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newhair Nearly every seasoned mother I’ve sat down and asked advice from has told me to enjoy my kids while they are small.  The years are fleeting and the lists can wait.

So that is what I aim to do.

I want to enjoy my kids while they are still young.  I want to laugh with my children, hold and hug them more, play with them and teach them life while I can.

This blog is a record of our lives; often a laugh at the chaos that is five children eight and under in a too-small house.  I write about our daily adventures, most of which any mother can relate to.  I share my photos, an occasional house or recipe tip, and sometimes use it to showcase a made-by-me baby dress.

And hopefully, through all that I do, I will find myself enjoying and appreciating my children a little more each day.

Moriah is a Christian stay-at-home mother of five, living in the South.

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