(Yep, still here)

By Moriah on March 31st, 2011

(Alternate title: S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E)

Okay. I’m having a hard time. Yesterday was just plain out bad and my brain felt half asleep the whole day. I said yes to things for my kids that I never should have agreed to because clearly they were things I didn’t have the energy for. Being cooped up due to rain DID. NOT. HELP. (Have I ever mentioned my kids don’t have school on Wednesdays? I was loathing that policy right about 10 a.m.)

Today’s better. I feel better. I think I struggle more with ante-partum depression than post-partum. Once the baby’s out it’s party time, you know. Paint the cabinets, get going! Now? Yeah, notsomuch.

ANYwaaaaay, just didn’t want to leave anyone hanging. We had Adelaide’s little birthday party over the weekend (rained out, go figure!) and I’ve been trying to get around to finishing the photo editing ever since. I’ll get there. Someday, right?

A Lick and a Promise

By Moriah on March 25th, 2011

That’s what my grandmother used to say when she had no time for housecleaning. She’d give it ‘a lick and a promise.’ My mom reminded me of that last night and it is SO fitting for my house AND my blog! I’ve been SWAMPED this week with spring break and the children’s spring consignment sale. (I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but I still have to tag most of the hanging clothes.)

Sooo, we’ll catch up soon!

Welcome to springbreak

By Moriah on March 21st, 2011

I feel like we already had our spring break last week (and now there’s no Grandmommy around to distract us). But we’ve got some fun things tentatively planned so it should work out okay. No beach trip, unfortunately. ;) (Although, Arianna at the beach sounds more like a nightmare.)

I haven’t mentioned this here yet but I’m sure a lot of you are wondering about the on-going status of Andy’s job search. He’s been in a real estate course these past couple of weeks and takes the state exam tomorrow. It’s been busy – he’s gone all day in class and then he studies all evening. I was SO glad my mom was here for the majority of it. They did a practice test at the school last Friday and he got a 98% – so I’m not too worried. The plan is for him to work as the buyers agent for a friend of ours (also a realtor but pretty much only sells.) They’ll be a team of two and I know it will be good. I told Andy I just want to eat and wear cute shoes.

Arianna’s finger – doing well! The stitches aren’t quite all dissolved so it still has to be wrapped up. (But we did ditch the splint after three weeks.) I tried to wrap just her finger but she had it pulled off in about 3 minutes. So hand it is.

The kids have been loving this weather, and are pretty much staying outside the entire day. Andy took Drew and Madeline on a long hike over the weekend and he said they did great with NO COMPLAINING! I’m pretty sure I’ve complained on every hike I’ve ever been on. (ha) Right now I can barely manage the grocery store without feeling completely sore afterwards (doesn’t help when I had to cross the store three times looking for lighter fluid). I’m definitely entering the uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

Lighter fluid – yes, the Lewins came over for BBQ on Friday night. I love having them over because I don’t feel pressure to clean first. Love friends like that. We stayed outside mostly anyway, and ate on the deck. I love spring! (And I’ve been wishing all weekend I had taken her up on that offer to leave us some of her homemade chocolate pudding pie.)

Okay, the people are calling. Here’s to a good springbreak!

sad sad sad

By Moriah on March 18th, 2011

I didn’t pay the extra fee for standardized testing for my school kids so they were home this past week (except today). Which worked perfectly for us to be able to drive down and see Dolly & family one last time before the move to Pluto Washington State.

We had a little mis-adventure on the way down, involving an interstate accident, completely stand-still traffic, and one very full pregnant bladder. We did make it to a gas station bathroom in the NICK of time; I was very thankful.

The kids played and pushed the limits on getting muddy; we just chatted and ate and watched the (EIGHT!) kids. Soooo sad they are moving so very far away.

Arianna did not know what to do with Austen. It was hilarious, her staring at him and batting his hands away when he tried to reach out and touch her.

If he was on the floor, she was fine – even liked popping his paci back in for him.

This was the best we got of all the kids:

Funny that we have a photo like this from so many different stages along the way. I would dig them all out but that might make me cry. And them leaving is sad enough!!!

With Grandmommy

By Moriah on March 14th, 2011

Whenever my mom is here she likes to get photos with the kids.  I’m not sure where Drew was so it turned into “with the girls” instead.  I just had to share these because they made us all die laughing.  And you can bet #4 will reappear at her rehearsal dinner in about 21 years.  (I was 22 when I got married…just used that number.)

Presenting “What to do if you don’t want your picture taken, steal your sister’s hairbow.”

Notice Madeline? What in the world!

Ooh, and this one too, just ’cause it makes me laugh:

Can’t remember what she was mad about but whatever it was, BABY NOT HAPPY. (I’m a bad mom to laugh, I know.)

Hi there

By Moriah on March 12th, 2011

Sorry, didn’t mean to just randomly disappear for a week! We’ve been busy {having fun} with my mom here. Last Saturday all the girls went to the tea room. Well except Arianna; that would not have been relaxing.

And… we’ve been busy playing at home, eating crackers.

Monday was my sisters’ birthday so we took them out to dinner.

And had cake at their apartment.

Tuesday I went through our filing cabinet and ALL our papers and threw out a can and a half of trash! The kids have gone on bike rides and been on lots of walks.  One day we ran errands, the kids played at the mall, and I met some girlfriends for dinner.  Yesterday we had some friends over for tea and I made a dress.

This morning Andy and I went out for breakfast and we have another date planned for tonight.  See? When my mom’s here we just CRAM IT ALL IN.

girl baby

By Moriah on March 4th, 2011

My mom comes today and you should SEE my house. NOT READY. So I’m just gonna post some Ari photos and pretend it passes for a post. heh. (Some before the accident, obviously.)

Love baby jeggings, make me laugh:

First popsicle (brrr!):

Think she liked it.

This is a common sight around here; she loves to use my rice cooker pot as a hat:

Have a great Friday, yo.

In case

By Moriah on March 2nd, 2011

you’re REALLY bored, your house is completely clean, your maid is cooking dinner, and you have nothing else to do. What I Wore Wednesday.

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