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By Moriah on February 29th, 2012

It’s completely frustrating to feel totally wiped out and have your 2-year-old running the house. Andy had a cold last week and then I got it. Easy things like nursing the baby take a hefty toll. And it’s hard to corral a bunch of rowdy kids without a voice. I mean really.

They had a winter break from school last week, Wednesday thru Sunday. It was SO nice. I had an appointment for our van to be fixed while we wouldn’t need it for carpool. Found out late Friday they hadn’t had a chance to fix it so was back in the shop Monday. I hate feeling stranded. (Although…hyped up on cold meds – I shouldn’t have been driving anyway.)

We did several things over the break, set up Ethan’s new bed (thanks Mom!),

taught Madeline how to use a cookbook and bake banana bread,

She’s done it three times now, the last being Sunday afternoon WHILE I WAS TAKING A NAP. I woke up to find she’d ALREADY made the batter (we had a little conversation about asking first and cleaning up the mess when you’re finished). It turned out fine except I did bite down on one lump of baking soda.

We played a lot outside, loving the warmer days. We sure got off EASY this winter. I’m sure it’s because I was prepared and had snow gear for everyone. ;)

And then we been working with Ethan and his sitting up skillz…

This week was rough getting back into the swing of homework and having a mama sick. Andy generally takes Wednesdays off so I was able to get away today for a quiet break, which is a really really REALLY good thing!

future journalist?

By Moriah on February 22nd, 2012

When I was cleaning out my closet a couple of weeks ago, I found our old film SLR camera and gave it to the kids to pretend with. Madeline snatched it right up and has been having a blast with it ever since.


By Moriah on February 20th, 2012

“help! mom! help!”

the little guy

By Moriah on February 18th, 2012

(This post entirely meant to entice grandmas to come for a visit.)

Small Style – ruffles, what else?

By Moriah on February 16th, 2012

I have a number of things stressing me out right now (like my airbag system light just came on – what does that even mean?) so instead I’m going to focus on the fluff. Like my chunker 2-year-old who makes me laugh.

On Arianna – a little top I picked up at Target, flouncy skirt from Old Navy, and Livie & Luca shoes. The muddy knees were free!

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Coffee chat

By Moriah on February 11th, 2012

Okay. I’m giving myself 10 minutes here with my coffee to just write. The kids are playing leappad and watching Tom & Jerry and the baby is bouncing away in the jump up. Arianna was too stiff and would just sit there, get bored, and cry. Ethan LOVES it. He twirls around and jumps really high and giggles. So funny.

It is snowing. We’ve had a really mild winter – lots of rain but not too cold overall. The kids were ecstatic about it snowing but a flake has yet to stick to the ground. I had to rain on that parade and keep them inside. Andy’s at a big KW conference this weekend so it’s just me and them – with sisters and friends around to keep us busy. I MADE Drew and Madeline get their homework done practically as they walked in the door on Friday because I knew we couldn’t have that hanging over our heads all weekend. So now it’s just time to play and enjoy. Happy.

I did want to get a few random projects done while Andy’s gone. Drew’s bedroom window blinds were all snapped and broken in several places and it just looked shabby. I’ve been meaning to take them down forever and install the extra black-out roller blinds we had sitting in the attic. I got that done last night – my neighbor came over (NOT the one who moved who left M at the park) for a chat and I swear she was going to have a heart attack watching me working standing up on the stool. ha

Anyway, I also cleared out the too-small boy clothes I was always having to fight against anytime I put away Ethan’s laundry, and folded in all the 12m stuff Dolly just sent me (woot!). Ethan’s well over 18 pounds so it was pathetic cramming him into 9mo sleepers that he couldn’t even stretch his feet out in. She also sent this monkey costume that is way too small for my big girls but they’ve been running around in it anyway and replying to my questions with “ooo-ooo-ooo!” I got some pics, I’ll upload them later.

I need to jump in the shower because Nicky and her boys are coming over for lunch and to play. Might be too cold to send them all outside but I’m sure we’ll manage somehow.

Hey, I need a good book. Any good ideas for me?

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