ice cream snatcher and paint in my hair

By Moriah on April 21st, 2012

Gretchen picked up Arianna at Chick-fil-a on Tuesday to walk out to our respective vans (in her case bus) and Arianna snatched her ice cream cone and stuffed it in her mouth. I think Gretch was so caught off guard she probably froze for a sec, did that just happen?! And then she reached to grab it back and Arianna switched it into her other hand and held it as far away as she could. Such a 2-year-old-4th-born thing to do. So funny. I wish I had witnessed that but I only heard the story from G later. hahaha

So my folks are here. Happy dance. (Although I haven’t been feeling that great; tired and my back is still bothering me.) Anyway, as is their custom, they’ve been trying to whip my house into shape. Cleaning and fixing things, and yesterday we scraped old paint off the outer trim around the windows and door. Put on the primer. (Andy wasn’t so excited about the white splatters on the porch but I think we can get it off.)

Anyway, it looks way better. Re-hanging shutters today and hopefully put the topcoat on. We have some church friends that run a nursery so the plan is to get enough hydrangeas from him to fill up the entire length of the house under the bedroom windows, which will make a big cheery difference. Finally going to fill up the heavy stone pots on my porch that the kids usually sit in. Any suggestions for pretty flowers that can withstand lots of sun and don’t mind the sweltering summer heat?

Andy and I went on a FUN double date last night with his partner in crime and his wife. Tonight we’re going out with my family (siblings and parents) for my birthday and we have a babysitter. I always say you might as well celebrate a birthday for at least a week!

(PS Madeline lost her first top tooth. And the tooth fairy finally remembered!)

sweet girl

By Moriah on April 19th, 2012

I’m going to brag on Madeline for just a sec. We always eat dinner at church on Wednesdays. Last night, one of her teachers came up to me and told me how Madeline had drawn a picture of roses on her paper last week and when she asked if Madeline liked roses, of course she gushed “I love roses!”

Sweetest thing ever, her teacher brought her this bouquet from her yard. They smell sooo good. She wanted me to KNOW that Madeline was such sweet girl in class, such a sweetheart. We know that! We’ll keep her! :)

kids on Easter

By Moriah on April 17th, 2012

I put these on Facebook, but forgot to put them here, too. Better late then never, yes?

(Our family shot was one of the ones that got cleared off my laptop Sunday night. ha. I may or may not retrieve it – it was a bit blurry anyway.)

Our too-small house (you cheer us on?)

By Moriah on April 16th, 2012

I know I’ve mentioned it a few times before, that our house is teeny tiny. Like, we outgrew it 2 kids ago. I do love our yard, and our location. And I like that we can get it clean in about 45 minutes. And our payments are cheap. But it’s still too small. And, being honest, sorta shabby. I prolly won’t invite you over because both of us are a little embarrassed of it – which is pride, I admit, but we still don’t host much anymore. But that’s neither here nor there because, it is what it is and not changing this week.

The point of this post is this. We are committed to Christian school for our kids, and there are FIVE of them. Our goal is to pay this house off very quickly, save for a larger one, and rent this one out – that rental income funding their education. At the rate Andy is going, we can probably do that in 3ish years, maybe 4.

We KNOW it will be hard. We’re cramped as it is; I’m guessing it will be worse in four years. (Although, I do love having my kids close while they are little.) The thing is, though, if we stick it out and do it this way, we know it will also pay off in the end. It will be more than worth the pain now.

And that’s where our friends and family come in – to stick by us when we want to give up, when we’re tired and frustrated and feeling claustrophobic. To cheer us on because you know our goals and can remind us that yes, it will be worth it.


By Moriah on April 14th, 2012

My birthday is right around the corner so my parents bought me an external hard drive for my photos. I cleared them out last night and the available storage on my laptop jumped from 2 to 73G. Ha! So that’s a little better. ;)

Otherwise, our Matilda Jane show came this week…

so I’ve been busy sorting, packing, shipping,

and hand-delivering!

And, of course, we had one MEGA fashion show :)

Andy’s mom ordered for the girls, so these photos are for her :) THANK YOU, GRANDMOM!!!

And there has been loads of twirling, as usual.

(That pink dress is not MJ (Tea, from a store credit)… but Arianna couldn’t stop climbing up on the table and “saying cheese” for the camera even when we were done.  Hilarious.)

By the way, two of the items we wanted didn’t make it through customs on time for the Apr. 1 release, so Amy and I are going to open up another show on the 19th.  If you missed it this time around, feel free to order with us in 5 days! :)

a poll, if you will

By Moriah on April 11th, 2012

Hello, people. I’ve been busy doing I’m not sure what. A coupla questions. 1. Do you read personal blogs through a reader or subscription service and if so, which one? I’m really frustrated with GReader and so I just don’t keep up with many blogs anymore because of the hassle. It does not fit well on a laptop screen.

2. Does anyone still read THIS blog and would you be very sad if I quit? Mom and mother-in-law don’t have to answer, I already know what they’d say. ;)

3. Part of the recent trouble is my hard drive is OVERLOADED with all my huuuuuge photo files and is running very, very slow. I’m afraid to upload any more until I figure out what to do with the old ones. I need a good recommendation for an external source or drive to save my photos on, so I can get them off my laptop. ??? Photos are my bread n butter for blogging so, I’m prolly not gonna be posting much until I figure out the photo conundrum.

4. That is all.

our matilda jane show is open!

By Moriah on April 1st, 2012

I’m home from church because I still can hardly walk… hoping to get straightened out at the chiropractor’s tomorrow morning. ANYWAY – the photos are up on the site so now is a good time to fill up your wishlist and send it in.

A couple of things – NO, you do not have to attend the in-home show tomorrow to place an order. All you need to do is go to the MJC website and click on the items you want, add them in whatever size(s) you want to your wishlist, and then when you’re done there are fields on the left to enter in your info and send it to and me (

In the notes box, put your address and payment information (or “call for payment information”) and then down in the Jane/show box make sure you put Moriah & Amy so it gets where it needs to. You can comment on this post or email me if you have any questions or need sizing help.

HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

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