gettin’ a little stinky in here

By Moriah on May 28th, 2014

This marks the 8th day of no hot water in our house.

Last Tuesday my brother had stopped by to hang out for a bit, and we kept hearing this beepy noise.  But I couldn’t tell where it was coming from… it was the weirdest thing.  Finally we realized it was coming from the basement!  The alarm unit over the water heater was chirping “warning! carbon monoxide! warning! carbon monoxide!”  I’m super thankful Micah was there and knew how to turn the gas and everything off.

Basically the venting system on a gas heater is supposed to be vertical; we discovered ours was horizontal (have I mentioned we live in an old house?).  The first plumber that came to check it said the vent was probably full of soot, which had filled up over the years making it so the unit couldn’t ‘breathe,’ and then the pilot had lit itself on fire.  A little scary.

I have to admit that the first three days (Adelaide also started running a random fever over the weekend and we had to take her back to the ER for more tests, none of which were positive for anything, most likely viral) I was really struggling with despair and anger.  We have a home warranty plan for home systems and initially they denied the water heater claim.  Those were some very low moments.

On Friday a friend shared some of her family’s struggles with me and it really helped pull my thoughts off of my own problems and get some perspective.  I knew we were heading into a long holiday weekend and the water heater situation was not going to be fixed any time soon.  I knew I just had to get over the nuisance that surrounds a lack of hot {sanitizing} water in a household and move on and make due.  I pulled out my year-reading plan and spent some time in the Word and in prayer and seriously guys, Jesus’s peace surpasses any circumstance.  I have thought over and over and over through this process that I just know one of the lessons for me in this has been that too often I let my circumstances determine my attitude and my happiness, and I allow them to take away my joy.

I’m still waiting for hot water and that is ok.  I feel like we’ve been camping, boiling water and just generally overlooking the dirt and the pool hair.  I’m so very thankful that we are in the summer season and we have a pool we can live at use.  Drew and Madeline are on the swim team and I’ve already given up on her straw hair.  I’ve washed my own hair twice in cold water, which as it turns out doesn’t really get rid of the grease (who knew?).  Of course I have sweet neighbors that would let us come over in a heartbeat, but we’re talking a 3 minute process vs. a 35 minute process and sometimes I would rather just grit my teeth.

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One Response to “gettin’ a little stinky in here”

  1. jonesey on June 3, 2014 2:26 pm

    So glad you are finding the peace that passes all our earthly understanding here in the midst of many trials. I hope you have hot water by now!

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