this girl

By Moriah on June 26th, 2012

Last week was a big one for Madeline. She lost her other front tooth:

and FINALLY got her “real” cast.  Pink zebra with glitter.  GLAM!

It hasn’t stopped her, much.

(We have been SO BUSY. I’m going to try to get some back-blogging done this week, now that we don’t have quite as much going on.)


By Moriah on June 19th, 2012

I’m not doin’ so hot, you can pray for me (us) if you think of it. I feel like we haven’t really even started the summer yet because it’s just been one. thing. after. another. Plus Madeline’s arm kinda puts a damper on water activities (and baths – ha!) these days. Then Ari got a fever virus, Adelaide started throwing up, now Ethan has the fever. I don’t do so well home-bound for days on end.

We’ve got some stuff to deal with for Drew this summer, issues affecting his reading/learning (but now we have answers!) and we also got a letter from the IRS saying we still owe $500 on 2010 taxes. I was getting groceries with Madeline last weekend and Andy’s car broke down in the parking lot. It all would be kinda funny except for the fact that it’s all piled on so thick. We also need some maintenance repairs done on the van and when are we going to stop bleeding money?

I’m thankful that the sun is shining, most of my kids are healthy and the front yard looks goooood. Andy spent the entire day working out there yesterday, mowing, weeding, and planting grass seed where the kids had worn a path to the neighbor’s house. Nevermind the fact that the kids came in utterly filthy from playing in the topsoil. It washes.

And on that note, I really need some more coffee.

my milkaholic

By Moriah on June 13th, 2012

So I’ve been playing with new camera settings a lot (i.e. when I have time to breathe). This girl is an easy target.

She begs for milk constantly.

This is what I got when I said “show me your eyes!”

(Only edits to those photos were to resize to fit inside a blog post. I’m having trouble with clear images on facebook but they seem okay on my blog… at least on my preview screen. ha.)

who knew?!

By Moriah on June 9th, 2012

Let’s just pretend I haven’t been ignoring my blog for two weeks and jump right back in. My kids have been going to music camp all week and it is seriously awesome. Drew is CRACKING. ME. UP. First he tells me he told his class to call him Andrew. So apparently he’s been called Andrew all week. “Because that’s my real name, Mom.” Uh-huh.

Then I get a text from my friend Lisa saying her son told her Drew has a solo during their concert Sunday night. I stared at my phone a sec in disbelief and ran to ask him about it, why he never said anything. “It’s so cool, Mom, we get to sing into the MICROPHONE. But you can’t touch it. It’s so cool, you should see it.”

Um, yeah, DEFINITELY THERE. Then he told me I have to sit in the front row. I’m so taking video of that one. Last night we were with friends at their new lake property and the kids gave us a little sneak peek. So funny and cute.

And finally, I picked him up yesterday after the carnival day and his teacher asked if he was allergic to peanuts. I’m like, “no?” She said he had said he was so they separated him during lunch (??!!!!) and that he had also said he was allergic to coconut sugar and something else. BWAHAHA. So that led to a full-on conversation about what does ‘allergic’ mean and just because you don’t like something does not mean your allergic and also, just because you sneeze when you smell something (pepper), you’re still not allergic.


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