Are you tired of looking at Easter photos yet?

By Moriah on April 26th, 2011

That would be Madeline holding up Arianna’s new suit.  It was a lucky coincidence I had put suits in the girls’ baskets – they all brought them in the car and so later when all the kids decided to go swimming they were happily ready to go.  Drew had to swim in his shorts – ha!  And no, I did NOT get in (that water was FREEEEZING) and Arianna spent the second part of the afternoon napping in a pack n’ play.

My kids were sick last night so they spent yet another day off school. It’s been a laid-back pajama day, which has been kinda nice.

Easter swingin’

By Moriah on April 25th, 2011

A sneak peek into our Easter Sunday… do you know how hard it is to photograph four wiggly children? Let’s add one more!

A birthday and some Easter eggs

By Moriah on April 23rd, 2011

I’m heading to bed… mostly ready for Easter morning. The important things are done. I wanted to stick these photos up now though, since it’s quiet and no one is tugging on my pant leg.

For my birthday, Andy took me out to dinner…

…and brought me some roses. (Funny, he looks different already since I just gave him a haircut.)

When we got back my sisters helped my kids throw a little party.

They were so sweet and cute and hilarious, as usual. Adelaide said to me later “birthdays take a long time.” (She means because we celebrated hers and mine near the end of the day.)

This morning we went to our church’s breakfast and Resurrection egg hunt. I thought my camera was in my purse BUT IT WASN’T. So sad. Which means all I have is two pix of Ari getting into the loot after her nap.

Night, night. Happy Easter!


By Moriah on April 22nd, 2011

There was a geography bee at the kids’ school yesterday and the kindergarteners were supposed to dress up from any country around the world. Madeline wanted to be from “Swisserland” but the only thing we managed to scrape up was a flamenco costume – so she was from Spain.

(Coincidentally, I was born in Spain and today is my birthday.  31!)

Soo cute.

(And a big shout out to my friend G for saving my rear with the dress!)

small style – playground edition

By Moriah on April 21st, 2011

I actually had the little girls buckled into their carseats on Monday in plenty of time to go pick up carpool.  And then I realized the van battery was dead.  Why does stuff like that ALWAYS happen to me?!

Andy wasn’t answering his phone, neighbors weren’t home… I felt so stuck.  Oh, and the church office is closed on Mondays so I couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the school to tell them why I wasn’t there.  Finally I called my sister and she went over and I was able to talk to Madeline’s teacher.  She decided she could get some extra work done and the kids could all wait in her classroom.  I finally got a hold of Andy and he came home and jumped the van and then I was on my way.  Drama.

ANYway, we took the afternoon “off” and relaxed at the playground. I’m using those photos for today’s Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.

Arianna’s dress is Old Navy from last year and shoes are Pedipeds.

Madeline’s tank and shorts are Old Navy and shoes are from Simple.

Drew’s tee is from Old Navy, athletic shorts from Target, shoes are New Balance (from Shoe Carnival). Adelaide’s dress is Tea Collection (another of my favorites).

a Saturday morning laugh

By Moriah on April 16th, 2011

Andy was reading to the kids one night this week and discovered Adelaide calls this particular character The Crack Head.

(Yeah. Dare you not to laugh.)

Friday morning, with muffins

By Moriah on April 15th, 2011

This looked so bright and cheery on the kids’ breakfast table this morning. We’re expecting a storm today so I’ve got all the lights on and I’m staying in my comfy pants. I can’t go anywhere either, since our mechanic is attempting to slide our van past the state emissions test today. (Let’s all groan together now.)

In other news, Andy is LOVING his new work. He is sooooooo busy though. (Like came home from the office past midnight a few days last week.) I did text him one night and said “you better be working and not just shooting the breeze!!!!” He wrote back “ha!” (I’m always a little suspicious because he’s working with a good friend and they have a really great time together.) But, regardless, sooo thankful. Now if we can just eek by until the first closing (earlyish May). God is faithful and does provide. The end.

{small style}

By Moriah on April 14th, 2011

G’morning! I’m linking up again with this fun little party.

Drew’s tee and shorts are from miniboden (my current favorite for boys who are hard on their clothes).

Arianna’s dress is an older line Matilda Jane (my favorite designer for girls), tee is from Target, and shoes are Livie & Luca (ebay).

My sisters came over for a little while yesterday and they have been dog-watching this little puppy. Arianna was very concerned about the leash. Funny.

For other Small Style, or to participate, visit Mama Loves Papa.

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