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By Moriah on September 21st, 2011

We had a really great weekend even though it was a LOT of work. And yes, we got to the church on time. ;)

With Grandmom, Saturday:

She and Grandpop took the 3 big kids on a train ride and out to lunch while I ran errands and bought food. Some family friends came up in time for pizza that night and why did I not pull out my camera?!

We took a ton of family photos afterwards (can’t show; mom’s Christmas card) and had lunch for family, etc. in the fellowship hall and again I forgot to take photos. The kids apparently ran around so hard that immediately upon entering the car Arianna fell over.

Drew’s car game, called “my arms are broken”:

My sweet Madeline-girl:

And this was from a few days ago and totally unrelated but so funny. She’s got the most awesome kiss-face. And she loves her wittle brother.


By Moriah on May 9th, 2011

My house is quiet, kids are all scrubbed and snoring away. I should be doing the dishes and going to bed – I’m choosing to blog and do laundry instead. (Because dishes can be done in the not-quiet.)

We’ve been having a sweet (if insanely busy) weekend with my parents and grandparents here. I still have to sort, edit, and resize graduation photos before I can post them – maybe later today. On Friday we took my grandparents to the tea room for lunch and unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures. I did snap a few of my Granddad reading to Arianna at home later, so cute:

And my dad took some of our four generations:

(My kids are blessed indeed.)

{weekend photos}

By Moriah on February 23rd, 2011

I need to get these up before they are way too old!

My mom sent some Melissa & Doug painting sets for the kids to do with their Papa. They loved it. (Anything involving paint and mess is usually a big hit.)

Then we went to a park.

That night (Saturday) the adults went out to dinner at Chili’s – which my brother said was like going to Europe and eating at McDonald’s. HMPH! (At least you can count on the food being good, whereas some of the local places he suggested can be hit-or-miss or just plain expensive.)

On Monday Papa took Drew to Walmart to get new tires for his bike and also came home with a new bike for Adelaide. (Aunt Cassandra and Mommy have both taken a little detour over her old one.) I’m sure my dad hadn’t planned on spending the entire day fixing Drew’s bike but he sure had one grateful little recipient!

I fixed dinner here for everyone on Monday night before he left Tuesday. Great visit! Come again, Papa!

I forgot to tell you these people came over

By Moriah on January 14th, 2011


My cousin Vangie, her husband John, and Baby Bryonie. Stopped by over Christmas and fighting colds, poor things.

(Er, I’m so used to it but I realize ‘Vangie’ is rather uncommon. Her full name is Evangeline, in case you were curious.)

The kids:


And while I’m here speaking of cousins, my cousin Bryonie (Vangie’s sister) just adopted a little baby boy, finalized in the past couple of weeks. Meet Judah!


(Photo sent to me via email.) For more of their story, click here.

Where I’ve been

By Moriah on September 2nd, 2009

Whenever my mom is here we seem to attempt a massive organizing/cleaning overhaul of my house. With a new baby only two months away, as you can imagine, my mom arrived for this visit to one very long to-do list.

You know, minor things like steam-cleaning the rugs and vacuuming under the couch cushions, getting the dust bunnies out from under my bed… (And yes, we totally made Andy hold the mattresses back while we vacuumed and mopped under there. He’s a good sport.)

Yesterday we went through all the clothes currently in my dresser – I still had non-maternity summer stuff taking up real estate in there. What’s up with that? We also sorted through the girls’ dresser and closet and made some room in there for Girl 3.

Today before Andy left for work, he helped us carry down 8 huge storage bins of baby clothes from the attic. Whenever one of the kids changed sizes or we had a season change, I just threw things in bins and tossed them up there.

Which means that nothing was organized by sex or size. Yeah, I know, efficient.

So during naptime we dumped them all out, sifted out a garbage bag’s worth of Goodwill stuff, and put everything back according to size and gender. I now have a bin of preemie to 3 mo. that I can grab out when the time comes and have everything together, ready to go. (Well, it’ll need to be washed. But still.)

We also got all the girls’ fall clothes accessible. (Mostly Adelaide’s… I haven’t done much shopping ahead for Madeline.) I know I’ll thank myself when the cold weather hits and I don’t have to root around in the attic for something suitable for them to wear.

(I also should mention that you can’t fully stand up in our attic. So bending half-over, scooting things around, and shoving them to where Andy could carry them down, well, that was quite literally backbreaking work. I’ll be on the couch for the rest of the week, if you need me.)

Need some cleaning done? Invite my mom over, she’s no joke.


I may have forgotten how to cook

By Moriah on August 31st, 2009

I haven’t mentioned it but my mom has actually been here all week. The first few days she spent helping my sisters get their dorm room set up and staying at my brother/SIL’s house. She’s been staying here since Friday, and you can bet my kids are having fun.

It was a busy week! I was able to go out with some girlfriends to dinner and to see Julie & Julia. (Have you seen it? I know Meryl Streep was speaking the way Julia Child did but I have to say it drove me up the wall.) All my friends left saying it made them want to go cook. It made me want to run from the kitchen.

It could just be the pregnancy.

My mom, sisters, and I took the kids to Andy’s restaurant one night and then we also went back, sans kids, over the weekend with some friends. It turned out to be the week for eating out – we also made a stop for lunch at the tea room on Saturday and out for Chinese that same night. Andy and I even had a dinner date this week at Chili’s.

All that to say, I guess I can’t complain about having to cook this week since I’ve clearly been spoiled with all my un-cooking lately. (To top it off, my mom had made a big Sunday meal for us yesterday for my siblings and a cousin. I didn’t even heat up the rolls.)

Total change of subject… Saturday night we had to get the groceries for Sunday lunch and stopped in Walmart (I also needed more 2T girls’ underwear… can’t imagine why) and my sister and I turned around to see Drew with his hands cupped around something.

It was a handful of cigarette butts he had pilfered from the ashtray by the front door.


In all fairness, I don’t think he knows anyone who smokes and hasn’t really been exposed to the concept. I doubt he knew what they were. And I think we probably embarrassed him by our shocked cries of disgust. But still, ew. (His hands got a quick Purell bath, needless to say.)

And here he thought he had found himself a little treasure. Ha.

Weekend Visitors

By Moriah on June 15th, 2009

Oh. Hi.

(A blog? What’s that? I have one?)

I hadn’t intended to take a break this past week, but I know you really didn’t want to hear about the laundry. I’m sure that’s all I did (at least until Friday when my friend Sarah called for a playdate at the park).

But this weekend was busy, full, and FUN. Andy’s folks flew down for a quick visit, arriving at our house a little after noon on Saturday.

This takes a little explaining. Andy is an only child. However, his friend J lived with Andy’s family during summers and Christmas vacations and he’s sort of like the adopted son/brother. He was the best man in our wedding. (And then surprised us all and got married himself, a couple of years later.) He and his wife live in Atlanta.

So anyway, Andy’s folks drove here with them. The guys, including Drew, went golfing Saturday afternoon and Drew pretty much thought he had died and went to heaven. (As Andy so perfectly put it, he “got to drive around in a golf cart, run around in a field, hit a ball with a metal object, and hang out with dad.”)

(And yes, he’s been asking to go play golf ever since. Andy even bought him a set of real, albeit tiny, clubs.)

(They’re currently residing on the very top shelf.)

Meanwhile, both my girls, my mom-in-law, and L all went to tea (what else?) and then did a little boutique shopping. I was a little curious/nervous to see how Adelaide would do but she did great!

She only dumped one cup of tea in her lap but made up for it with the other twelve that she actually drank. (They were baby cups. But still. Let’s just say we found out she likes tea.)

(And I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t get any pictures of Adelaide’s first real tea party. I was sure I left my camera at home and later found that it had been in my purse that entire time. GAH.)

The boutique maternity store I wanted to show L (also pregnant) ended up being closed but we were able to peek around one of my favorite kids stores. Later I’ll have to show you the matching dresses my mom-in-law bought the girls. (They need to be hemmed.)

Saturday night we got a babysitter (only took me two weeks; EVERYONE is out of town) and we all went to Andy’s restaurant for a VERY nice dinner and I didn’t even have to cut up anyone’s food!

(Fortunately Andy’s pretty good about cutting his own.)

(The only mistake was my drinking waaay too much iced tea. I woke up at 3:45 WIDE AWAKE, which was rather inconvenient.)

After church we had a quick lunch of Chinese food and then the kids played a little with the grandparents before they needed to head back.

A whirlwind trip, but very fun.

Sweet Visits

By Moriah on April 17th, 2009

Last night a friend from college came to see me, and brought her three-month-old bundle of pink. My sisters showed up conveniently about five minutes before, and were able to help me with the last-minute bedtime preparations so I could spend my time gabbing with Monique. (Thankfully the kids had already been bathed before the doorbell ever rang, so there really wasn’t much to do.)

We had tea and she stayed really late – a great time in my book!

And then my phone rang this morning, and it was my Aunt Florence, who is in town for my cousin/her son’s music concert. She wondered if she and Aunt Collyn could stop by, and maybe Nicky wouldn’t mind walking over as well.

I wasted no time calling Nicky and special-ordering muffins, while I was at it. I mean, if I’m expected to have an impromptu tea party, the least she could do is bring the muffins. Oh, and don’t forget the pineapple!

(Don’t you wish you were my neighbor?)

We had a sweet, lovely time together. My sister turned up again with a friend (who needed to interview Madeline for her Dev. Psych class), which meant we also had someone to watch all the kids outside so we could enjoy our tea and muffins from the comfort of the living room. Nice!

I mentioned a family heartbreak a few weeks back. My aunt showed us her pictures and told us some of the details we hadn’t yet heard. It was such a bittersweet time – sweet to be together, yet sorrowful about the reality of it all. (Again, sorry to be so vague, but I’ll fill you in if and when I have permission.)

It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with dear people I don’t get to see very often. (Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures since my camera has decided to walk off.)

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