(in case you were wondering)

By Moriah on August 30th, 2011

Yep, it’s that time of year again – FALL CONSIGNMENT SALE. I spent the last 3-4 days pulling stuff down from the attic, hanging and tagging, and today I dropped it all off. I had A LOT. (At one point the lady checking me in goes “how many kids do you have?!”) I also tagged all my fall/winter maternity clothes, yippee!

(Tip of the iceberg.)

Anyway, glad that job is over and I better make some $. (Andy, if you read this, IT DOES NOT COUNT AS BUDGET MONEY.)

My goal for tomorrow is to fold laundry and blog for real. I’ve been taking lots of photos, trying to get a good shot of the baby (since it would be bad form to send out a birth announcement when he’s heading to college).

Until tomorrow then.

small style – 1st day of PreK

By Moriah on August 25th, 2011

Today Adelaide starts PreK. She is soo excited. (Remember when she brought me a pile of change – “money so I can go to school, Mom”?)

Dress is Matilda Jane, shoes are Simple. (When she got dressed this morning we found about 20 little sticky burrs inside her dress from the last time she wore it – good thing we noticed before sending her off! That would have been one miserably itchy first day!)

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)


By Moriah on August 23rd, 2011

If we’re FB friends, you might have already seen all these. Sorry! Anyway, they were resized/edited in Picnik, saved to FB, and then transported back to Picnik to make this slideshow. (So I’m not sure about the quality, but you get the general idea of our trip.)

And sorry for just disappearing for so long here!!

just so ya know

By Moriah on August 14th, 2011

I started a real post but we’re leaving for vacation so it may be a few days…

part 2

By Moriah on August 4th, 2011

Actually, that was only about half my post.  I ran out of time to tell you about Arianna pooping in her bath last night and then soaking her newly-jammied self in Kids N Pets.  I have to write these things down so that when they are teenagers I can remember that this wasn’t real easy, either.

This morning Ethan had his first big blowout.  I should have seen that coming because all of the sudden he had several just-wet diapers in a row.  Oh, did I mention he was laying on my bed?

OH BUT THE DRYER WORKS.  5th time’s a charm, apparently.

So, yeah, my sheets got washed today.  Along with 52,438 other loads of laundry.

It hasn’t been ALL about poop, though — my cousin Vangie (WHO LIVES HERE NOW!) came over tonight with her baby and I made pizza.  (Dangit! I keep forgetting to take photos.)  Little B and Arianna are pretty funny together with all their not-sharing.  I was telling Andy last night that I need to re-connect with the outside world so I’m glad it worked out for them to come.

(Love that one, also from Tuesday.)

what the week has REALLY been like

By Moriah on August 4th, 2011


Arianna got hand-foot-mouth from a playdate last week (at least she was family, ha) and the thing about sickness at this age is a) they don’t understand, you can’t explain to them why they are miserable and b) you also can’t explain why pain medicine is necessary for them to feel better. Arianna is the WORST kid EVER to give pain meds to. Like, you basically have to hold her entire body down and force it down her throat. FUN TIMES.

So, a week of screaming Cranky Baby. Yesterday was better and today it’s almost gone. We obviously couldn’t go anywhere. (Not that going anywhere with 5 kids in this oppressive heat is on my Top Ten Favorite Things To Do list anyway.)

Oh, and the dryer? STILL BROKEN. The technician was here yesterday, installed a new motor, and STILL BROKEN. It’s pretty sad when you’re neighbor has nearly all your laundry memorized. (But, thankful for sweet neighbors.)

Our neighborhood always has a night in the summer where we all get together at the park and they serve free ice cream from a local gourmet ice cream shop. I didn’t go because of Cranky Baby and Mister 1-Month but Andy took the kids and they had a grand old time.

Waiting for daddy to go…

I found out later they each snuck back for THIRDS.

One month(ish)

By Moriah on August 3rd, 2011

On a bicycle built for two

By Moriah on August 2nd, 2011

or just improvise, as in their case…

And poor, sick Ari, having to watch from the window.

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