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By Moriah on July 21st, 2012

Well. So I know this is what I said. But the truth is we can’t make it much longer and we found a bank that will approve us before the 2-year minimum (tax return documents, upon changing job industries). So we close on our new house hopefully mid-September. Happy and relieved don’t even BEGIN to describe it.

The story is, our good friend Steve (of Nicky & Co. fame) owns it currently and is doing all of the renovations. Andy actually represented his purchase. We’ve been thinking about buying it from him and wala! now we are. :) :) :) A couple of sneaks (keep in mind it’s currently under construction):

More has been done but I didn’t take any photos when I was there on Friday.

(Yeah, that’s gonna be a moving nightmare. VERY narrow staircase.)

Wood fireplace that actually works.

(I’m gonna have to watch Nicky when she comes over for dinner. She told me she wanted to steal my front door.)

The back. (Upstairs is a girls’ room and a boys’ room on either side and the middle is the playroom/family room and a bathroom.)

SO! Not what we were planning but a HUGE blessing, sent straight from heaven and is crashing down on our heads. We don’t deserve it. We don’t deserve anything.

But I could not be more thankful.

I think I need some decaf

By Moriah on July 16th, 2012

My kids (and Andy) are cleaning my house, so I can sit here and blog guilt-free! I texted my friend Tiffany this morning warning her I was thinking of heading to the playground and that she may as well drop everything and meet me there. My kids were stuck at home so much last week due to rain and I knew they were really needing to run around. And it wasn’t too hot yet. So off we went, with plenty of water. I’m pretty sure I could sit and talk to her all day.

And it kinda WAS like that since they met us at the sprayground this evening too. There’s a Monday $5 after 5 deal and we’ve been taking full advantage of it. You can’t beat getting out of the house, cooling off, enjoying friends in a really fun place, and not even have to deal with sunscreen (not that I do much anyway).

And Madeline’s cast comes off Friday! (Why yes, we are counting the hours.)

jammie chat

By Moriah on July 12th, 2012

It is so sweet to wake up to these two every morning.  Arianna is HILARIOUS.  I could talk to her all day.  And I do!  We’ve been letting her run around in “ondies” and she’s been doing great!  No accidents and gummy bears all around.

Last week wasn’t so wonderful (keeping it real) but this week is rolling along much better.  A few bumps.  Like Monday we tried to meet Nicky & Co. at the splashpad and they had closed for thunder RIGHT before we got there.  She was already inside so we had to chat through the fence.  They finally let us in after the cloud passed and we got to swim and play so all’s well that ends well.

Tuesday Drew had speech and he asked for a milkshake because he was so good.  Yeah right, I’m not buying you 16 weeks of milkshakes.  But nice try. (I guess ‘speech’ isn’t really the right term, but he’s doing a program at a reading/language/hearing center this summer.)

And speaking of Drew, Andy made a big mistake and signed him up for a soccer camp for this week, but missed that the brochure was for 2011.  Yeah, whoops!!  They got there yesterday morning and – no camp.  So sad for Drew, he’s been talking about this for MONTHS.  But on the bright side, I think I found another one that starts in a week and a half.

Madeline has 7 more days with her cast.  I told her last night we’re gonna have a cast-off party and have some cupcakes.  She goes, “do I get presents?!”  Um, no.  Just sugar.  We will both be so glad when this is behind us and it’s going to be right in time for our FL trip.  Big yay.

I shared this on FB and will also put here – the girls have been in a couple of commercials this summer… one was for a friend’s pool business and this is the second:

Just kinda funny, we’ve never done anything like that before and the two were filmed within four days of each other. (I was never involved in my dad’s campaign ads but my sisters were.) Anyway, sharing just for fun. We’ve already gotten quite a few texts, emails, and FB messages asking if it really was Madeline they saw on TV. Hilarious. It’s the pink zebra sparkle cast!


By Moriah on July 2nd, 2012

Ethan’s birthday was yesterday.

My baby is 1!

I know, I can’t believe it either!

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