By Moriah on April 14th, 2012

My birthday is right around the corner so my parents bought me an external hard drive for my photos. I cleared them out last night and the available storage on my laptop jumped from 2 to 73G. Ha! So that’s a little better. ;)

Otherwise, our Matilda Jane show came this week…

so I’ve been busy sorting, packing, shipping,

and hand-delivering!

And, of course, we had one MEGA fashion show :)

Andy’s mom ordered for the girls, so these photos are for her :) THANK YOU, GRANDMOM!!!

And there has been loads of twirling, as usual.

(That pink dress is not MJ (Tea, from a store credit)… but Arianna couldn’t stop climbing up on the table and “saying cheese” for the camera even when we were done.  Hilarious.)

By the way, two of the items we wanted didn’t make it through customs on time for the Apr. 1 release, so Amy and I are going to open up another show on the 19th.  If you missed it this time around, feel free to order with us in 5 days! :)

our matilda jane show is open!

By Moriah on April 1st, 2012

I’m home from church because I still can hardly walk… hoping to get straightened out at the chiropractor’s tomorrow morning. ANYWAY – the photos are up on the site so now is a good time to fill up your wishlist and send it in.

A couple of things – NO, you do not have to attend the in-home show tomorrow to place an order. All you need to do is go to the MJC website and click on the items you want, add them in whatever size(s) you want to your wishlist, and then when you’re done there are fields on the left to enter in your info and send it to bethanih@matildajaneclothing.com and me (moriah@pleasepassthesalt.net).

In the notes box, put your address and payment information (or “call for payment information”) and then down in the Jane/show box make sure you put Moriah & Amy so it gets where it needs to. You can comment on this post or email me if you have any questions or need sizing help.

HELLO SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

you’re invited

By Moriah on March 19th, 2012

I’ve loved clothes as long as I can remember.  If you know my mom and grandma, you know I come by it honestly. :)  And if you’ve read this blog any length of time you know I also love particular brands for my kids, and one of them happens to be Matilda Jane.  I often spend my Christmas and birthday money on MJC – for me and for the girls.  They are my favorite, hands down. Unique, fun, wash amazingly well and worth every penny.

Believe it or not, I’ve never hosted a trunk show before but, for this final release of Spring 2012 I am co-hosting a show.  If you are local, you are welcome to come see everything in person AND it will also be virtual – anyone can order through our show.  It will be flat $4 trunk shipping to us and Amy and I will ship priority to you for free. You need to email me for tax information. ;)  (It’s good!)

Basically the new pieces will be released on Matilda Jane’s website on April 1st; you will fill up your wishlist on their site and email it to me (moriah@pleasepassthesalt.net) AND my trunk keeper (bethanih@matildajaneclothing.com). Put in the notes section that it’s for Moriah and Amy’s show and how you would like to pay (credit/debit card or paypal).  You can put your phone number if you’d rather Bethani call you for your payment information.

Two Serendipity collections have already been released; you can shop from them as well as the older lines still available on their website. The new stuff just won’t be available for purchase until those photos are up.

Hope to have you shop with us! I will be available for questions or anything you need while the show is open, feel free to shoot me an email.  You will get a confirmation email/receipt once the show closes (most likely on April 3rd).  If you are going to order please do it quickly; the cutest pieces typically sell out within the first few hours.

And even if you don’t have little girls to dress, make sure you check out their women’s line!

small style – jump!

By Moriah on October 20th, 2011

On one of the nice days last week I played with my kids on the “jumpoline” (a la Adelaide). Fun times!

On Madeline: tunic – miniboden, leggings Target last year.

On Adelaide: hand-me-down Madeline playclothes all from Old Navy (top was last year, jeans who knows!).

On Drew: top – miniboden, jeans Old Navy.

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)

small style

By Moriah on October 6th, 2011

squeezing this in while it’s still Thursday…

Today was interesting. Madeline went to put on her jeans before school and they were about 3 inches too short and would not even come close to buttoning. I know she wore them a couple of times this summer but apparently she had a growth spurt last night. So while the big kids were at school I took the littles and we hit up Old Navy and Walmart.

As I was putting the baby’s seat back in the van I realized he smelled suspicious – so I lifted his leg and sure enough, oozing baby poop everywhere. Decided that was a mess for home and left it. We picked up Adelaide and I forgot all about the cold milk in the trunk when I let my sister borrow my van. And then I forgot that the storage tubs I had bought were also still back there when Andy left with the van tonight. I’m attempting to get the summer stuff out and the fall stuff in. You know what they say about the best-laid plans…

Anyway, back to Small Style. This is Drew from today:

The kinda-swishy pants are from Target which are super comfy and he has 3 different colors. Can’t beat $9. Tee is Tea Collection.

I didn’t get a photo of Madeline but she had on dark purple skinny cords and this yellow/white striped top. I wanted her to wear her yellow shoes but she declined. She chose her silver maryjanes instead. (Why are 6 year olds so opinionated?) She came home and immediately changed for ballet. Never mind that it didn’t start for several hours. ;)

Adelaide also had on an Old Navy top and brown cords.  (More stripes!)

Arianna wore an MJ top as a dress, leggings from Target and shoes are Gracious May:

I’m glad the weekend is nearly here, maybe I can finally get caught up? A girl can dream!

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)

Small Style – I could just die at all the cute

By Moriah on September 15th, 2011

Arianna, for church last Sunday…

This is what happens if you take away her paci:

Top used to be Adelaide’s and passed down, socks ARE Adelaide’s (I just folded the extra fabric under her toes), dress is her own; everything is Matilda Jane and shoes are Livie & Luca, bought last year during a big sale and saved.

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)

Small Style – I can dress my own self edition

By Moriah on September 1st, 2011

Yellow knit shorts – Walmart; upside-down skirt – Tea Collection (both Madeline’s).

Inside-out striped tank – Old Navy (Adelaide’s).

No clothes were harmed in the making of this post.

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)

small style – 1st day of PreK

By Moriah on August 25th, 2011

Today Adelaide starts PreK. She is soo excited. (Remember when she brought me a pile of change – “money so I can go to school, Mom”?)

Dress is Matilda Jane, shoes are Simple. (When she got dressed this morning we found about 20 little sticky burrs inside her dress from the last time she wore it – good thing we noticed before sending her off! That would have been one miserably itchy first day!)

(For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa.)

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