and so here we are

By Moriah on August 1st, 2012

You start vacation this way too, right?

We’re down at the beach with some friends and I’m trying my hardest not to think about the $3,450 we’ll owe when we get home. Car repairs are soo irritating and yet so unavoidable. We are also having the bathroom floor tiled this week, which was as good an excuse as any to come down as planned. We borrowed another van.

Ari got more than she bargained for, sitting in his lap.  Today was our 3rd trip to the beach; lots of pool swimming, too.  And then evenings are filled with dinner and the Olympics.

What could be better?

I think I need some decaf

By Moriah on July 16th, 2012

My kids (and Andy) are cleaning my house, so I can sit here and blog guilt-free! I texted my friend Tiffany this morning warning her I was thinking of heading to the playground and that she may as well drop everything and meet me there. My kids were stuck at home so much last week due to rain and I knew they were really needing to run around. And it wasn’t too hot yet. So off we went, with plenty of water. I’m pretty sure I could sit and talk to her all day.

And it kinda WAS like that since they met us at the sprayground this evening too. There’s a Monday $5 after 5 deal and we’ve been taking full advantage of it. You can’t beat getting out of the house, cooling off, enjoying friends in a really fun place, and not even have to deal with sunscreen (not that I do much anyway).

And Madeline’s cast comes off Friday! (Why yes, we are counting the hours.)

making the rounds

By Moriah on March 22nd, 2012

Tuesday was NUTS. But fun!

Went to a different park, played with friends. I haven’t been wearing makeup this week, which is certainly faster for getting out the door. Freeing and scary, all at the same time. (The bottom line is I don’t have the energy to care.)

The babies were sooo cute, sitting all chatty on the blanket.

I’m not sure how I feel about my TWO YEAR OLD being able to do this?

Ate a picnic lunch and climbed trees.

Borrowed toys…

And loved on this doll-baby.

Loving spring.

We flew home for quick naps, met our Tuesday peeps for Chik-Fil-A, ran over to another friend’s house to pick up some stuff and the kids ALL piled out of my van. (That’s when I felt like the old woman that lived in the shoe.) Yeah, we totally descended on her. But she still invited me to sit on her porch and chat while the kids ran in the street played in her yard.

Then we went to Becky’s to drop off her stuff and she had made cookies so of course we had to play there, too. We got home past 9, filthy and needing baths but happy to see SO many friends, all in one day!

where kids can be kids (and the grownups, too)

By Moriah on March 7th, 2012

We went to a little friend’s birthday party Monday night. Fun times for the whole family!

Lisa challenged all the moms to a skee ball tournament. Unfortunately none of the score-keeping panels worked.

Arianna kept taking all my skee balls. Ha.

Drew won the ticket jackpot on this slot machine thing. (I will refrain from commenting further on that except to say he was happy.)

And then we had a little b-ball challenge. I don’t know how we did on that one, either. I think CEC needs to fix their electronic scorekeepers for those who are, ahem, competitive. ;)

coolest thing ever

By Moriah on October 10th, 2011

I know, I know. This post took forever to get around to. But these photos are totally worth it!!! I almost just scrapped the collage idea but finally had time this morning to get it done, and it really cuts down on the length of the post. The best ones are at the bottom. :)

First we met some friends at an ice cream shop and then went to the park.

It was really iffy there for a while, waiting to see if the wind was going to cooperate. We thought about leaving so many times because the girls were cold and it was getting later and later. We ended up staying and it was SO worth it.

Andy had asked them beforehand if they’d need any extra help. He’s always been really fascinated by hot air balloons (I think if he had the money he’d buy one, ha!).

It was too windy to go in the air (the rides were scheduled for another time, this was just supposed to be tethered “lanterns” about 50 feet up. They were trying to keep them on the ground but got airborne a few times. :) Andy said the whole experience was so fun.


what it’s all about

By Moriah on July 16th, 2011

It seems both like yesterday and a lifetime ago that we were all just college kids. Now there are 9 kids between us. (Most of whom we made watch a movie last night so WE could eat cake and play.)

Nicky, you need to open up a dessert shop. Seriously.

Spray! (Fun Mom Friday)

By Moriah on June 24th, 2011

Monday night we met our Lewin friends for a picnic dinner and fun times at the sprayground. Perfect ending to a hot day.

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me and my twin

By Moriah on June 18th, 2011

This is my college hallmate and I, (bridesmaids, too); her first and my last. I hadn’t seen her at all this pregnancy (and probably months before that) but we had dinner last night. Had to get the bellies in a photo before it’s too late.

Both boys. So fun.

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