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By Moriah on September 18th, 2012

We moved yesterday.

Several friends warned me how chaotic and stressful in-town moves can be. Generally you take van loads of apple boxes, dump them at the new place, and then rinse and repeat a few hundred times. Leave the sorting for later when you’re exhausted and can’t find the coffee pot.

Since all of our stuff was going in storage, it wasn’t like that. Saturday we moved the furniture and boxes (even beds!) to storage and that went really fast. Everything is labeled. We slept on blow-up mattresses and tried to just keep our lives moving along.

Yesterday the storm hit, just as we were beginning to load the last wave of our stuff into the moving truck. Like, literally. My neighbor texted me the area’s tornado warning. We loaded all the stuff we need to keep with us in the pouring down rain – shoes splashing in the mud, water soaking our clothes. Andy was at work; it was just me and my mom and I wondered several times how on earth we were going to get everything done, just the two of us.

He came home to take the last load of trash to the dump, but since the moving truck has commercial plates, they turned him away. I think he almost had a nervous breakdown right then and there. We still had all that trash and he still had work to do. (Note to self, don’t schedule clients the day you move.) So on top of getting all the closets packed up, kitchen cleared out, house cleaned, we had to deal with mounds – MOUNDS, I TELL YOU – of trash.

I had this moment of panic, thankful my kids were being cared for and safe, we couldn’t stop to find dinner, Andy calling to remind me to be at the apartment not too late so to be courteous to our hosts. I almost called a hotel and may have shed a few tears. We decided to basically drop everything, pick the kids up, go set up beds at the apartment, and my mom and Andy would come back and finish up what was left.

I had to back that dang moving truck down my own steep driveway in the pitch dark, pouring rain. And also? It was out of gas.

But you know what? We got to the apartment without a wreck, Andy met us there, we put the kiddies to bed, I FINALLY got a shower, and we were able to get things functional. My mom and Andy finished the old house, left the key in it (don’t mind the huge trash pile out front!), came home and we slept. Andy got up early this morning and caught a flight to a conference in Texas. And I’m very very thankful my mom is still here and I’m not the only person here over the age of eight.

So. The trash. After school drop-off this morning I borrowed my former neighbor’s truck to load everything and finally took it to the dump. We also returned the moving van. Yay! I still have to cancel our utility accounts and stuff like that, but we’ve finally found a resting place between homes. Lots of tough spots, but we made it through!

update, and why it’s quiet here

By Moriah on September 11th, 2012

We’re packing! My mom is here to help since she’s practically a professional mover (y’all know I grew up moving around with the Air Force?) and she’s the energizer bunny. Love her. It’s a dang good thing, too, because I was completely knocked off my feet with a random virus and have been in bed the last day & a half. So awful.

We’re planning on being completely out of this house by Monday night. We should have a place to stay until the floors in the new house are done (can’t put anything on them for a week after sealing). And we’ll get a POD for our stuff in the meantime. It’s nice not to have to stress about those details but there is a LOT to do. So I’m just warning you upfront that it will be quiet around here.

I did take a few pics of the kids’ first day of school last week. I’ll try to put those up. Sometime. ;)


By Moriah on September 1st, 2012

This fabric looked so pretty hanging down, I decided to snap a quick picture. This is a little sneak peek into a project I’m doing for the girls’ new room.

We did the pink n’ green thing for a long while so I’m changing it up in our new house. I think this is the only photo I’m gonna post until the whole room is done. Heh.

And the house is coming along really nicely and pretty quickly. Andy keeps stopping in over there and always has new iphone photos to show me. We picked out the washer/dryer on Thursday. TOP LOADER.


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