How to pack for your 5th baby

By Moriah on June 29th, 2011

Well, I sure am glad we went back for THAT

By Moriah on May 23rd, 2011

Last week the little girls and I took advantage of the bigger kids being in school and ran a few errands one morning. My parents had given Andy some shorts from Old Navy for his birthday (that I totally picked out) and while the hanger proclaimed the right size, the tags didn’t — which apparently I never checked, oops! So one of the stops was at Old Navy for an exchange.

I usually don’t let my kids bring toys into stores. You can imagine why. This time I’m not really sure what happened or how she snuck it past me, but Adelaide brought in a little (cheap) jewelry box she got for her birthday a month ago. All fine and good, whatever.

Problem is, she ended up wanting me to “hold” it, but then decided to put it in the little velcro pouch on the outside of the Old Navy cart. I didn’t pay it that much attention and, unfortunately, it wasn’t until we were picking up the big kids from my sisters’ apartment that I realized that box was still in the (now abandoned) cart, 20ish minutes away.

The other problem is, I had no idea what was actually IN the box. It could have been anything. The kids are not typically allowed to play with my jewelry but sometimes they still do. I had no idea if there was anything valuable in it and that alone forced me to figure out how we could get it back. I called the store and the VERY SWEET manager found it and put it up at the counter for us. We were going to be out that way again later that day so it wasn’t too much of a hassle.

Take a peek:

Yeah. I sure am glad I went all the way back for a broken Nerf dart, a knob off one of our glass-doored bookshelves, and a stroller clip. I’m sure my life could not have gone on without such treasures in it.

Trying not to laugh while my hair was blowin’ in the wind

By Moriah on July 1st, 2010

So I have to tell you about yesterday.  I had that PFT, which came back completely normal – so most likely no asthma. (Which is good but also means I have no idea why I’m still coughing; chronic bronchitis after all?)

Anyway, when I got to the hospital and checked in, the receptionist said to go to the info desk for directions. I asked the guy standing there and he said “Pulmonary. I gotta get you a chair.”

He left and a few minutes later came back with a wheelchair.

A WHEELCHAIR. I looked at him, said “seriously?! For an asthma test?!” His response was “well, they want you to have breath by the time you get up there.”

Um, okay.

I felt SO SILLY being pushed around the hospital. I could hardly keep myself from busting out laughing and had to bite my lip to keep from doing it. I felt so utterly ridiculous, being quite capable of walking and all.

(Except, after a few minutes being pushed around, I realized what he was talking about when we went hallway after hallway after hallway (where IS this place?!) with no end in sight. Yeah, I probably WOULD have been out of breath by the time I had walked to the moon Pulmonary.)

And also? He pushed that chair FAST.

The test itself was no big deal and I was out of there within the hour.  Which was good because Wednesday is my shopping day and there was still plenty of the afternoon left for that.  (Andy was off and he had the kids. Nice.)

Today we’re going swimming and then Madeline has her 5-year check up (she doesn’t know).  I started reading her Pippi Longstocking yesterday and so we’ll bring that.  And I’m sure we’ll stop to buy a watermelon and a Sonic slushie on our way home, as a post-check-up treat.

Happy Mother’s Day, old girl

By Moriah on May 9th, 2010

This made Andy and I howl:


Apparently I aged 10 years last night as I slept.



Happy Mother’s Day. Hope you are younger than your kids think.

She fits in here

By Moriah on February 12th, 2010


The bedhead continues.

Snow Day

By Moriah on January 8th, 2010

Southern snow days are… laughable.  (Poor kids.)  School was still canceled yesterday, which I thought almost hilarious. Look at those roads, just covered.

snow day

Drew’s snowman CRACKED. US. UP.


Don’t know if you can tell, he used a nail file for the nose.



Just call them Max or Challi, either will work.

By Moriah on August 21st, 2009

The kids have started pretending they’re dogs. It is utterly funny. They take turns being the master – named Andy, appropriately enough.

And, I probably should also mention that the two who play as dogs are just as obedient* as Max.

(*rolling eyes)

Madeline makes the best one… she just crawls around with her tongue out, panting, and won’t say a word. Drew, on the other hand, tries to keep organizing things from his perch on the floor. We constantly have to remind him that dogs don’t talk.

The ‘kennel’ is Drew’s closet. They even knocked down a folded-up Pack N’ Play to use as the gate. It’s most funny when Adelaide is the master and she’s ordered the big dogs into the kennel with her bossy little two-year-old voice. And then she slams the door.

(And I may or may not encourage them to play in the kennel for hours on end. It’s a little quieter around here when they do.)

I’m sorry, but this is just funny

By Moriah on December 11th, 2008
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***Edited to add: some have told me they get a “deleted” message when trying to view the video. I can see it from firefox and I know others can, too. So I’m not sure what’s up… if you can’t see it, well, I’m so very sorry.

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