It’s the Weekend!

By Moriah on May 3rd, 2013

Soo, my mom is here. Happy dance on that one! I cried when I picked her up, just so emotionally spent. We hit up Sonic and the dry cleaners on the way back from school and then she and the kids helped me clean up a bit. Andy and I started this little neighborhood small group parenting study and it started last night — heaven forbid I have people in my home with it looking like a train wreck.

We are doing Loving on Purpose and I’m not sure where Monique found it but I really enjoyed the intro. Looking forward to it.

Another thing I’m LOOKING FORWARD TO is THIS WHOOOOOOOOLE WEEKEND! Two of my aunts (maybe three?) set it up so Andy and I could attend a Family Life marriage conference this weekend two hours away. Hence the reason for my momma coming. The sessions are Friday, Saturday, Sunday, with a built in date-night Saturday. So fun, can’t wait. The new white jeans may just get busted out since there will be no ketchup packets in sight.

Still hard to believe it’s already May 3. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock of sickness since January. (Right, G?) I’m so looking forward to summer, this one probably more than ever.

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