my little sister got married

By Moriah on November 21st, 2012

Last Friday we drove 12 hours down to Florida for my sister’s wedding weekend. We stayed at the Lighthouse; my parents rented three Coast Guard cottages for us, them, my grandparents, aunts, and the bridal wedding party. Whirlwind trip, we drove home Monday.

These are all photos I took, and I tried to choose ones for this post that together give an overall picture of her wedding…

My three little flower girls, right before we went up to the dressing room to get ready.

(One of) my beautiful sister(s):

These were during the photo session, pre-ceremony:

(Later on, there was a cocktail hour on this terrace while the wedding party was busy with post-ceremony photos.  Apparently there was a fabulous mocha punch I missed out on.)

My mom:

Looking down from the terrace:

Right after the ceremony & the beginning of family photos, Cassandra & Shane with my parents:

The Dad/Daughter dance, she chose this – fitting, no?

Candy bar for party favors:

Arianna, making sure we were watching and then running off to dance:

Arianna was a maniac – danced 1.5 hours nonstop.

Into the getaway car, and sparklers! (I LOVE her bouquet in this one!)

And, the very second we buckled her carseat:


Over the river and thru the woods to Grandmommy’s house we go. And back.

By Moriah on January 4th, 2012

We’ve been back for a couple of days, I’m totally unpacked (yay!), Drew’s birthday was yesterday (later post) and so I’m ready to start the new year. (You know, after I get my Christmas cards sent out.) These are random shots from our visit, before and after Christmas, excluding the ones from Drew’s party.

This is soo Adelaide:

The kids did lots of coloring,

and painting…

(with only one disaster involving Arianna, lesson learned),

hanging out with Papa,

playing games…

taking care of new babies,

going to the library (not shown), playing the leappads,

and I got to have lunch with Mer.  :)

That night Andy and I had a date at PF Chang’s (yum) and then went to Mission Impossible 4. Very fun. Saturday was spent celebrating Drew and packing and then we got a babysitter for 4 of the kids and went out to dinner with my parents for New Year’s Eve.

Too bad Ethan won’t remember all the fun things he gets to do.

Christmas highlights

By Moriah on December 28th, 2011

My mom always makes Swedish Coffee Buns on Christmas Eve. All three of my girls got in on the action, twirling, buttering, and sugaring the dough. Arianna slicked her hair and face with the butter when we weren’t looking. Not surprising.

Building a little gingerbread village:

Drew’s was a train.

Before Christmas Eve dinner at my grandparents’ house:

(I’ve had a haircut since then.)

On the way to church, goofballs:

It’s so hard when you’re 4.  You have to wait for everything at Christmastime.

Christmas morning:

Breakfast, after stockings and before gifts.

Wherein Rebecca and Emily come to live with us.

Papa flying his new toy.

Carrissa’s surprise iPad.

Drew kept hiding behind the chair to play legos in peace.

One of the most beautiful dolls I’ve ever seen,

with THE cutest boots.

Watching football? Can’t remember…

Dollhouse minivan that plays 4 stations of music – HILARIOUS to watch her dance.

Hope your Christmas was merry!!!

an overflowing cup

By Moriah on September 16th, 2011

We have lots of family in/coming to town because Ethan’s baptism is Sunday. Which means tomorrow is going to be busy buying and cooking food for the lunch afterwards, preparing breakfast and clothes for Sunday (because we have a SLIGHT ISSUE with getting anywhere on time, especially across town at 9:30), and hanging out with everyone that has come to visit. I also have to pick up his birth announcements at Costco. Good timing, yes? I LOVE them. I’ll show you next week. And I’m going to buy a cake.

It’s times like these where all God’s blessings sort of get in your face, demanding notice. It makes a long hard week lighter. People around, help with the kids, laughter, talking, good food… And my mom is staying until next Friday.

I’m doing my happy dance.


By Moriah on August 23rd, 2011

If we’re FB friends, you might have already seen all these. Sorry! Anyway, they were resized/edited in Picnik, saved to FB, and then transported back to Picnik to make this slideshow. (So I’m not sure about the quality, but you get the general idea of our trip.)

And sorry for just disappearing for so long here!!

Wherein Andy turns 30

By Moriah on May 13th, 2011

I know at least a couple of people are dying to know how last night went and here’s where I should just tell you I totally lied yesterday about having a small family party for Andy’s 30th.

We had a surprise party and actually pulled it off.

A couple of funny things inevitably happened. He showed up at home on Jim’s motorcycle, borrowed for fun (what else would Andy do on his 30th birthday?). But that meant his car was still at the office. Which we needed to “go out to dinner.” So my mom and I had to squeeze in picking up his car along with all our crazy running around town for last-minute party stuff.

Logistically, it was interesting getting her and the kids out the door BEFORE US when they were just “going to the park.” Thankfully Andy didn’t ask too many questions. I already felt like I was in the hot seat, trying to come up with explanations/excuses on the fly.

Then when we were trying to leave, the heavens opened and TORRENTIAL DOWNPOUR ensued. What in the world?! It wasn’t even raining over by the church! The highway was slooooooow going because of poor visibility. I thought we’d never get there and it was doubly frustrating knowing tons of people were standing around waiting for us. Oh and THEN, my sister and two of my kids (finishing up the last of the food when we left) passed us on the highway. Me, trying not to laugh, PRAYING Andy hadn’t noticed.

When we got off the exit I made him lay his seat back and cover his eyes since I forgot a blindfold. He thought we drove way past the church and was a little surprised when we ended up there. Everyone had parked in the back so the entire parking lot looked empty. I told him we had to just pick something up someone had left there for us and then we could go to dinner. Ha. Worked like a charm.

So it all worked out in the end.

My parents are officially done with the college years.

By Moriah on May 9th, 2011

I never did find a babysitter so we brought all the kids to my sisters’ graduation and purposefully went late. We hung out in the lobby for a while, until the procession and then stood in the back.

Waiting… (happens a lot when you’re small)

With Papa:

Family photo (rare):

With Grandmommy:

My little silly clown Adelaide, always good for a giggle:

With great-grandparents:

4 generations of ladies:

The Graduates!

(And yes, it does sorta feel like they were in junior high only yesterday.)

My sister-in-law also graduated from grad school on Saturday so we went up to their place for a big graduation bonfire/cookout party which was FUN. No photos from that, though (besides, it was dark). And yesterday, being Mother’s Day, the festivities only continued. Now I need a weekend to recover from my weekend!


By Moriah on May 9th, 2011

My house is quiet, kids are all scrubbed and snoring away. I should be doing the dishes and going to bed – I’m choosing to blog and do laundry instead. (Because dishes can be done in the not-quiet.)

We’ve been having a sweet (if insanely busy) weekend with my parents and grandparents here. I still have to sort, edit, and resize graduation photos before I can post them – maybe later today. On Friday we took my grandparents to the tea room for lunch and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. I did snap a few of my Granddad reading to Arianna at home later, so cute:

And my dad took some of our four generations:

(My kids are blessed indeed.)

cinco de mayo

By Moriah on May 6th, 2011

My sisters are officially done with school (parents and grandparents are here for graduation – yahoo!) so yesterday my middle girls went over to play at their apartment and Ari and I hung out. (Drew lives outside.)

She’s been doing this thing with her mouth, like a duck beak – so funny and cute. I couldn’t get a good photo though…

And then Carrissa and the girls brought back queso & chips for a little Cinco de Mayo fun.

Ended the evening watching part of a movie on her laptop.

Junk food and movies – what else are aunts for?!

(starting fresh)

By Moriah on May 2nd, 2011

(This one’s for the non-locals…)

Well last week was one for the history books. Easter was fabulous. Monday evening two of my kids felt feverish so they stayed home from school Tuesday. And then Wednesday the storms hit. It’s really kind of twilight-zonish to sit in a hallway with your kids on a mattress with the doors shut riding out tornadoes. What is this, Kansas?

We don’t really have any trees close enough to damage our house but we have several friends with significant damage (house and auto) and the entire surrounding southeastern area has pockets of complete destruction. So sad.

While that was all going on, Andy’s high-school-aged cousin was hit by a drunk driver and killed – he had gone with his parents to the funeral and wasn’t home for most of the storm AND the 2 1/2 days we ended up being without power (LUCKY HIM). Doesn’t all this make you just long for heaven and lasting peace???

My mom said “my book” would be a best-seller and I said “yeah, you’re not going to be laughing when my roof blows off.” Thankfully it didn’t. But just to give you an idea, we have random bits of debris and insulation in our yard blown in from Alabama or who-knows-where. Strong winds, indeed.

Friday a little before noon our power came back on, Andy was back home and life was looking a little brighter. His parents stayed to visit for the day and in the afternoon everyone but Arianna and me went to the zoo. Madeline came home toting the biggest stuffed cheetah you’ve ever seen. I mean, HUGE.

Saturday was another pretty good day – Andy and one of his buddies took all their older kids on a waterfall hike and then we all met up later for a picnic dinner at the park (three families total). I told Andy chasing Arianna around a park at the end of the day did not sound like fun and he committed to watch her. So I sat my preggy rear on the picnic blanket and did nothing but eat and hang out with the other moms.

My kids are now back in school and here’s praying for a calmer week.

A birthday and some Easter eggs

By Moriah on April 23rd, 2011

I’m heading to bed… mostly ready for Easter morning. The important things are done. I wanted to stick these photos up now though, since it’s quiet and no one is tugging on my pant leg.

For my birthday, Andy took me out to dinner…

…and brought me some roses. (Funny, he looks different already since I just gave him a haircut.)

When we got back my sisters helped my kids throw a little party.

They were so sweet and cute and hilarious, as usual. Adelaide said to me later “birthdays take a long time.” (She means because we celebrated hers and mine near the end of the day.)

This morning we went to our church’s breakfast and Resurrection egg hunt. I thought my camera was in my purse BUT IT WASN’T. So sad. Which means all I have is two pix of Ari getting into the loot after her nap.

Night, night. Happy Easter!

With Grandmommy

By Moriah on March 14th, 2011

Whenever my mom is here she likes to get photos with the kids.  I’m not sure where Drew was so it turned into “with the girls” instead.  I just had to share these because they made us all die laughing.  And you can bet #4 will reappear at her rehearsal dinner in about 21 years.  (I was 22 when I got married…just used that number.)

Presenting “What to do if you don’t want your picture taken, steal your sister’s hairbow.”

Notice Madeline? What in the world!

Ooh, and this one too, just ’cause it makes me laugh:

Can’t remember what she was mad about but whatever it was, BABY NOT HAPPY. (I’m a bad mom to laugh, I know.)

Hi there

By Moriah on March 12th, 2011

Sorry, didn’t mean to just randomly disappear for a week! We’ve been busy {having fun} with my mom here. Last Saturday all the girls went to the tea room. Well except Arianna; that would not have been relaxing.

And… we’ve been busy playing at home, eating crackers.

Monday was my sisters’ birthday so we took them out to dinner.

And had cake at their apartment.

Tuesday I went through our filing cabinet and ALL our papers and threw out a can and a half of trash! The kids have gone on bike rides and been on lots of walks.  One day we ran errands, the kids played at the mall, and I met some girlfriends for dinner.  Yesterday we had some friends over for tea and I made a dress.

This morning Andy and I went out for breakfast and we have another date planned for tonight.  See? When my mom’s here we just CRAM IT ALL IN.

{weekend photos}

By Moriah on February 23rd, 2011

I need to get these up before they are way too old!

My mom sent some Melissa & Doug painting sets for the kids to do with their Papa. They loved it. (Anything involving paint and mess is usually a big hit.)

Then we went to a park.

That night (Saturday) the adults went out to dinner at Chili’s – which my brother said was like going to Europe and eating at McDonald’s. HMPH! (At least you can count on the food being good, whereas some of the local places he suggested can be hit-or-miss or just plain expensive.)

On Monday Papa took Drew to Walmart to get new tires for his bike and also came home with a new bike for Adelaide. (Aunt Cassandra and Mommy have both taken a little detour over her old one.) I’m sure my dad hadn’t planned on spending the entire day fixing Drew’s bike but he sure had one grateful little recipient!

I fixed dinner here for everyone on Monday night before he left Tuesday. Great visit! Come again, Papa!

I forgot to tell you these people came over

By Moriah on January 14th, 2011


My cousin Vangie, her husband John, and Baby Bryonie. Stopped by over Christmas and fighting colds, poor things.

(Er, I’m so used to it but I realize ‘Vangie’ is rather uncommon. Her full name is Evangeline, in case you were curious.)

The kids:


And while I’m here speaking of cousins, my cousin Bryonie (Vangie’s sister) just adopted a little baby boy, finalized in the past couple of weeks. Meet Judah!


(Photo sent to me via email.) For more of their story, click here.

full steam ahead

By Moriah on November 15th, 2010

Erin (my sister-in-law) ran our area’s big marathon on Saturday. We took the kids to see her on a couple of the last loops and then across the finish line.  We could not have timed it better; she ran up about five minutes after we parked.  It was a GORGEOUS day and lots of fun.

Waiting to spot her coming…


There she is! (notice Super Dad holding Arianna in the sling, ha!):




I loved this shot of Micah watching her:


Heading towards the festivities and the finish line:




She came in 4th for the females and 37th overall (1st in her age group).  So proud!!!



They had balloons for the kids, always a hit:



And a huge inflated slide:




We let Ari pretend she was bouncing too:


Another bounce house:



Sitting with friends waiting for the cannon to go off.  LOUD.



time for tea

By Moriah on October 6th, 2010

My mom’s birthday is in three days so two of my girls and I took her out for tea before she left.


Madeline lost her first tooth yesterday!

madeline's first lost tooth

tea with grandmommy

sisters tea

grandmommy birthday

madeline at tea


Happy birthday to one sweet lady!

Hello, old blog

By Moriah on October 4th, 2010

Yay for REAL fall weather!  Pulled tags off girl clothes this morning and sent them through the washer.  Always fun to get out stuff I’d totally forgotten about.

Speaking of the washer, our old one was leaking oil all over the laundry room floor.  (Like, I’m talkin’ our own personal Gulf.)  It had been going on for months and my mom cleaned it up the last time she was here.  (Brave woman.)  I finally googled “washing machine leaking oil” and apparently that meant new transmission.  Which was, of course, a more expensive repair than buying a brand new washer.

Thankfully we had it covered on our home warranty plan and they’ll reimburse us.  Sears delivered our new one on Saturday.  Some things to get used to, like the automatic water level.  (I’m sure it will save $ on our water bill.)


Yesterday was one of those happy Sundays.  (Except for going out to the van to leave for church and the battery was dead because someone left the lights on.)  We had a yummy lunch with my sisters and then my mom cooked for everyone for dinner – including my brother and sister-in-law.  (Getting used to hanging out with them!)  She made this almond-crusted chicken that was pan-fried and a PIE.  (Have I ever mentioned banana creme pie is my very very favorite?  Has to be with vanilla pudding though and yes, it makes a difference.)

Also, tried piggies in Arianna’s hair.  TO DIE FOR with the cuteness.


And, sorry, I can’t resist:

cry baby

Girls with Grandmommy after church:


grandmommy ari

Just for kicks (pun totally intended):

yum shoe

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