the other side

By Moriah on October 23rd, 2012

You don’t even want to know.

Suffice it to say, yes, we’re in our new house. We finally have useful things like internet and baby gates. These two months have been some of the hardest of my life, with lots of tears shed – but it can only get better from here, right?

Also, my Nanny passed away on October 1st, in her sleep. It wasn’t a surprise and she was 89. She led a remarkable life and it would take me all day to write about all the things she did and places she went. Vangie and I took our baby boys and flew to WA for the funeral service. It was such a great trip, I’m so very thankful I was able to go, to be there. Andy’s folks drove down to help him with the other kids while I was gone.

I stayed with Dolly and that was awesome and just what I needed. A little mini-vacation smack-dab in the middle of moving! (Yeah, and when I saw my house when I got back I was sorta wishing I had stayed!)

My parents rented a moving truck and have been driving cross-country delivering the furniture and other items all of us cousins chose to keep of Nanny’s. The burial is in St. Louis (she’ll be buried next to Papa) tomorrow, and then they will drive here. It’s at a military cemetery and each burial is only allotted 30 minutes, so I decided not to undertake another trip since I was able to go to her service. I’m beyond excited my mom will be here soon to help me make sense of the utter chaos that is my half-unpacked house.

It’s going to be a slow process, I know. It’s more space and we still need several things to complete various rooms. And there’s still five little people that need clothes and food. But hopefully soon I can share a couple of pictures and projects that are being done now. After I dig out my camera cord, which is somewhere.

Sorry about the long silence. I just didn’t have the energy or motivation to come here and discuss the misery that is moving with 5 small children. So on to better things!

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