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By Moriah on April 30th, 2013

It’s the little things that wear me down. I find when something big happens, it’s so obviously out of my control that it’s relatively easy to depend on God and see his hand in things.

It’s the gallon of milk spilled under my fridge, or Adelaide busting her forehead, or Drew blasting the dining room window completely through (true story), or not paying enough attention to checking and throwing $100 down the proverbial toilet because apparently the overdraft-pull-from-savings suddenly isn’t working, or having to get a plumber because Ethan flushed my hand-lotion in the upstairs potty and we haven’t been able to use that bathroom for 3 weeks… and then yesterday I threw out my back.

I’ve been either laying on the couch or my bed for two days, or hobbling around when I have to and/or if something happens. (Like a broken glass or [a box of] spilled cheerios, or the water party Ethan and Ari threw when I was downstairs – all three from today.) My mom comes tomorrow and I’m dreading her seeing my house in such a state (hi, Mom!) but there’s only so much you can do with a broken vacuum and a bad back. And it’s too late to call in a cleaning lady.

Life, it goes on.


By Moriah on April 23rd, 2013

Usually messy. But we’ve come a long way.






By Moriah on April 22nd, 2013

So it’s my day. We have a babysitter for dinner out tonight, oh yes. Andy had an open house yesterday so I recruited Drew to take these birthday documentation pics. He did a pretty good job!



So now I’m 33. (Kinda handy to be born on an -0 year, I always know how old I’m turning, just by the current date. Helpful when I first thought I was going to be 32. Now I understand how my dad would get mixed up sometimes. haha)

the continuing home tour – { master }

By Moriah on April 20th, 2013

So here’s a little twirl around our room. And no, it’s not usually this clean, usually several overflowing laundry baskets aline the far wall.

I read a post once about doing the master room first – creating it first, cleaning it first. Good idea in theory, hardly ever happens in real life. (I’m guessing.) I wasn’t thinking I’d even have our room completed this year but Andy recently decided he’d had enough of not having a nightstand on his side and said I was free to go buy the ones I wanted. I got lamps, too, because what good is matching nightstands without matching lamps?

A few steps inside the door, looking left:






This is the Sorrento desk I inherited from Nanny:


A little peek into the bathroom…



From the far side of the room, looking back – closet behind door on left (horrid mirror needs to be replaced), and door to living room on right:


And then just sort of a backed-up general view from the door:


more bumps

By Moriah on April 16th, 2013

We, like everyone else, are still reeling from the news coming out of Boston. My sister-in-law ran last year and decided not to train to re-qualify this year. So thankful. The only other runner I know already posted on FB that she is okay.

My kids had a rough day yesterday. Ari and Ethan had a well-check appointment and I could not BELIEVE how uncooperative he was. They were trying to weigh him and he was screaming and kicking the nurse. He’s usually laid back and laughing. Clearly does NOT enjoy being held down. Made his point loud and clear.

Later, Ari dropped a pole on her pinkie toe. The kids were “weight lifting” in the yard with some garden tools. I don’t think it’s broken, she moves it and bends it with her hands but it’s definitely bruised and swollen. (She came down this morning and said “my toe’s messed up.” Which made me laugh a little at her choice of expression but then I realized she meant her nail polish. She hasn’t stopped asking me to fix the pink paint. Seriously, kid.)


The older kids had been riding bikes around the driveway, as usual, no big deal. Madeline currently doesn’t have a bike (I think the last one she had was left out and possibly hit by a car, can’t remember). Adelaide’s back tire is popped. So the only real working bike is Drew’s. Which is way too big for Adelaide.

But she came in and proudly announced that she could ride Drew’s bike now. Honestly I think she had done fine down on the flat paved half-loop we live on. But then she wanted to ride from our driveway around to the loop, which is sloped and curvy. I advised against it. She would NOT listen, so sure she could do it now. She was so adamant, I started believing she really knew how to ride his bike and agreed to let her have one turn. BIG MISTAKE.

She started screaming and panicking when she realized that pushing the pedals backwards did not slow her down. I didn’t even THINK about the fact that she didn’t know the brakes are in the handle bars. Like, it never even crossed my mind. So I’m watching my baby fly away from me on a way-too-big runaway bike, screaming and panicking and disappearing around the bend in the road. I freaked a bit and ran after her.

The next thing I know she’s climbing out of the woods with blood running down her face and arms. I freaked some more. I told Andy later it reminded me of a Band of Brother’s scene. I could hardly believe this was real and happening. Thankfully it turned out to be just a small cut on her head and stopped bleeding almost immediately. We changed our bloody clothes and she took a bath. We had a long talk about maybe sometimes mommy really DOES know what she’s talking about.



another very rare shot

By Moriah on April 12th, 2013

5 kids

This was from last Friday. After school we went to go sled down this huge grassy hill but it was still too wet, so the sleds would not budge an INCH. So we played on the playground nearby instead.

And then we went for ice cream, since the kids had several free cone tokens from a gourmet ice cream shop. They thought it was completely awesome. And so did I, since it was free.

What to do with too much energy

By Moriah on April 10th, 2013

Yesterday I picked my big kids up from school and we drove straight to the park. The two other smallish families there promptly left and so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Luxury.

This boy is a little daredevil on the swings. He throws his head back and his feet up. I’m seeing rollercoasters in our future.




(Yep, popcorn in those teeth.)




Drew and Madeline played ‘Spies’ most of the time; dumped a water bottle out and wala! Telescope!








Get good and tired dirty, kids.



All five of my children in a single camera frame together unposed?


continuing home tour – master bath

By Moriah on April 4th, 2013

Our master bathroom might be one of Steve’s top career masterpieces to date. And I get the daily benefit.

(I should also point out Nicky has spent her fair share of hours in here, notably scrubbing a blue stain off the etched bathtub he found for a steal of a deal. I know she also helped lay the tile. Girl power!)

What you see coming in from our room:


A little to the left:


And to the right:


Shower (otherwise known as Single Reason Andy Bought This House):


Sinks (I would have preferred a vanity but couldn’t convince Steve to change the plans):


My messy storage (Ican’tbelieveI’mshowingyouthis):




More to the left:


And in the back:


Yep, we love.

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