Fancy Pants

By Moriah on February 26th, 2011

Thursday afternoon Madeline chewed a wad of gum into her hair. I mean, MAJOR SNARL, couldn’t even tell it was gum anymore, it was so worked in. (Sometimes I wonder what universe she lives in, if ya know what I mean.)

By the time we got home from a kids-eat-free supper I was too tired and cranky to deal with it properly and cut the whole thing out. It had to be cut out; when I say “deal with it properly” I mean take the time to do a real cut and style. Instead I just chopped in random layers to hide the place where the gum had been.

Which was fine for school, but we really needed professional help. Grandmommy treated Madeline to a real salon experience today (and I’m thankful to have talented friends willing to meet us on a Saturday).

We’ve been joking that she’s gonna start chewing gum into her hair more often. ;)

take a peek?

By Moriah on February 25th, 2011

My All Things Chic post today: Carousel Designs – Outfitting Your Nursery. You know you want to.

{weekend photos}

By Moriah on February 23rd, 2011

I need to get these up before they are way too old!

My mom sent some Melissa & Doug painting sets for the kids to do with their Papa. They loved it. (Anything involving paint and mess is usually a big hit.)

Then we went to a park.

That night (Saturday) the adults went out to dinner at Chili’s – which my brother said was like going to Europe and eating at McDonald’s. HMPH! (At least you can count on the food being good, whereas some of the local places he suggested can be hit-or-miss or just plain expensive.)

On Monday Papa took Drew to Walmart to get new tires for his bike and also came home with a new bike for Adelaide. (Aunt Cassandra and Mommy have both taken a little detour over her old one.) I’m sure my dad hadn’t planned on spending the entire day fixing Drew’s bike but he sure had one grateful little recipient!

I fixed dinner here for everyone on Monday night before he left Tuesday. Great visit! Come again, Papa!

yeah, hi!

By Moriah on February 19th, 2011

I’m having muffins and coffee and the only thing that could be better for a Saturday morning would be Andy back from the men’s retreat to enjoy them with me. (I’m glad he could go, though.)

The fevers only lasted until Tuesday so we’ve been enjoying normal life and GREAT weather ever since. (Okay, so yesterday was kinda cloudy. But not freezing, which is the main point.)

Thursday I had a little Panera date with some friends and that was such a highlight after a long week. Highly recommend going out with your girlfriends regularly if you can swing it. Or have them over for coffee.  Pick up that phone!

Yesterday we got our house back in order and Adelaide was my best worker!  She’s hilarious – like the cleaning police.  (“Hey, Mom, there’s a big mess on your floor.  Are you going to clean it now?”)

Today we’re gonna bust out the homework and get the laundry done because my dad comes in town tonight and we have big fun plans for the evening.  Just wanted to check in here first and say we survived the week.  Hope you did, too.


By Moriah on February 16th, 2011

We’re back to the drawingsickboard, two of my kids had fevers yesterday. So far not today, so I admit to crossing my fingers. That’s been their only symptom though – no pukes, no tummy aches, no sore throats. I can handle doling out ibuprofen and laying-around kids. In fact, they’ve been super easy. (Well, except when they desperately want to go play outside with the neighbor kids and I have to say no, it’s your advil talking. Drew cried.)

So, not much to share except the What I Wore post this week, seen HERE. (Arianna even makes a little appearance.)

{my little valentine}

By Moriah on February 14th, 2011

She can reach up to the table now, and helped herself to a cube of butter sitting near the edge. She had it smeared all over her face, dress, hands and everything else she touched. And then later she somehow got a hold of someone’s Valentine candy. I just let her keep that, not worth the would-be tears.

(‘Scuse the nose situation.)

valentines at the ready

By Moriah on February 14th, 2011

Apparently it’s necessary to sit ON the table when creating one’s Valentines.

And you can never have too many sprinkles.

Class treats.

Happy Valentine’s Day! (Have a cookie.)

She’s just like the others

By Moriah on February 12th, 2011

Alternate title: Babyzilla

Alternate alternate title: Someone’s figured out how to climb

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