and yeah, it was hot

By Moriah on May 31st, 2011

(These photos are misleading because it looks kind of like we were the only ones at the pool… when really it was a huge crowd.)

Memorial Day 2011

Apparently she loves macaroni salad.

Adelaide, being her quirky little self

A pretty good kick-off to summer!

hello, summer

By Moriah on May 30th, 2011

The kids finished up school on Friday. Which means I have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and a pre-K-er. (And more in the wings, ha.) But seriously?! A 2nd grader?!!!! Wasn’t he just in diapers?

Yesterday’s high was 91, today’s supposed to be 92. It’s not even June, which means I think we’re in for it. Andy took the kids to the fountains at the park Saturday night, that totally counts as a bath, right? Anyway, I think we’re going to be in the water a lot this summer, just a hunch. Last year we had Max so a kiddie pool in the backyard was out of the question because he would have eaten it. He ate the hose. But it is on the list for this year. Our summers are just too hot to be without water nearby.

And speaking of, we’re going to a pool-party-Memorial-Day-bbq later which means I have to get my act together and get some stuff done first. I really hope all of you are having a great start to summer and Happy Memorial Day!

small style (handmade!)

By Moriah on May 26th, 2011

We’ve been busy finishing up the school year — which, I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about. Yay for no homework! BUT, I’m a little, um, dreading everyone being home all-day-every-day. This is how it is at our house, “shut the door!” They forget. Arianna gets out. I chase her down. “Shut the door!” They forget. It gets hot and the a/c has trouble catching up. Wash, rinse, and repeat fifty million times. That will be my summer. And also, THE BABY. (Relief!)

(SHUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!)

ANYway, the only outfit photo I took this week was of Madeline. I think this was from Tuesday. Her top is Garnet Hill, I MADE HER RUFFLE PANTS, and her flips are Havaianas, which were a blog prize a while back from Jo-Lynne.

For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa!

Well, I sure am glad we went back for THAT

By Moriah on May 23rd, 2011

Last week the little girls and I took advantage of the bigger kids being in school and ran a few errands one morning. My parents had given Andy some shorts from Old Navy for his birthday (that I totally picked out) and while the hanger proclaimed the right size, the tags didn’t — which apparently I never checked, oops! So one of the stops was at Old Navy for an exchange.

I usually don’t let my kids bring toys into stores. You can imagine why. This time I’m not really sure what happened or how she snuck it past me, but Adelaide brought in a little (cheap) jewelry box she got for her birthday a month ago. All fine and good, whatever.

Problem is, she ended up wanting me to “hold” it, but then decided to put it in the little velcro pouch on the outside of the Old Navy cart. I didn’t pay it that much attention and, unfortunately, it wasn’t until we were picking up the big kids from my sisters’ apartment that I realized that box was still in the (now abandoned) cart, 20ish minutes away.

The other problem is, I had no idea what was actually IN the box. It could have been anything. The kids are not typically allowed to play with my jewelry but sometimes they still do. I had no idea if there was anything valuable in it and that alone forced me to figure out how we could get it back. I called the store and the VERY SWEET manager found it and put it up at the counter for us. We were going to be out that way again later that day so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

Take a peek:

Yeah. I sure am glad I went all the way back for a broken Nerf dart, a knob off one of our glass-doored bookshelves, and a stroller clip. I’m sure my life could not have gone on without such treasures in it.

small style

By Moriah on May 19th, 2011

A little late to the party but – LOL – that’s never stopped me before!

For school today Madeline wore a Misha Lulu jumper she’s been wearing for well over a year (great thing about dresses/jumpers/tunics, they work for several years) and was perfect for layering on a cool morning. Her knit capris are from Old Navy (another staple) and shoes are Simple, as usual. Her tee has faint polka dots on it and is from Target.

After dropping our carpool friends off, we stopped at home to grab a quick picnic and headed to the park. My sister met us there! (Madeline’s eating black licorice in case you’re wondering.)

Adelaide has been playing “I’m a statue” recently – always hilarious and usually with one eye shut.

Both her and Adelaide’s dress are Matilda Jane (gift from my mom, as is a lot of their MJ). Knit capris from Old Navy and shoes are Saltwaters (ebay).

Arianna’s “playground shoes” were Madeline’s originally – I think they were $5 at Walmart. I throw them in the wash with my whites and they’ve held up surprisingly well.

(She ADORES my phone.)

For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa!

Feelin the need to explain myself

By Moriah on May 19th, 2011

I don’t know if you read my friend Lisa’s comment on my last post but, thankyouverymuch, I shall now explain myself.

I have this pair of Lucky Brand maternity jeans that somehow got mixed in with Dolly’s stash, which I inherited.

(At least I think I remember her mentioning she didn’t know where they came from. Well, they’re MINE NOW. Bwa ha ha ha.)

Anyway, they are Great Pants. Except for one not-so-little detail – the fly had no zipper and was just a folded-over flap of denim. (Think boxer shorts.)

Now, if you know anything about the state of a maternity waistline (or lack thereof), you know things are a bit…um, tight. Enough to pull on ALL the seams of a pair of pants. When there’s an open flap, as it were, things are extra unfortunate.

On Tuesday I mentioned all this to Lisa when we were at Chick-Fil-A in case she happened to wonder why I was obsessively pulling the tank down over the front of my pants. (And, for the record, that’s what I did the majority of Tuesday, held my shirt down. It got tiresome.)

ANY-hoo, I did take the un-lazy way out and stitched the fly shut yesterday. We’re having a bit of a cold snap and so the jeans have been making a reappearance.

I texted her after just so she’d feel better about the state of things concerning my maternity jeans. I shall now offer proof:

And now you can rest easy.

Lifting the burden

By Moriah on May 18th, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve come to the end of my blogging days.

It used to be so interactive and fun; filling a social need and a fun way to keep up with others in between changing diapers and washing dishes. Commenting was generally higher all around the blogosphere, or at least it was in my experience. Now it usually feels as if I’m staring at a white, sterile, cinderblock wall, trying to think of something to say. (Which is rather boring, no?)

Right. I’m bored with my own blog. And so, so tired.

I know I can’t just quit, cold turkey. I’m sure the grandmothers would stage a resistance and besides, my hosting fees are already paid for two months.

And where else would I share this pudgy face?

(“Singing” in her sweet baby voice.)

I really don’t have a plan. In a lot of ways I feel like the goal is just to survive until this baby is out. Most likely I’ll just continue posting heavy on the photo side but… I guess I needed to tell you I’m taking the pressure off.

Wherein Andy turns 30

By Moriah on May 13th, 2011

I know at least a couple of people are dying to know how last night went and here’s where I should just tell you I totally lied yesterday about having a small family party for Andy’s 30th.

We had a surprise party and actually pulled it off.

A couple of funny things inevitably happened. He showed up at home on Jim’s motorcycle, borrowed for fun (what else would Andy do on his 30th birthday?). But that meant his car was still at the office. Which we needed to “go out to dinner.” So my mom and I had to squeeze in picking up his car along with all our crazy running around town for last-minute party stuff.

Logistically, it was interesting getting her and the kids out the door BEFORE US when they were just “going to the park.” Thankfully Andy didn’t ask too many questions. I already felt like I was in the hot seat, trying to come up with explanations/excuses on the fly.

Then when we were trying to leave, the heavens opened and TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR ensued. What in the world?! It wasn’t even raining over by the church! The highway was slooooooow going because of poor visibility. I thought we’d never get there and it was doubly frustrating knowing tons of people were standing around waiting for us. Oh and THEN, my sister and two of my kids (finishing up the last of the food when we left) passed us on the highway. Me, trying not to laugh, PRAYING Andy hadn’t noticed.

When we got off the exit I made him lay his seat back and cover his eyes since I forgot a blindfold. He thought we drove way past the church and was a little surprised when we ended up there. Everyone had parked in the back so the entire parking lot looked empty. I told him we had to just pick something up someone had left there for us and then we could go to dinner. Ha. Worked like a charm.

So it all worked out in the end.

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