pulling {and pushing back}

By Moriah on August 30th, 2012

Five little people, each tugging me in a different direction. Husband with his own needs (love, dinner, and clean underwear), and a house (or two) that is always pulling on me. Dishes and laundry get their own category; not to mention groceries, friends, church, God.

It’s really no wonder I feel soo stretched, always juggling and often dropping. I am only two hands, one person. Clearly I can’t do everything or even try. I’m trying to re-direct, focus on things that I’ve been wanting to do but never seem to have the time and energy for. The dishes and cooking and laundry will all get done because they have to.

So here’s me pushing back today. I have clean hair, painted toes. I’ve been wanting to share these beach photos from a month ago and so I am.


some things I’ve been loving (and not so loving)

By Moriah on August 23rd, 2012

We took the kids to Six Flags White Water last weekend in Atlanta and it was whirlwind fun.  I blinked and we were back home.  I had forgotten that Drew tends to be afraid of rides and he chickened out at the last second on this one with Andy and Josiah. Madeline rode with them, she was all over that.

Liz and I took the kids later, same ride, and I grabbed his wrist and off we went before he even knew what was happening or could back out.  He did great and LOVED it.  I think it was a breakthrough moment; he realized he survived and it was big time fun. After that he went on all the slides and was completely fine. Way to face your fears, Drew!

And also – FUNNEL CAKE.

So now we’re home, back to preparing to move. I made some serious headway in the attic a couple of days ago and took a van-load to the drop off donation box. The weather has been GORGEOUS so the attic actually isn’t overbaked and too hot to be in – HUGE BLESSING. Still miles and miles to go in there.

Okay, a coupla things I’ve been meaning to share. My cousin Vangie loaned me this book, which I enjoyed so much: The Sisters: Saga of the Mitford Family. (History majors unite!) It’s a load of pages but kept me company for a good long while.

Next, Meredith blogged about her “miracle cream” a while back and I’m really thankful I decided to try it at this point in my life. I thought when I weaned Ethan I would feel great and that was SO the opposite. How I felt changed over the course of the month so I thought it most likely had something to do with the female cycle. This cream is seriously amazing. Love it, recommend it to every woman. Seriously. Read her full post here.


Okay, the above was written earlier this week. And then my laptop died. It’s currently getting a new hard drive at the mac store hospital. I’m using Andy’s and his settings are different and driving me crazy. Not loving being without my computer for several days straight. I’m also not gonna love the bill.

Our appraisal is tomorrow so one more frenzied cleaning run and it’s over. We’ve had repair men here all week and isn’t it funny how you get your house perfect and then leave it? Whatever, bring on the new. You know, in fifty million years when the new house is ready. ;)

T minus 28

By Moriah on August 18th, 2012

This week has been so busy I wasn’t sure if I was coming or going.  I think Andy got a little annoyed with the laundry situation (meaning lack thereof) and I finally got around to it I think Thursday night.  My philosophy is if you run out of underwear, go buy some more. ;)

The inspection went well, no major issues and we have agreed to all the small repairs they asked for.  The termite letter was clear, etc.  It’s been so smooth sailing I’m just waiting for SOMEthing to go wrong.  Can’t help it!  I need to get over to the new house and measure window sizes and stuff.  (And check up on Steve’s progress, ha!)  I figured I would whip up some window coverings before we start packing.  Although I really need to be going through our attic.

I went up there the other day and told Andy afterwards, we need an entire moving truck JUST for what’s in the attic.  I think I might just drag it all out to the front yard and email the neighbors to come and freecycle it.  My children’s consignment stuff is still labeled from last year, and drop off starts next week.  Which is really good timing, yes?

We won’t have a ton of storage at the new house, but definitely enough.  The kids’ closets are REALLY fun.  More like bonus rooms than closets.  In the girls’ room especially, it’s like a little hideout playroom.  Love.  I’m considering painting it pink and putting fluffy rugs in there so it’s cozy to play in.  And two FULL closet bars.  Which you know they (I) need.  ;)

Okay, better get moving on today.


Couple of Things

By Moriah on August 13th, 2012

Winner for the Veggie Tales Penniless Princess dvd is Athena! I will be in contact with you girl!

Soo, apparently we’re not fake-selling our house, they want to buy it! We’re fine with either way, kinda thought we’d keep it as a rental but this is super great too. Their home inspection is tomorrow. I need to wrap my head around the fact that we are MOVING in a MONTH! And school will be just getting underway around then also. BUSY. (Mom? Are you coming?)

It’s a little bittersweet. We’ve had FIVE babies in this house, lots of memories! And we’ve done soo much work on it over the years and I LOVE the tile in the bathroom. But it’s time to go. We need more space desperately and it will be nice to be closer to our church and Andy’s office (even if we’re moving away from the kids’ school; guess we can’t have everything).

And I’m also happy for the buyers – they are expecting their first and it’s kinda like seeing ourselves 9 years ago. This is such a great house for a new family.

We’re just not a new family anymore. ;)

The Penniless Princess & a Giveaway

By Moriah on August 10th, 2012

My kids haven’t had a whole lot of experience with Veggie Tales other than various church nurseries and rainy days at preschool. Big Idea Studios sent us a copy of the new dvd The Penniless Princess, (based on The Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett) to review and an extra copy to give to a reader!

We’ve always loved that story and the kids love anything animated, so it was a win-win situation. They’ve already watched it enough times to know the theme song by heart, so clearly they enjoyed it. It’s a cute little video. The devotion book that was sent along with the dvd is wonderful; the girls have already asked me to read it to them several times.

The Penniless Princess is set to be released on August 14. Win a copy of the dvd simply by leaving a comment on this post, tell me something special about your daughter or grandaughter or other little girl in your life. I will leave the comments open for a couple of days and use a random number generator to choose the winner. US and Canada only, please.

I’m on a bloggy roll

By Moriah on August 8th, 2012

Tonight I took Madeline to the first of two friend birthday parties she has this week. I don’t know what it is, but taking a child to a friend’s party brings out the WORST in my other kids. I sort of have a love/hate relationship with the American idea of a birthday party. I LOVE them on one hand, making special memories and celebrating a life. And, hello, cake.

But. They involve a high level of stress, at least for me. And, fallen like everything else on this earth, often can include a high dose of the not-so-lovely; envy, greed, selfishness, unthankfulness, boastfulness, etc. I haven’t figured out how to best reconcile all that yet. And my kids typically don’t do an overly great job of being happy for others while NOT thinking about themselves. Sometimes it’s just easier to avoid those hot situations. But yes; work to do, work to do.  Some of that is better with age and maturity.

Anyway, we stopped at the store after dropping her off and I let the other kids pick out a dessert. I REALLY wanted fresh parmesan for our pasta. Over vacation, our friends introduced us to this kale and spinach ravioli and my kids loved it. (I had picked up a couple of trays of it at costco yesterday, check it out if you can!)

Usually our quick foods are just that – quick, and decidedly not healthy. I love that this is a quick meal and jam-packed with vitamins but doesn’t taste like it. It pretty much just tastes like noodles and red sauce. Yum.

Oh! Andy did show our house today. I texted my friend Gretchen afterwards that I was going to fake-sell my house every day. I had two laundry-bins of junk hiding in the attic, but it’s nice to have all the clutter in one place.

I’m guessing he didn’t mention the girls’ little friend they found this morning:

Sooo Madeline.

But then there’s Ari, who clunked around in my heels all day.

Yeah.  More my style. ;)


By Moriah on August 7th, 2012

Andy warned me this week would be really busy for him just coming back from vacation. He had two closings today, as well as a few showings and other meetings. The kids and I decided to save Costco for this evening after naps since Andy couldn’t eat with us. We took our time and browsed…bought a flat of peaches, sat in the display armchairs, pushed buttons in the toy aisle, played hide-and-seek, and had food court pizza for dinner. (It’s surprisingly awesome.)

I feel the need to stay busy with the kids on the days that I’ve got them by myself ALL day. Even if we just pop into Target or do happy hour at Sonic, one thing I’ve learned this summer is changing the scenery, even for just a bit, does us all good and can re-set the tone from hot and cranky to peaceful and fun.

I laughed a little to myself tonight, reading Rebecca’s post about too much angry birds and oreos and no reading and writing. Nail, meet head. Honestly I feel like the summer heat has fried my brain just a little bit. We have been LIVING in the water, any form of it – pool, beach, fountains, spraypark, hose, you name it. What is a book?

I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty, it’s summer BREAK. I did start fresh in the storybook Bible to the kids last night and reminded myself how much we all love it. Read together tonight, too.

It’s a start, yes?

just the ordinary

By Moriah on August 7th, 2012

Last night I let the girls play games on my computer (very rare occasion) while I laid on my bed and played camera.  Win-win!

(I still feel hugely accomplished when I get a clear shot in very low light sans flash. Yep, dork.)

We made it back to the gym yesterday after 3ish weeks. It wasn’t so bad! Drew doesn’t love going but went anyway with a surprisingly good attitude. I NEED that time. Sore today – worth it.

Today Drew goes back to the speech center and we’ve got to clean because Andy is showing our house tomorrow. I know, I know – we’re fickle, what can we say?!

Also, in other completely random news, Arianna was probably the easiest potty-trainee ever. It was like one day she was in diapers and I just had to show her the potty and wala! the next day she was trained. I have GOT to take some video of her, she’s such a funny little gem.

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