Couple of Things

By Moriah on August 13th, 2012

Winner for the Veggie Tales Penniless Princess dvd is Athena! I will be in contact with you girl!

Soo, apparently we’re not fake-selling our house, they want to buy it! We’re fine with either way, kinda thought we’d keep it as a rental but this is super great too. Their home inspection is tomorrow. I need to wrap my head around the fact that we are MOVING in a MONTH! And school will be just getting underway around then also. BUSY. (Mom? Are you coming?)

It’s a little bittersweet. We’ve had FIVE babies in this house, lots of memories! And we’ve done soo much work on it over the years and I LOVE the tile in the bathroom. But it’s time to go. We need more space desperately and it will be nice to be closer to our church and Andy’s office (even if we’re moving away from the kids’ school; guess we can’t have everything).

And I’m also happy for the buyers – they are expecting their first and it’s kinda like seeing ourselves 9 years ago. This is such a great house for a new family.

We’re just not a new family anymore. ;)

The Penniless Princess & a Giveaway

By Moriah on August 10th, 2012

My kids haven’t had a whole lot of experience with Veggie Tales other than various church nurseries and rainy days at preschool. Big Idea Studios sent us a copy of the new dvd The Penniless Princess, (based on The Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett) to review and an extra copy to give to a reader!

We’ve always loved that story and the kids love anything animated, so it was a win-win situation. They’ve already watched it enough times to know the theme song by heart, so clearly they enjoyed it. It’s a cute little video. The devotion book that was sent along with the dvd is wonderful; the girls have already asked me to read it to them several times.

The Penniless Princess is set to be released on August 14. Win a copy of the dvd simply by leaving a comment on this post, tell me something special about your daughter or grandaughter or other little girl in your life. I will leave the comments open for a couple of days and use a random number generator to choose the winner. US and Canada only, please.

a poll, if you will

By Moriah on April 11th, 2012

Hello, people. I’ve been busy doing I’m not sure what. A coupla questions. 1. Do you read personal blogs through a reader or subscription service and if so, which one? I’m really frustrated with GReader and so I just don’t keep up with many blogs anymore because of the hassle. It does not fit well on a laptop screen.

2. Does anyone still read THIS blog and would you be very sad if I quit? Mom and mother-in-law don’t have to answer, I already know what they’d say. ;)

3. Part of the recent trouble is my hard drive is OVERLOADED with all my huuuuuge photo files and is running very, very slow. I’m afraid to upload any more until I figure out what to do with the old ones. I need a good recommendation for an external source or drive to save my photos on, so I can get them off my laptop. ??? Photos are my bread n butter for blogging so, I’m prolly not gonna be posting much until I figure out the photo conundrum.

4. That is all.

alright, sparky, here’s the deal

By Moriah on June 11th, 2011

Okay… that was pathetic. (But thanks, G!) Here’s the thing… LinkyTools used to be free, but it’s not now. And while it’s super cheap, I’m not going to pay for the service for FMF if no one is going to participate because that just feels silly. So I need to know if you are interested/plan on participating at any point during the summer. Otherwise it’s just not worth it to me to keep the carnival going. Let me know!

Fun Mom Friday – Birthday play-all-day Edition

By Moriah on June 10th, 2011

Last year we had a big party for Madeline’s 5th birthday. This year the kids had music camp in the morning, she chose Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then to go to the “bouncy place.” Good choice!

Daddy came, ate,

and then chased them around:

Watching our little friend and “helping” her with her paci:

We grilled country-style ribs for dinner and then Andy took the big 3 kids to a friends’ for cupcakes. Apparently they had a rock-star concert that was HILARIOUS. Too bad I didn’t get any photos of that one. But I was zonked and Arianna needed to go to bed.

We did a whirlwind gift-opening session since it was past 10:30 when they got back and the kids had to be up early for camp.

It was a great, FUN-filled birthday! Thanks to the grandmas for sponsoring all the fun!

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small style

By Moriah on June 9th, 2011

Four completely random photos from this week, of numbers 2 and 4:

Both happened to be in MJC – my favorite clothes ever – one we’ve had forever (top) and one I traded for (dress).

For more mini fashion, visit Small Style at Mama Loves Papa!

ALSO! Come back and link up tomorrow with your Fun Mom Friday post!

Don’t forget!!

Lifting the burden

By Moriah on May 18th, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I’ve come to the end of my blogging days.

It used to be so interactive and fun; filling a social need and a fun way to keep up with others in between changing diapers and washing dishes. Commenting was generally higher all around the blogosphere, or at least it was in my experience. Now it usually feels as if I’m staring at a white, sterile, cinderblock wall, trying to think of something to say. (Which is rather boring, no?)

Right. I’m bored with my own blog. And so, so tired.

I know I can’t just quit, cold turkey. I’m sure the grandmothers would stage a resistance and besides, my hosting fees are already paid for two months.

And where else would I share this pudgy face?

(“Singing” in her sweet baby voice.)

I really don’t have a plan. In a lot of ways I feel like the goal is just to survive until this baby is out. Most likely I’ll just continue posting heavy on the photo side but… I guess I needed to tell you I’m taking the pressure off.

flower pin winners

By Moriah on February 7th, 2011

Random Integer Generator
Here are your random numbers:

38	14

Timestamp: 2011-02-07 18:54:02 UTC

Which would be 38. Cindy and 14. Camille – congrats, ladies!  I’ll be in touch with you via email.

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