a child’s insight

By Moriah on February 24th, 2014

I’m part of a women’s small group on Thursday nights and it is different than any other I’ve ever been a part of. Those women are real. They are in the Word. They also aren’t afraid to lay open their issues and struggles and be honest about our humanity and sinfulness. Jesus is there! We’re already forgiven and so there’s nothing left to hide. His is the only opinion that matters, anyway.

So a couple weeks ago the gal that generally leads the discussion shared about how she is having her 8 or 9 year old daughter read her own Bible and then come talk to her mom about what she just read. In this instance she was reading the passage where Peter walks on the water towards Christ. Her mom said “okay, tell me about that story!” and the daughter says something along the lines of “well, Peter was walking on the water to Jesus, and he was doing okay until he turned around to see if his friends were watching.”

Um, WOW.

What tremendous insight from a child! Of course the account mentions Peter seeing the wind and the waves and getting fearful and scared. Either way, he had his eye on his circumstances and not on Christ. And how often ARE we paying more attention to see if our friends are watching? I’m just still so blown away by her answer and have been thinking about it ever since.

growing tired of old man winter

By Moriah on February 19th, 2014

My mom has been here for two weeks, helping me and giving us a fun break. Kids were off school Monday and Tuesday (along with the snow days last week) so it was great to have Grandmommy around for all the free time. You know, someone to make the rice-krispie treats and help with the wet mittens. And we’ve been watching a whole lotta Olympics. Again, good timing. We’re all big fans.

Today the big kids and I finally went to the LEGO movie. Big treat under current circumstances and Arianna was hilarious, her feet barely hanging off the end of her chair, with her little stash of popcorn. Every once in a while I’d look over and she was drooping just a little bit lower. I finally asked if she wanted me to hold her and the next thing I know she’s draped over me and snoring. And also, she’s hot when she sleeps.

Mom being here has also freed me up to do a couple of photo sessions. You can see a few highlights on the other site: sudden movements, including one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen. I had a blast taking my friend Becky’s family photos yesterday, those will be up sometime this week. I’m finding it a little hard to know what to do with THIS space, since a whole part of me feels like it’s outgrown blogging. I love posting photos, but this isn’t a photog blog, and now I have that one… See? Dilemma.

Tonight on the radio the host was talking about the encouragement she got from a little note her dad recently gave her, telling her how they got her name. So that started the mental rabbit trail about remembering my own name, and why my parents chose it. Moriah is the mountain where Abraham was commanded to sacrifice Isaac but then right at the last moment, God swooped in and told him to stop — it was a test of faith.

I know it’s hard to relate a swirl of feelings in type but it was a moment of clarity for me. It’s easy to struggle through the Christian life, wondering if my relationship with Jesus is just all in my own head. Maybe I’m the only one. But to remember that chosen of God – it’s not up to me, I’ve already been redeemed… such a moment of freedom and a timely reminder after struggling thru the winter.

Spring is on its way.

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