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By Moriah on December 31st, 2010



This one cracks me up:




Andy and I bought very little for our kids (thank goodness for grandparents!) but I did get them each a felt play crown from etsy.


“Mom! She’s touching my stuff!!!”






This one looks like MY baby pictures:



A silly tea party.


a boy and his [flying] toy

By Moriah on December 30th, 2010

The coolest gift this year was, hands down, the remote-controlled helicopter Liz & Josiah gave Drew.



Andy and I have been playing with it when he’s in bed.


snuggle day

By Moriah on December 29th, 2010

We had a crazy time making it back from our Christmas trip, cutting our stay short so we could beat that big northeast snowstorm. Like, we decided to leave that morning. Andy went to church while I frantically packed, the kids “helping” (which is not, um, exactly helpful), and I tossed stuff in the van as the first snow fell. We said quick good-byes, slammed the doors and were off, needing to be past DC by 4 p.m. (We were.)

Also? We forgot a few things.

The roads were mostly okay – not slippery, mostly just snow-dusted. The worst problem was our windshield sprayers gave up the ghost. They were finicky to begin with but then when Andy tried to clean one side out the whole frozen thing snapped. So the wipers pretty much just spread around wet dirt and salt the whole time. Which is so terribly clear to see through, you know? Needless to say, we had to stop just to clean the windows. (And to stock up on Starbucks.)

The rush was Andy’s interview, set for Tuesday afternoon. WE COULD NOT MISS IT, come hell or high water. (Or snow, as the case may be.) And it went great, totally worth the fuss. His words were “it could not have gone better.”  So now we wait on the Lord.

Oh, also, I turned up sick(ish) on Monday and pretty much laid around all day, staring holes into those ginormous suitcases that would not unpack themselves. My kids ran wild and helped themselves to the watercolors. (Which, I have to admit, was great entertainment, if a little messy.) Yesterday was much better and I managed to unload the clothes onto the couch. (Ha.)

We’re now down to random miscellaneous Christmas toys (which always come with pieces that multiply when you’re not looking) and randomly strewn coats and shoes. I don’t care. At least the suitcases are in the attic and the clothes put away. Ooh, I also made it to the grocery store.

That was urgent because today Andy started working/helping a church friend with his new investment property. We’re still down to one car, meaning the kids and I were house-bound today. I’m still in my pajamas.

I think I brushed my teeth.

(I’ll post the last of the trip photos after I go through all fifty-billion of them.)

Merry Christmas!

By Moriah on December 24th, 2010

Christmas Card 2010 blog

mini photo dump, Christmas trip style

By Moriah on December 24th, 2010

There was a little of this,



some doll playing,


and lots of “are we there yet?”


This is what happens when you have a one-year-old in your motel room:


My MIL has a colors & shapes Bingo that the kids have LOVED playing:


And no Christmas would be complete without at least one of these:








By Moriah on December 23rd, 2010

SO!!!  We’re actually at my in-laws for Christmas and I don’t have internet access on my laptop.  Huge pain, yeah, I know.  I can’t upload photos unless I go to Starbucks, which I WILL BE DOING in the very near future.  Sorry to just drop off the face of the earth.  But we’re all fine, good, happy.

Merry Christmas!!!


By Moriah on December 20th, 2010

Our church choir had their Christmas concert last night. Not that you can tell from this distance, but Andy is seventh from the left, second row from the top.



December Photo Project


By Moriah on December 19th, 2010

(for Christmas Sunday)



December Photo Project

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