom? I really didn’t use my teeth. I promise.)

broken key

Anyway, Andy still doesn’t have a phone and I have yet to give either of my neighbors a spare key (note to self: get some extras already), which means we were at the mercy of a forgotten unlocked window. And fat chance of that happening when you need it.


I circled around the house, but the screens are practically impossible to remove without tools. Then I remembered the bathroom window doesn’t have a screen, so I ran around to see if, hope upon hopes, it was left unlocked.

It went up! (And the angels sang!) Problem is, the lock was twisted so it caught and I could only open the window maybe 6 inches. I hoisted Madeline up and she was too big to fit through.

A visual, if you will:


I called for Adelaide to come try.

She really had no idea what she was about to be subjected to, but I picked her up and, quite literally, stuffed her through the window. She was just barely small enough and she cried. (I think she bumped her ear.) Anyway, in the end, she was fine and went to the front door and let us all in. WHEW! Andy didn’t get home for at least another hour so I was so, so thankful we were able to get in.

I spent the rest of the evening standing over the a/c vent.

(Not really.)

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