dance party in the kitchen

By Moriah on November 30th, 2011

Common occurrence around here.

The one about Drew’s eye

By Moriah on November 29th, 2011

“Everyone asked about my eye; I mean like EVERYONE asked about my eye.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they did.”

A little bit of back-blogging here.  Drew fell off a playground slide a couple of weeks ago and hit his eyebrow on the wooden sideboard.  I was at a babyshower so I didn’t see him fall but his black eye sure turned out to be quite the impressive evolution of purple.

Day of injury:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4 or 5:

A week and a half later (you can see where it also went under the other eye):

Aaaaaaand today!  Almost back to normal:

(Just a guess, it won’t make him more careful next time. Boys.)

We are now official Black Friday shoppers.

By Moriah on November 28th, 2011

We had a really fun Thanksgiving and I hope you did, too.  On Wednesday this sweet girl came with me to do the shopping.

This is for Lisa, totally copied her lattice-top idea when Andy asked for a “real” apple pie.

Thankgsiving morning, snuggled up in jammies reading books:

Getting the table ready…

Drew’s first daddy-authorized help with a real knife.  Glad I wasn’t there.

My siblings all came over and the food was gooood.

After we put the kids to bed we pulled out the decaf and this.  Soooo fun.  I made Andy play again just us two nights later.

Here’s the BlackFriday part.  Once everyone had left I was a {little} hyped up on coffee and wide awake, checked my email and the internets to find that lo and behold, the stores I wanted to shop at Friday were open! at midnight! which was in 20 minutes!

Andy was in the shower and I told him I had this crazy idea of getting my BF shopping done THEN, while the kids were all asleep.  That’s just as good as shopping deals, right? Shopping with no kids? Yeah.

I first drove to Old Navy since they were giving out cameras with a $40 purchase – figured I’d give it to Drew.  Yeah right, the line snaked around the parking lot.  So I left and went to Carter’s because the boybaby has no clothes.  Tons of jammies, no clothes.  They opened at 10pm so there was no line and I got him a couple of Real Clothes.  Drove back to Old Navy and the line was still ridiculous so I went home to bed.

About 2 weeks ago, we went out in the morning to discover Andy’s car window broken in and his briefcase stolen – WITH his macbook.  Sad, sad day.  We tossed and turned about what to do for several days and looked for used online, etc.  A little nervous about that.  I told him to just take mine and he said he “wouldn’t do that to me.”

Anyway, he had browsed around the mac store and a little birdie told him the 2010 model was going to be one of the BlackFriday deals since the 2011 model had just come out and they still had lots left of the ’10.  So yes, Andy got up at 3:30am Friday and could. not. find. a. parking. space. at. the. mall.  By the time he got through the hour-long line there were 4 left.  But he got his! and he’s back in business.

We slept in that day.

(Caught! Official thumb-sucker!)

Oh buddy. Your sister will make you tough.

And what do you do come Saturday when everyone’s tired of turkey? Make party food!

Let’s not count the days ’til Christmas quite yet m’kay?

three weeks full (part 2)

By Moriah on November 23rd, 2011

(Sorry for overloading you on the photos; it’s about the extent of my blogging capabilities right now.)

Adelaide had an October “hillybilly” day (notice the fake freckles):

Indoor marshmallow roast at our friends’ house:

made into Nutella S’mores mmmmmmm:

A fall picnic, just snacks…

my view:

sleepy after a Sunday afternoon nap:

rotating fresh flowers on the table every week:

being silly,

going on errands,

lounging around upside down,

picking out what’s for lunch,

doing dishes,

getting happy with the markers,

unwrapping the butter,

getting candy,

and breakfast-twirling before school.

the birthday girl post

By Moriah on November 19th, 2011

Her birthday was the end of October but oh well. :) Have to record the photos somewhere!

The kids wrapped her gifts. Haha.

We had a little playdate with my cousin Vangie and her babies.

Gave her dishes and this play food collection from Costco.  Still a big hit.

These two are so funny.  I think eventually they’ll be really good friends.  Right now the relationship is completely schizophrenic.  ;)

It’s kind of like looking at Vangie and me in mini form. So funny.

They served us up something good,

And then we ate cake.

After her nap I took Arianna outside to try to get some birthday shots.  Most of them are of her running away from me.  (Stinker.)  A few okay ones:

And then I gave in and let her jump.  One of her favorite things.

Happy 2nd, BabyGirl.  We loooove you and all your funny ways!!

three weeks full

By Moriah on November 18th, 2011

(It may be longer than that but I can’t remember…)

Been enjoying this little dude,

My cousin Bry was here a couple of weeks ago helping my other cousin with her new house. I won’t even count the number of kids under the roof that day.

Trivia game of the hour: NAME THAT BABY BOY!

Been playing outside…

and having leaf fights.

How to get your house clean: invite friends over for chili. This one cracks me up in it’s almost-ness.  They were trying to make silly faces?

an authorized bonfire…

Had a fall picnic with our shepherding group…

And this sweet girl had three long dentist appointments.  This was right after her first cap (of two) got put on.

back later with part 2…


By Moriah on November 16th, 2011

(i will blog today i will blog today i will blog today)

Oh, life.

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