By Moriah on July 9th, 2014

I was showing Adelaide all of her photos from the time she was a teeny baby to the ripe ol’ age of 7 under her tab on this blog.  It made me want to start fresh.  So much life recorded here!

This summer is, unfortunately for me, flying by.  I hoped we could enjoy it at a snail’s pace.  We’ve been REALLY busy with swim team.  Their last meet was this past Monday and all that is left is the city-wide meet this weekend, and then the team party.  I made myself bring my big camera to the last home meet so I’d have some good images of this season and I am just now getting around to putting them on here.







They’ve done really well their first season. Madeline’s been in the newspaper (high-scorers list) for almost every meet – girlfriend can swim!! Drew has been bumped up to swim with the 11/12 boys (he’s 10) quite a bit, which means a lot tougher but good experience. I feel like this is only just the beginning of the pool for us.

(BTW we were without hot water only 9 days, which seems like ages ago now. ;)

who knew?!

By Moriah on June 9th, 2012

Let’s just pretend I haven’t been ignoring my blog for two weeks and jump right back in. My kids have been going to music camp all week and it is seriously awesome. Drew is CRACKING. ME. UP. First he tells me he told his class to call him Andrew. So apparently he’s been called Andrew all week. “Because that’s my real name, Mom.” Uh-huh.

Then I get a text from my friend Lisa saying her son told her Drew has a solo during their concert Sunday night. I stared at my phone a sec in disbelief and ran to ask him about it, why he never said anything. “It’s so cool, Mom, we get to sing into the MICROPHONE. But you can’t touch it. It’s so cool, you should see it.”

Um, yeah, DEFINITELY THERE. Then he told me I have to sit in the front row. I’m so taking video of that one. Last night we were with friends at their new lake property and the kids gave us a little sneak peek. So funny and cute.

And finally, I picked him up yesterday after the carnival day and his teacher asked if he was allergic to peanuts. I’m like, “no?” She said he had said he was so they separated him during lunch (??!!!!) and that he had also said he was allergic to coconut sugar and something else. BWAHAHA. So that led to a full-on conversation about what does ‘allergic’ mean and just because you don’t like something does not mean your allergic and also, just because you sneeze when you smell something (pepper), you’re still not allergic.


The one about Drew’s eye

By Moriah on November 29th, 2011

“Everyone asked about my eye; I mean like EVERYONE asked about my eye.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they did.”

A little bit of back-blogging here.  Drew fell off a playground slide a couple of weeks ago and hit his eyebrow on the wooden sideboard.  I was at a babyshower so I didn’t see him fall but his black eye sure turned out to be quite the impressive evolution of purple.

Day of injury:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4 or 5:

A week and a half later (you can see where it also went under the other eye):

Aaaaaaand today!  Almost back to normal:

(Just a guess, it won’t make him more careful next time. Boys.)

{small style}

By Moriah on April 14th, 2011

G’morning! I’m linking up again with this fun little party.

Drew’s tee and shorts are from miniboden (my current favorite for boys who are hard on their clothes).

Arianna’s dress is an older line Matilda Jane (my favorite designer for girls), tee is from Target, and shoes are Livie & Luca (ebay).

My sisters came over for a little while yesterday and they have been dog-watching this little puppy. Arianna was very concerned about the leash. Funny.

For other Small Style, or to participate, visit Mama Loves Papa.


By Moriah on January 26th, 2011

(at least he’s evened-out now?)

Also, the Tooth Fairy finally remembered to fulfill her duties in a timely manner. Last time Drew said “Mom, you forgot my dollar.” The kid isn’t fooled.

Big 7

By Moriah on January 4th, 2011

drew scan 1

drew scan 2

drew scan 3

drew scan 4

drew scan 5

drew scan 6

drew scan 7

drew scan 8

drew scan 9

drew scan 10











big 7 collage

Drew birthday collage

Drew birthday collage 2

a boy and his [flying] toy

By Moriah on December 30th, 2010

The coolest gift this year was, hands down, the remote-controlled helicopter Liz & Josiah gave Drew.



Andy and I have been playing with it when he’s in bed.


look! some words!

By Moriah on December 9th, 2010

I hope y’all are enjoying the December Photo Project as much as I am! I’ll be back later with today’s photo.

But, sometimes during a project like that the real blog fodder gets forgotten. So, a couple of things I wanted to jot down… (for record keeping and grandparents and such).

Like, we were running into church Sunday morning and behind me Drew yells “my tooth came out!”

4th tooth

Fourth one. (Ew.) I thought they weren’t supposed to look awkward until junior high. ;) I think it got lost somewhere between the “just put it in your pocket” and changing at home. (Hope Arianna isn’t the first to find it.)

Oh, and a little conversation I had with Adelaide… “Mom, why’s Arianna eat our food now?”

“Well, because she’s a big girl now.”

“She’s not a boy anymore?”

“No, she’s always been a girl, she’s just not a tiny baby anymore.”

“Yeah, she’s a BIG, FAT BABY!”

(Nice to know what the sisters think.)


Speaking of Adelaide. Yesterday – actually the day before that – I ran to get a paci for Arianna, came back to the kitchen where Andy and Adelaide were. I kept trying to stuff the paci in Adelaide’s mouth – WHILE she was talking to Andy. I kept thinking “why isn’t she taking it?!” and she’s spitting and trying to move her head and Andy is looking at me like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” I finally realized: WRONG KID! He goes, “uh, we officially have too many kids.”

“I’m glad I’m not the only mom that has lost her mind. No offense!” – Gretchen.

(Sympathetic friends I have, I know.)

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