The time to buy

By Moriah on January 16th, 2009

Don’t worry, this is NOT going to turn into a coupon blog, I assure you.

But for this?! I paid $5.58.

Reg. price about $24.

And all things I will use. I think I’m set on cleaning products for…a while.

Getting into couponing

By Moriah on January 16th, 2009

Okay, I’ve pestered the life out of Trina and Jenny for links and info and finally bit the bullet and did my first deal at Walgreens last night.

Regular price for all this stuff was around $32:

I paid $11.41 + tax.

(And I only had one measly copy of my Sunday paper, so I would have saved a couple more dollars if I’d had duplicates of a few of the coupons. But it WAS Thursday, and not, you know, Sunday. Couldn’t be helped.)

***I decided to start with the things I actually use, AND we were almost out of toilet paper, so that was convenient.

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