By Moriah on August 7th, 2012

Andy warned me this week would be really busy for him just coming back from vacation. He had two closings today, as well as a few showings and other meetings. The kids and I decided to save Costco for this evening after naps since Andy couldn’t eat with us. We took our time and browsed…bought a flat of peaches, sat in the display armchairs, pushed buttons in the toy aisle, played hide-and-seek, and had food court pizza for dinner. (It’s surprisingly awesome.)

I feel the need to stay busy with the kids on the days that I’ve got them by myself ALL day. Even if we just pop into Target or do happy hour at Sonic, one thing I’ve learned this summer is changing the scenery, even for just a bit, does us all good and can re-set the tone from hot and cranky to peaceful and fun.

I laughed a little to myself tonight, reading Rebecca’s post about too much angry birds and oreos and no reading and writing. Nail, meet head. Honestly I feel like the summer heat has fried my brain just a little bit. We have been LIVING in the water, any form of it – pool, beach, fountains, spraypark, hose, you name it. What is a book?

I guess I shouldn’t feel guilty, it’s summer BREAK. I did start fresh in the storybook Bible to the kids last night and reminded myself how much we all love it. Read together tonight, too.

It’s a start, yes?

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