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By Moriah on December 9th, 2009

A couple of quick, random, un-related things…

I’ve gone RED again for the holidays!  (I mean, not me personally, but my blog design…)

When I was changing the color of my feed icon, it reminded me I’ve been meaning to mention to those of you new to reading blogs – and I personally know a few – you can click on that icon (in the sidebar to the right, directly under the words “Subscribe (it’s free!):” and subscribe to my blog (and anyone else’s) so that you can check for new posts all in one spot (your feedreader) and not have to click around to each individual blog that you read in order to check for updates.  A HUGE time saver.

Several questions from the comments on my last post: The bunk beds are Columbia from Atlantic Furniture. Just do a Google search if you’re interested; lots of options and colors available.

The plan for now is to keep Adelaide in the crib until Arianna grows out of the bassinet in our room. Then we’ll put her in the crib and probably Adelaide will go in the full bed with Madeline. I don’t plan on setting up the top bunk anytime soon but wanted the option for the future. (I think it’s recommended that children be 6 or 7 before they sleep on a top bunk and Madeline is only 4.)

Also, I know the second photo makes it look like the footboard is taller than the headboard; they’re the same height.

I’ve also been asked several times about the bathroom project/remodel. My dad ended up hiring out the drywall and they came yesterday. I’ve got a fan blowing in there to hopefully speed the drying. I think it needs two more coats of mud and then they’ll sand/finish it. After that, it is just the window trim and baseboards left, which my brother will do. Oh, and the paint. (Which started the whole mess, remember?)

And as usually with any home-improvement project, it will be SO nice when it’s finished.  (In EVERY way.)

Q&A Part III – How we met

By Moriah on January 13th, 2009

Remember those questions? Well, Jackie had also asked how Andy and I met, which I saved for this separate post. (Lucky you.)

It was the fall of my sophomore year of college, and a friend and I were chatting in one of our dorm rooms when she casually mentioned that I “needed to be nice to people who smile and wave at [me].”

What! What is that supposed to mean!

I asked her WHO did I not ‘smile and wave’ to? and she would not say. But it was such a pointed remark, I knew she was talking about a specific instance involving a specific person, but one that I clearly did not remember.

Finally she said, “just be nice to Andy,” and tried to leave it at that. I thought she was referring to another, different Andy we were both sort of acquainted with, and was confused as to why on earth she’d care whether I said hi to him or not.

After a little more discussion that I can’t go into here, we figured out we were talking about two totally different people. And then she said she was referring to Andy ______. (Last name omitted for obvious reasons.)

Me: “who’s Andy ______?” I’d never even heard of him before.

(See? How could I have been expected to WAVE and SMILE to someone I didn’t even know existed? So there!)

So of course at that point, I started asking about this mysterious Andy and she declared him “really cute.” That obviously piqued my interest, and she and I started scheming an introduction.

A couple of days after that, we were about to sit down in the cafeteria and she grabbed my arm and nudged me; quickly and discreetly pointing over to a dark-haired guy already seated at a table, I think with one of the professors. She was right, he WAS cute.

A few more days and I spotted him sitting and eating with several of my friends, so I nonchalantly walked over and sat down next to Suzanne. Andy didn’t see me and was standing up to leave, realized I was there, replaced his tray on the table, and sat back down.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

Q&A, Part II

By Moriah on December 5th, 2008

(Continued from Part I.)

Jackie asked: What food can you not live without? Coffee. Although chips and fresh salsa is a close second. (And yeah, I guess coffee’s not technically a food.) If you had $100 to spend on yourself, what would you use it for? CLOTHES! I’m a clothes horse, always have been. (I blame my mother.) How did you and Andy meet?

Another post for another time. ;)

From Kalyndra: What are your best tips for dealing with 3 kids as opposed to one or two? Break it down and compartmentalize. When I’m leaving the house I get each child ready separately. Otherwise I’m liable to forget a spare diaper or hairbow. Or a shoe.

Meals I try to do at the same time (and clean up one mess, huge as it most likely is). Thankfully all three of mine can mostly eat the same things.

For shopping, when Adelaide was little, I would park next to a cart return cage and put Madeline in the cart (or both Drew and Madeline in my double stroller) and then pop Adelaide into my baby sling. Now I usually let Drew and Madeline walk and Adelaide sits in the cart.

If you have to shop with several little kids, the best way is to do it as fast as possible. Peek at your list as you enter the store and do a sweep/loop around, getting things in order as you go. It seems like the times I stop to browse or go back to get something are when things fall apart.

And if I hurry, my kids feel a sense of urgency to keep up. Usually.

Bedtime. I deal with the baby first and do everything for her. Once she’s completely down, I can focus better on the other kids and we have a book time and all of that. It’s just too hard to do with Adelaide squirming around and wanting to play.

The other tip I would have is to ask for help! Even if you just drop one child off with a friend is helpful. It doesn’t have to be all the kids for you to get a ‘break.’ Often I would drop Adelaide off (when she was a baby) to Nicky so I could shop with just two instead of three.

And finally, don’t feel like you have to do everything. You’re busy; pick and choose the things you want to commit yourself to and give yourself a lot of space and freedom. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful, (a la Nester).

From Tiff: If you had the day to yourself. No kids or hubby. What would you do? It honestly depends on the day and what I had going on. If it were today I’d finish my book, take a LONG hot shower, get ready and go out. Maybe shop a bit, maybe get coffee or lunch somewhere. Maybe see whichever friend could join me.

Vintage Dutch Girl asked: Favorite place to shop for you? Depends on the season and what their seasonal items are. I love Ann Taylor and Loft, White House, and hello? Target!! I can usually find fun things at Old Navy and places like TJ Maxx/Ross/Marshalls as well.

Favorite place to shop for kiddos? Target, Children’s Place, Old Navy, and Gymboree when I’ve got money growing on trees. AND…do you wear flip flops? Most certainly!

And finally, from Rachel: What inspired you to start your blog? Why do you keep going? I started blogging when we moved up to the South Jersey suburbs of Philly a year and a half ago. I had very few friends, was missing our home here terribly, was living with my in-laws (love them though I do), and life just felt altogether bleak for me.

I knew a few people who blogged, and then sort of stumbled over a few big-name bloggers (although I had no idea at the time), and thought ‘I can totally do that!’ and signed myself up. It seemed the obvious choice for keeping in touch with friends back home and family all over.

Now we’re back down South and those initial reasons for blogging aren’t so compelling anymore (except my mom still lives far away). I blog now because it’s an amazing outlet and I’ve made some dear friends through blogging that I otherwise would never have met. It’s about connections, you know. :)

And yes, it’s cheaper than therapy.

Q&A, Part I

By Moriah on December 3rd, 2008

(I’m still a wee bit congested but I thought I’d post some of the answers I’d already written to your questions from several weeks ago. If you’re new here and are curious about anything else, feel free to leave it in the comments.)

L.R. asked, What is your favorite type of jewelry? I mostly use jewelry to accessorize. Other than my wedding and engagement rings, I don’t really have any valuable sentimental jewelry that I wear regularly.

I pick and choose current fashions that I want to incorporate into my wardrobe, and jewelry is sort of the icing on that cake. Well-placed jewelry can really pull an outfit or a look together.

With that in mind, and realizing that trends are constantly shifting, I usually keep to the fun but inexpensive stuff you can get at places like Target. (Although I do occasionally purchase jewelry from Ann Taylor or White House/Black Market and the like.)

(Also, I talked a little bit about jewelry in my Fashion Fiesta post last spring.)

From Brite – What music are you listening to? I recently got speakers for my iPod and so most likely I was listening to something like Plumb’s lullaby album, Blink. Very soothing. Of course now I’m listening to Christmas music. Hurray!!

RT asked: What kind of activities do you like to actually *do* with your kids? What kinds of activities do you really try to avoid doing?

Madeline is constantly begging me to color with her and I finally bought a huge box of crayons with colors that I actually like. I mean, one can only handle so many Large Washable Crayons in 8 Bold Colors.

(And this way Beauty doesn’t look overly jaundiced because we now own a ‘peach.’)

So we color a good bit. Sometimes we’ll pull out the scissors. I tried the glue stick once and that quickly shifted to the Things I Do Not Like To Do With My Children category.

I also like to sit and play Play-doh with them sometimes and we read together randomly throughout the day.

I like to take just one child with me on my errands or to the store and they love to be singled out. I also LOVE to tickle my kids. Cannot help myself. They love it.

(I also love to smell their heads after a bath. But I doubt that’s what you meant.)

I’ve mentioned a time or two how much we love our local children’s museum. I actually like taking them there. I think that’s the mark of a good kid place – the parents enjoy themselves, too.

As for things that I try to avoid. Right now, we don’t bake together. Andy lets the kids help make breakfast in the morning and I always have to leave the kitchen before I burst a blood vessel. Maybe when they’re older but I cannot handle someone blowing in the flour even one more time.

From Mer: What have you been reading lately that you’ve enjoyed…or what’s a movie you’ve recently watched that you’d recommend? For the last several months I’ve been reading through the Outlander series. They are very long but worth every minute.

(Also, there’s a review here.)

From Trina: What do your kids eat? Mine are so picky, their taste buds are limited to chicken nuggets, cereal, PB sandwiches and sometimes bananas or apples. I can’t get them to eat what I cook. Do you have this problem?

Each of my kids has at least two veggies that they like. So I rotate all those and sneak spinach into their food. I’m still mostly sneaking in all her veggies for Adelaide. The ‘big kids’ I can bribe… i.e. “you may not have ____ until you eat three bites of green beans.”

I’m a big fan of requiring at least one bite of each item on their plate before I will give them seconds on the things they like.

If desperate, just plop a container of ice cream down on the table and tell them they can’t have any until their dinner is gone. Works like a charm. :)

Also – my kids love fruit. I never have any issues with that.

MK asked: If you decided to go to work full-time after the kiddos are in school, what would you do? Most of my pre-child experience was in a law firm. I’d go back to my old job in a heartbeat (I had a fabulous boss).

(I’ll stop there since this is already pretty long…stay tuned!)

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