the other side

By Moriah on August 5th, 2012

Fun times in Florida.  I’ll put some more photos of that up soon.  We came home to our van fixed and the tile fairy had come!

I don’t know why we didn’t do that 8 years ago. The main thing is it is not slippery at all.  The first photo makes it look more tan but it’s really more of a gray/white.  So nice to come home to work being done and we never even saw the mess.  We wanted it in before we have renters…

We got back in town last night and unpacked everything and put it all away immediately.  I love starting a new week fresh!

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3 Responses to “the other side”

  1. Gretchen on August 5, 2012 7:49 pm


  2. Laura on August 6, 2012 11:19 am

    I LOVE it!!

  3. LR on August 6, 2012 10:22 pm

    It looks beautiful! Before you mentioned it, I did notice that the tile had texture to it which helps greatly with slipperiness. Great job, Moriah!

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