ethan, unedited

By Moriah on March 17th, 2014

(Well, originally, I did upload these straight from the camera but the vertical ones transferred sideways. So I had to do some very quick edits, but mostly they are straight from camera. ANYWAY.)



I took these a couple of weeks ago, after church. I love the vintage-y feel of them (outfit is from Olive Juice, thanks Grandmommy!) but I do need to state for the record that we were in the ER with this boy a week ago Saturday. We had been at the park FIVE WHOLE MINUTES before he fell from a climbing structure and gashed the back of his head.


Logistically the hospital visit went as smoothly as it possibly could have, just a hassle. Sometimes I swear if we make it to adulthood with this kid we will have accomplished no small feat.


And of course he alternates between being utterly infuriating (hairspray, anyone?) and the CUTEST. THING. EVER.





I mean how can you not melt? That face.

the things I want to remember

By Moriah on March 7th, 2014



I snatched these photos yesterday afternoon when these two were playing on their brother’s bed. These are two that don’t often play one-on-one together. The times they do, though, are pure sweetness.


Ari exclaiming over the “bazanya!” we had for supper tonight (lasagna, thanks, Amy!). Ethan telling me he had “four, five, six, seben, eight peppamints” when he was at the church with Andy last night. Pretty sure it was just two.

Kicking Madeline’s behind in ten frantic games of Blink, although she did cream me once. No I am not the kind of mother that lets her kid win.

Drew, very concerned where I was going to get marbles for the new reward system we are gonna try, and digging out all the plastic Marbleworks for me to “use.” Thanks but not exactly what I had in mind. (I was gonna link where I got the idea but can’t find it now.)

And eye winks from my 2 year old when I tuck him in.

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